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Query from: simi reddy, India, 09/26/06
Topic: FITNESS      Submitted on:
Subject: abdominal exercise to reduce belly after delivery

Hi ammas,Thanks for ur responses.I have 24months old daughter.After delivery my belly came out so big now I look like 7months pregnant lady.I am very thin and only me belly looks so big.It really looks odd.Can you please suggest me any video exercises or simply exercises to reduce my belly without reducing fat in other parts of body.Due to my belly I cant even getup without any support if I sit on the floor.Can u please help me.Thanks

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Response from: N K,   
Featured Member on
It is not posssible to lose weight from a specific part of the body, but you can make your stomach muscles stronger. Simple exercises and more information is available at…

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Response from: muhammad quresh,   
Council Member on
Here are some yoga exercises that will help you in tummy reduction:

The High Plank

1. Start on all fours in cat position with your hands right below the shoulders and your knees pelvis width apart.

2. . Extend your right leg straight back, tucking the toes under. Do the same on the left and then press both heels back and away from you. Create maximal length in your body, by also extending the crown forward.

3. Keep your chin tucked back to align the neck with the rest of the spine.

4. Pull your belly button in close towards your spine and slightly tuck the pelvis under, staying supported with the lower abdominal muscles.

5. If your alignment doesn't feel good and this is too challenging, slowly lower the knees to the earth for the easier modification. Feel strong in the pose and maintain the form, holding it for 5 to 10 breaths.

6. Upon completion, relax in the child's pose with the hips back to the heels and the forehead resting to the ground. Arms weigh heavily along side the body with palms to the feet. Rest and breathe.

The Superman:

1. Start on your tummy with your arms along side your body, palms flat to the ground beside your hips. Your feet can rest with the big toes touching and ankles falling away from one another.

2. Extend your chin forward with a long neck, without stressing your neck. Contract your abdominal muscles, inhale and on an exhale press your palms into the ground, lifting your chest and head up. Inhale at the top of the movement, then exhale and slowly come down. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

3. Next, extend your arms out from the the body like an airplane, with palms facing down. Again, your chin starts positioned to the ground. Contract your abdominals, inhale and as you exhale lift your arms, chest, head and legs up. Inhale at the top of the movement, then exhale to slowly release down. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

4. Finally, reach your arms up overhead with your palms shoulder width apart, still facing down. Retract the shoulders back from the ears. Connect the hip bones to the ground and contract your tummy. Inhale and as you exhale, lift your arms, chest, head and legs off the ground. Continue to breathe here and work at keeping the feet close together. Hold for about 5 breaths, then gently release to the ground.

5. Contract your abdominal; lift the hips and shift back to the child's pose for a lower back stretch. It may feel nice to shuffle the hips from side to side in this position

The Cobra:

1. Start on your tummy with your palms close to the chest, finger tips in line with the top of your shoulders. Roll the shoulders back and down from the ears and extend your chin forward with a long neck. Be cautious not to strain the neck. Touch the big toes together, then relax your heels and legs.

2. Contract your abdominal muscles and inhale pressing your palms into the ground. As you exhale use your lower back muscles to lift your chest and head up. Inhale at the top of the movement, then exhale and slowly come down keeping your spine long. Repeat this exercise 3 times, coming up a little higher each time. Make sure your back is doing most of the work, the arms are only helping about 20%..

3. Finally, on your fourth cobra, lift up and hold there to breathe about five cycles of breath. Look up and do your best to keep the posture without struggling. Find your 'edge' in the pose where you are not over-working or under-working. When you are ready to come out, slowly release down.

4. Contract your abdominals, lift the hips and shift back to the child's pose or the rabbit for a lower back stretch.

The Dancing Cat:

1. Start on all fours in the cat, with palms under the shoulders and knees under the hips.

2. Tuck your toes under if it feels comfortable for you.

3. . Exhale as you tuck your pelvis under and round your spine to touch your right knee towards your forehead. (Try to point your the toes of your R foot and keep the foot off the floor).

4. 4. As you inhale, look up and extend the R leg back, lifting the leg as high as comfortable. (Point the toes away from you).

5. On the next exhale, round the spine again, drawing the head towards your R knee.

6. Try to move in a fluid and continuous motion.

7. Keep your arms straight and push your palms firmly into the floor as you move through the transition.

8. Continue with these movements, working with the breath for about 5 times with each leg.

9. If you are a beginner, you may want to rest in the child's pose before moving onto the left leg.

10. . Remember to rest and relax after both legs, in the child's pose.

