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Nashi Tart Tartin
Author: (06/02/95)
Another recipe from ABC Radio's Queensland Sunday programme :-)

This morning (21 May 95) John Morris discussed Nashi Tart Tartin in his
more or less regular segment on regional radio at about 11:45/11:50 a.m.
each Sunday. The sisters Tartin developed the basic recipe in France,
hence "Tart Tartin"; but I suspect they originally used pears rather
than nashi fruit [how long has this hybrid been available?]. Also,
their original recipe used brown sugar rather then golden syrup.


200 ml Golden syrup
60 g Unsalted butter

Nashi fruit halved and cored (not skinned)
[He didn't say how many! I suppose 3 or 4 would fill the pan?]

Optional "filler fruit" -- Mulberries in season would be great, or
Sultanas (maybe plumped in a little brandy :), or
Blueberries, or Raspberries.

Sheet of sweet puff pastry
Misc. condiments -- Sugar [castor sugar?], cinnamon, mixed spice



Beat the golden syrup and butter together to blend them and then warm
the mixture over medium heat in a heavy skillet to complete the job
(not too hot -- you don't want to caramelise the syrup).

Add the nashi fruit halves to the pan, flat side up (the whole thing gets
turned over later and you want the rounded sides on top finally) and put
the whole thing in the oven to cook slowly for about 35 minutes, until
the fruit are just tender.

Meanwhile, take a sheet of sweet puff pastry cut to fit the top of the
skillet, and prick it to be ready as a cover for the filling.

Once the fruit are judged to be sufficiently tender, remove the skillet
from the oven and sprinkle your choice of optional fruit over the nashi
fruit halves to fill in the gaps. Add the usual cinnamon and mixed spice
to taste. Cover the lot with the puff pastry and sprinkle sugar over it,
then back to the oven to bake for about 20 minutes at 200 C, until the
pastry is nicely golden brown.

Set aside until cooled right down (probably 1 to 1 1/2 hours) so that
the filling is more or less firm. Cover the skillet with the intended
serving plate and flip the whole lot over so the pastry is now on the
bottom and the nashi halves are exposed on the serving plate with their
syrupy glaze trickling down over them.

Serve at room temperature with whipped cream and passionfruit on the side.

Cheers, Ian S.
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