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Query from: gigi, L.A., 08/31/07
Topic: HYGIENE      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: why do i smell like fish after i eat it

every time i eat seafood i smell fishy down there...every single time! please help

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Response from: Indumukhi A.,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Your body odor is reflected by what you eat! That's not so strange, is it? If you eat lots of onions, your sweat will smell like onions. Many of us wear anti-perspirant, but the human vagina also emits discharge with an odor. Anything with a strong odor affects our body odor, including "down there."

What can you do? Take advantage of the situation. If you're embarrassed about the smell, never douche (we all know it's dumb and breeds infections by now, right?), but fight fire with fire! Learn what foods make your body odor smell better. My recommendations would be try eating several spoonfuls of honey daily and also having a spoonful of sprouted fenugreek seeds daily (or a fenugreek supplement).

No more embarrassment, and you may be able to enjoy sex more as a result!

Fish sauce can also be a main cause of fishy odors, so you may notice it more strongly if you eat a lot of Thai or Chinese food.

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Response from: Latha Jayaprakash,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Gigi,

Have you ever felt like that with anyother food item, for eg asparagus or garlic or.. Sometimes this is quite normal because some foods tend to bring out that smell from your body. But if it is not normal then please check it out for Intestinal Cystitis. It is a disease which brings out symptoms like this early on. If you have very frequent urination, please do think about it. All the best

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

Some people have this problem. A ancient South American tip- Squeeze a large sized lemon and drink the juice after eating fish. Drink lemonade and orange fruit juices after eating fish. The citric acids will help you .

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
I think it's merely coincedental. A fishy smell from the vagina is usually a sign of infection. Some times it may not because of bacterial diseases or infections. Its also a proved thinking that human bodies sweatness and secretions can smell badly and probably of what we eat special or regularly. hence a change in ordor can be feel on eating some gard items/particular items like sea foods, meat etc.Subject to there is no itching, coloured discharges, grinning pain, swelling etc. accompanied with fishy smell.If this true then good and thorough washing with cented soaps etc. can reduce it.Most of the time, the strong odor you are experiencing is actually related to sweat. Men and women both are prone to having a rather noticeable odor around the genital region, particularly at the end of the day.the biggest reasons for vaginal odor is sweat. Needless to say, the stronger it is, the more noticeable it can be, and it can be a severe turn off. I had a rather unfortunate experience with my ex-girlfriend that I would like to forget, and it goes to show that its an example of hygiene that should be taken care of. the smell/odor arise may not be from inside of vagina but from the outer area including vaginalipp, thigh joints and also from pubic mound.Use a stick or gel deodorent and use itinthe area betewen your legs and thighs, particularly the inside of the leg where the leg meets the crotch area, since that is where people sweat the most on their lower body. Its essentially the armpit of the lower body, since its structured the same. Avoid using a spray deoderent, and if you are planning to use deodorent, then keep one seperate from the one you use normally for your arms.However, if the odor is unusually pungent or offensive, have it checked immediately. Also remember that during your period, there will be a considerably stronger odor than usual.

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Gigi,

if the smell is only slight and not accompanied by pain and/or discomfort, irritation, bleeding it is most likely just a natural way your body processes the food you eat. You may notice a similar effect from onions, garlic, etc. Most likely the smell actually comes from sweat glands down there.

However, if the smell is too strong and/or is accompanied by other symptoms, do get it checked out with a doctor - it might be a sign of an infection.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

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Response from: h.ahmed AHMED,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
you please use white venegar which is avilable at any fancy or baykary shops,after proper dressing of your fish or seefood to avide smell.

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Response from: Neetu Roy,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Seafoods are always very smelly,marinate the fish with lemon juice before cooking it will absorb the smell to some extent but if you are too allergic to this smell its better to have them in the afternoon and after that take a bath with with luke warm water added with a few drops of rose water and change the dress as well as chew a piece of cloves or cardamom.

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Response from: dshfgd dsfd;kk;k,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Source: google
hi Gigi,

The reason why you smell is explained in this article:

I do not know a certain cure, but any of these might help lessen the smell:

1) eating parsely and or lemon with the fish 2)drinking good herbal tea or ayurveda tea, this will help cleanse your body 3) vaginal shower - an extreme measure only to be reserved for last

good luck, Angelica

Rate = 2 (Rated by 6 Council Members)

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