The Bow:

1. From resting on your tummy, reach behind you and hold on to the outside of both feet or ankles if you are more flexible.

2. Press your pelvis into the ground and contract your abdominal muscles to support your lower back.

3. Inhale, and as you exhale slowly lift your, chest, head and knees up off the ground. Breathe.

4. As you breathe, press your feet firmly into the palms.

5. Caution your neck by lengthening it and reaching up from the crown of your head.

6. Work the shoulders open and after 3 to 5 breaths release to the ground.

7. Contract your core muscles and push back to rest in the child's pose or rabbit pose.

The Camel

1. Start sitting on your heels, with the knees slightly open and your palms flat on the ground behind you.

2. Keeping the chin to the chest, inhale and as you exhale squeeze your buttocks to lift your pelvis, bringing the hips up over the knees. (If there is minimal movement due to tightness in the quadriceps, then stay here and breath).

3. Breathe and work at pressing the pelvis forward, walk the palms carefully towards the heels and try to place the hands firmly into the heels for extra lift.

4. Open your chest by rolling back through the shoulders, then let the head rest all the way back if it feels OK for you. DO NOT hold the head part way up, as it is stressful for the neck.

5. Hold it in this position and breath into your areas of tightness for about 5 breaths.

6. To carefully come out of the posture, find your palms to the ground behind you again, walk them away from you and let the buttocks rest to the heels.

7. Slowly roll towards the child's pose, by leading the chest/heart forward and leading the head follow. Rest here as long as needed to let the energy subside


For more information see the following sites:

1. http://www.stress-relief-exercises.…







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Response from: V A,   
Council Member on
One of the most common issues men and women have with their bodies are love handles, the annoying bit of fat that hangs out from the sides of our abdomen, over the waistband of our jeans or skirts. Love handles are common not just in those who are a little overweight, but even in relatively slim people with bodies that are not completely toned. Here’s how you can get rid of them:

Side bends

Stand up and spread your legs so they are a little more than shoulder width distance. Bend sideways to the left, reaching for your left calf with your left leg. After you have bent as far to the left as possible, bring your right hand over your head, stretching it to the left. This will give you a further stretch in your sides. It is not necessary to use weights. Remember that you want the fat in this are to disappear without bulking up the muscles. Repeat 15 times on each side. Do 4 sets.

Side crunches

All of us are (or should be!) familiar with stomach crunches. Lie down with feet shoulder-width apart, hands below the head. When you get up, twist to the left bringing your right elbow in front and drawing in the left knee so they meet. Start by repeating this exercise 15 times, and move up to 30-45 repetitions. Do 4 sets.


Sit on a stool holding a long rod. You could use a broomstick. Place the stick on your shoulders behind your neck, supporting it with your arms. Twist from side to side. This exercise also works out your obliques (side stomach muscles), tightening them over a period of time.


Remember that all these exercises work best when supplemented by cardiovascular activity. Brisk walking 5-6 times a week, or jogging 3-4 times a week, for half an hour, should be enough to burn off some fat, get your heart going and pump up circulation.

Diet Make it a point to avoid eating carbohydrates (chapatti, brown bread etc.) at night. You can pile on the carbs during the day, for breakfast and for lunch, but not for dinner. This is because when you have carbs in the morning, your body has enough time to work it off during the day. But when you have it for dinner and go off to sleep, your body will need to convert excess carbs into body fat, so it can store it.

Tricking Mother Nature

If you wear something too tight around the hips, the soft flesh above is bound to stick out from the sides. But if you wear something a little looser, the flesh will just slip into it giving you a flawless line on the sides, thus effectively eliminating the love handles! However, this is easier said than done because if your jeans or trousers are a little loose from the sides to hide love handles, they are likely to be a little loose all over, which may not be what you want. This would be easier with skirts.…

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
You can generally have your body fat tested at fitness centers and most gyms so ask about having it done. It's better to know you have 30% body fat and work to reduce it to 29, than not to know and only think in terms of body weight. Most people who think only of how much they weigh tend to do everything to reduce that weight, and it's usually at the expense of losing more valuable muscle.

The best way to increase muscle and decrease fat is through a consistent exercise program. Start at whatever is your beginning, but do start.

Begin with an overall body conditioning type exercise program, doing whatever you enjoy, whether it be a sport, gardening, weight lifting, biking, hiking, or any other activity. Any physical movement you do regularly counts as exercise even if it is doing laundry or taking out the trash. Get as much as you can out of every chore you do, and stop thinking of it as a chore but instead as an opportunity to move your body.

