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Query from: Sajana Albert, United Arab Emirates, 12/06/08
Topic: WOMENS HEALTH      Submitted on:
Subject: i have PCOD problem and consuming FEMILON tablets for nearly 8 mnths.

i am 26 yr old mom of twins.i had PCOD problem b4 i bcm pregnant,i consumed FERTOMID and became pregnant.after my delivery i have become obese,still PCOD problem exists with me,i was prescribed by my doctor to have FEMILON tablets from the past 8 mnths,my query is that what is the use of having FEMILON tablets, will it solve my PCOD problem or will it lead to any other complications.

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Response from: anonymous agent,   
Registered Member on
Source: google
Many physicians are not very familiar with polycystic ovarian syndrome and therefore only treat the symptom the woman complains about, without digging any deeper. The most common treatment is the prescription of birth control pills. However, discerning physicians will notice the above constellation of symptoms and realize there is complex metabolic disorder labeled as “polycystic ovary syndrome”. Depending on the physician, the treatment may include hormonal therapy consisting of birth control pills, anti-androgen medications, and other special hormone-regulating drugs. Because polycystic ovarian syndrome has an insulin resistance component (too much insulin required to store blood sugar), a drug called metformin (Glucophage) is becoming a routine treatment. Approved as an anti-diabetic drug, metformin acts by making insulin more efficient, thus allowing less insulin to perform the same amount of metabolic work. And, some doctors will tell the patient to lose weight. Click here for more information about metformin and insulin resistance. Ovarian drilling has been helpful for some women. It is a process where between 4 and 30 tiny holes are made in a cystic ovary. Newer surgical techniques minimize previous problems of scaring and adhesions, but they remain a risk. Rarely, if the ovarian cysts are large and causing problems, a physician may suggest surgical removal. Conventional treatment is generally aimed at controlling symptoms and shifting levels of the various hormones that are involved in the disease. In some cases, the medical therapy must be continued indefinitely. A problem with conventional treatment is that the medications used for ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome have undesirable side effects, uncertain long-term health effects, and can be expensive.

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Response from: Lathaa Manavalan,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Femilon is the brand name of an oral contraceptive pill. It contains two hormones: desogestrel and ethinylestradiol. Some of its side effects are: intermenstrual bleeding, post-medication amenorrhoea, changes in cervical secretions, increase in the size of fibroids, aggravation of endometriosis and certain vaginal infections (e.g. candidiasis). I suggest you consult a good gynaecologist to exclude the possibility of any disorder, whether or not related to the use of Femilon.

Over weight is not because of this tablet. It corects hormonal imbalance and so you can continue.

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