In the early 1900s a washing machine was a new invention. People used to wash their clothes by hand, and hang them outside to dry. Being a housewife was actually a pretty strenuous job. It's no wonder women were thankful for modern conveniences like automatic washers and dryers, but now we've come to where our daily activities are not taking our bodies at all, so unless we want to get fatter and fatter we must do something about it.

Get Fit and Belly Fat Disappears

It doesn't make sense to drive around and around in the parking lot looking for the closest space when you're on your way to run or walk on the treadmill. Why take the elevator five flights every day at work and then pay a monthly fee to do the StairMaster after work? What if we all started to notice that our world is full of exercise equipment. We could become so much more fit if we'd just start to notice all the opportunities for physical movement we miss in the name of convenience. Look around and see if you can spot some exercise opportunities, and then get busy and get fit. If you work toward building muscle and reducing body fat you will eventually tackle those trouble spots though, and develop a better physique in the process. Muscle tissue is active meaning it requires calories to be maintained. If you were stranded without a food supply, eventually your body would turn to its own muscle tissue as a source of nutrition first (muscles are protein) while saving the fat stores for last. Simply put, fat is nature's way of ensuring survival during times of famine. That's why the prevalence of heart failure kills someone who is severely malnourished. By building more muscle you become a more efficient energy burning machine which translates to mean you can eat more food! That to me is a good thing.

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Response from: sujatha sujatha,   
Featured Member on

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Response from: linga raju,   
Featured Member on
after delivery ur belly has comeout it is common,after pregnancy as the muscles stretches it looses out,fo rthat u have some exercises which will helpout ur belly first for a few minutes beofore starting exercises lie down on ur back and close ur eyes and think of dark so that ur mind calms thinkof only darknight then,take some deep breaths for few minutes ina away like this, take slow deepfull breath to maximun possible extent then hold for as long as u can and tyhen slowly release it doit in this way for 5 times then the exercises start. 1.form ur lying position,simply raise head holsd for 2-3 mi9nutes then slowly put it down,m doit 5 times in 3 sets(3*5= 15 times) 2.then as a next step along with ur head raise ur shoulders and upper chest and hold for 2-3 minutes and it also for 15 times as said before 3.then along as said above raise ur whole upper body until ur waist and hold as said above then do the same 4.then al;ong with the 3rd exercise raise urt hands away from ur body to sides anfd perform thye exercises 5.along with 3rd,put ur hands folded and keep them at back of ur head andf do as all therest are done this might be tougher so doit when ur able remember, do all thge above said exercises for atleast 1-2 hours daily and do for 3 sets and importantly start with first 1,2,3 for 10-15 days then start remaining and the dothem for more time this will helpu alot

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Response from: Vini K ,   
Featured Member on
Hi Simi Reddy,you should start abdominal excercises.I am doing Iyengar yoga these days, and some abdominal excercises as well.This is really helps a lot:

Lie down on the floor flat.Lay your hands by your sides,and lift up both legs while inhaling.Fold both the legs and press them onto your abdomen.Stay like this for 30 secs.Slowly lift up both legs and exhale slowly.This puts pressure on the lower abdominal muscles.But I must tell you that it is not easy to do it initially.You will get lot of pain in your lower abdomen,much like period cramps.This will be there initially for 4-5 days or more if you have never excercised before. One more thing is,while lifting the legs together,inadvertently,you will put pressure on the waist and lower back.Donot do this,avoind this because then you will get lower back pain.If you cannot lift both legs at a time,then do this:Lay down flat, and fold your knees up.then,lift both the folded legs while inhaling.Keep like that for 20 to 30 secs,then stretch out your legs and then fold again and pout down your feet.

I hope this will help you to tone down your muscles of the abdomen.

As far as possible,go for walking,bending excercise, and even cycling.Static cycle is a great excercise.Hop this helps you .Goodluck.

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Response from: sarika reetu,   
Featured Member on
Try these exercises to reduce your belly: 1) Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and hands behind the neck. Take a deep breath and crunch upwards,exhale as you come down. Continue for 40 to 50 reps. Follow it up with 2 ball squats. Remember not to strain your abs with too many repetitions regularly.

2) First do 50 crunches non-stop followed by 30 leg raises. Then do 40 crunches followed by 25 leg raises. Thirdly 25 crunches followed by 25 leg raises.

3) Lie down with your stomach so that your back is facing the cieling and keep your head on a pillow to give more pressure on your stomach. Now touch your back with both the heels. Do it for 50 times. This makes your belly flat.

4)Stand straight with feet apart. Raise your hands up completely. Now bend down and touch your feet with your hand. Feel the pressure on the stomach. Do 30 to 50 reps.

5)Stand straight with feet apart. Raise your hands up, shoulder width apart. Now rotate your stomach left to right, move your hands with your body. This is 1 rep. Do 3 sets of 10 reps for each side.

6) Stand straight with feet apart. Raise your left hand and bend your body towards right side and touch your right feet with the right hand. Hold the position for 2 seconds. Do it on the other side. This is 1 rep. Do 4 sets of 10 reps.

Do any 4 of the above exercises, but you have to surely do the first exercise. These exercises should be done only on empty stomach or after 2 1/2 hours you finished your food. If you do these exercises daily you can get amazing results within 2 weeks.

Though you want to reduce only your belly then too you have to follow a srict diet. 1)Drink atleast 4 litres of water

2)Avoid oily foods, ghee, butter, pizza at least till your belly gets reduced.

3)Don't have anything after the exercise for about 1/2 an hour.

4)Have about 4 to 6 small meals

5)Cut out carbs after 8 p.m.

6)Dont eat red meat, chicken for the dinner.

You can even do some streching exercise or yoga.

Decline Crunches Main Target: upper abs and back. Lie back on a decline bench, knees bent and feet locked behind ankle pads. Place your arms across your chest or clasp hands behind your neck. Slowly raise your shoulders toward your knees. Lower your shoulders back down without touching them to the bench. Never pull with your hands behind your neck. This forces your neck vertebrae into a bad position. They should simply rest behind your neck or across your chest to add weight to your upper body. Repeat.

Bar Rollout Main Target: front abs Grab a barbell with 10 lbs weights on each side and affix collars. Kneel and grab bar with overhand shoulder-width grip. Roll the bar to the starting position: directly below your shoulders Slowly roll the bar forward as far as you can without falling to the ground. Focus on using your abs to roll the bar back to the starting position. Repeat.

Hanging Leg Arks Main Target: lower abs and obliques. Place a stool in front of the leg raise station (or imagine one there). Hang your legs from the leg raise station resting on your forearms. Keep shoulders down and head facing forward, with elbows at right angles and back firmly against the back pad. Sometimes the handles are in a less than ideal location, so you might want to just rest on your forearms with your hands extending past the handles. Lift legs together, looping them over the stool to one side and then back over to the side you started on, keeping them straight at all times. Repeat.

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Response from: kjk jlkj,   
Registered Member on
Hai Simi,

It often seems like the hardest thing in the world to do: "Reducing your waistline and toning your abdominal region".

The Truth about achieving a toned tummy and being able to actually see that "muscle tone" is to reduce the layer of body fat covering your abdominals. Spot reduction is a fallacy. So try to get toned as a whole.

Here are a few exerices :

1.Floor crunches - Lie flat on your back on the floor, legs bent, feet flat, pushing your lower back into the floor. Clasp your hands behind your neck, keeping your elbows back, in line with your head. Crunch up slightly, raising your head and shoulders, breathing out as you crunch. As you crunch up push your lower back into the floor and squeeze your tummy as tight as possible. Lower your head and shoulders back down to the floor and repeat. You should feel a burning sensation in your upper tummy area and midsection.

2.Lower Ab Crunches - Lie flat on your back on the floor, legs raised, knees bent and lower legs folded. Push your lower back into the floor. Place your hands by your sides, palms facing the floor. Raise your backside and hips slightly, breathing out at the same time. As you crunch up push your lower back into the floor and squeeze the lower section of your tummy (pelvis region) as tight as possible. Lower your hips and backside back down to the floor and repeat. You should feel a burning sensation in your lower tummy area and upper pelvis.

3.Side Crunches - Lie flat on your back on the floor, have your knees bent and legs pointed to one side. Your lower body should be pointing to the side but your upper body should remain straight and flat on the floor. Have your hands by the sides of your head and your elbows back. Crunch up slightly pushing your lower back into the floor, raising your head and shoulders, squeezing the side of your waist. Lower your head and shoulders back down to the floor. Repeat the exercise until you have finished your reps. Then change to the other side.

These 3 exercises r very helpful to tighten up the tummy. Doing them with our own motivation is a bit difficult. Maybe, signing up for an aerobics class will tuck in your tummy at a very miraculous speed.

For more advices on body toning have a look at :…

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Response from: Bindu P,   
Featured Member on

Now that baby is born,Your belly will certainly get flatter over the next few months, but in order to get rid of the 'doughy look,' you will need to do some abdomial exercises.

Great Stomach, No Crunches: One of the most overlooked group of abdominal muscles, the transverse muscles are the deepest lying abdominal muscles that basically act as a girdle to your entire middle section. These muscles lie horizontally and help to keep your organs in place, while putting pressure onto your abdomen. They are also the muscles you need to target if you want a flatter stomach.

They Do It All The transverse abdominals are connected to your back muscles as well as your rectus abdominals. The rectus abdominus are your vertical abdominal muscles and are the muscles most commonly targeted when you do stomach exercises. Unfortunately, traditional stomach exercises like crunches tend to by-pass the transverse abs so no matter how many sit-ups you do, your transverse muscles will barely feel the effects.

Any fitness program that targets your core, like Pilates, will include stomach exercises that target the transverse abdominals. However, you often work these muscles without realizing it. Whenever you hold your stomach in, you are working the transverse abs. For instance, the proper position for lunges requires you to keep your back straight and how do you do that? By tightening your abdominals, or more specifically your transverse abdominals, of course.

Why They are Important to Pregnant and Post-Partum Women Having taut transverse abdominal muscles when you are pregnant has many benefits.

Since they are attached to your back muscles, strengthening your transverse abs can help reduce your back pain. Labor may be easier since you learn how to better control your abs and therefore may not need to push as much. The rectus abdominus often tend to split during pregnancy in order to accommodate your growing baby (this is known as diastasis). Having tight transverse abs during pregnancy can get your rectus muscles back into place faster and therefore give you a flatter stomach sooner after pregnancy. Attending prenatal Pilates classes or taking a specialty prenatal fitness class designed to effectively work the transverse abs can help you stay fit and look great both during and after your pregnancy. During the postpartum period, when you start exercising again, be sure to include some abdominal exercises that target the transverse abs. Not only will you quickly achieve a flatter stomach, but you should also notice an improvement in your posture and fewer backaches.

Transverse Exercises Here are some exercises that target those hard to get to transverse muscles. If you are pregnant, consult with your health care provider before doing any of these exercises.

The No-Crunch Crunch To do this exercise, start by lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet firmly on the floor. Lightly place your hands just below and to the sides of your belly button. Firmly press two fingers from each hand into your lower abdomen. Gently begin to draw your lower abdomen down towards the floor (picture a string pulling your navel towards the floor) but do not move your pelvis, raise your chest or hold your breath. Stop drawing in your stomach as soon as you feel your muscles get tight. The muscles underneath your fingers should feel taut but the movement does not require a lot of effort. If you move too far, you will in fact stop working your transverse abs and begin to work your oblique muscles (your side abdominal muscles) instead. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, breathing normally the entire time. Do ten repetitions.

Scissor Kicks To do this abdominal exercise, start by lying on the floor. Place your hands under your buttocks and keep your back pressed against the floor. Raise one leg about 10 inches off the ground and slowly lower it back down. As you lower the one leg, raise the other. Do three sets of ten repetitions. Pelvic Tilts Lying on the floor with your back pressed against the floor, bend your knees keeping your feet on the ground. Slowly lift your pelvis up and hold briefly before lowering slowly back down to the ground. Your upper body should remain on the floor throughout the movement. Do three sets of 15 repetitions. Lifted-leg Push-up If you’re feeling very strong in your upper body, or if you just feel like multi-tasking during your workout, then give this challenging exercise a whirl.

Get into push-up position but keep your feet hip-width apart. Raise one leg as high as you can and then do a regular push-up. Switch legs and repeat. This is a pretty tough one, especially if you don’t have much upper-body strength, so just do as many as you can. For an easier variation of this exercise, try this:

Get down on all fours with your hands positioned about shoulder-width apart, elbows slightly bent. Your knees should be together and positioned underneath your hips. To make the exercise more challenging, place your knees slightly behind you. Have your toes curled on the floor. Your heels should not be touching the floor. Tighten your abs by drawing your navel in towards your spine. In a smooth, controlled motion, raise your knees off the ground. Your upper body should not move. Hold for one breath and then slowly lower down. Aim for three sets of ten.…

You can also visit…………

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