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Query from: Anonymous, nyc, 01/09/09
Topic: TELUGU-ENGLISH      Submitted on:
Subject: translate these fish names from telugu into english

hi everyone, my husband loves chepala pulusu,iguru & fry.he's from nellore.i tried makin them but the gravy is good but fish isnt.he likes only particular fish types n i dont know what they r called in english.i live in pennsylvania.can someone help me translate the names in english.many ppl told me many translations but always turned to be wrong.i'm tired of trying to make fish n always a are the fish names in telugu.if someone has a sure knowledge pls help me out.. 1) bochu 2) pulsa 3) vanjeeram 4) sanduva thankyou..

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Response from: Jamuna Kubendran,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Chepala Pulusu - Fish curry Vanjeeram - Seal fish

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Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
botchee is called catla catla in english .see for it in the link…

Vanjaram is called Salmon in english.Salmon is a little closer in taste etc to our'vanjaram' . see for it in the link…

chanduva fish is called promfets in english .u can make chanduva Iguru .

Pulasa Fish is considered the queen of fish. This fish is available only in certain areas of Godavari river , and Rajahmundry is one of them. This fish is cooked as a soup curry with tamarind and has a very unique and great taste. One is supposed to leave the cooked curry atleast for one night for the fish to marinate for the best taste. This fish is generally such a rare catch only available in June/July time of the year, there will be an auction in the local fish markets on the weekends for this fish.Gummadi Samuel Moses, senior lecturer in Government Autonomous College, who did research on this variety of fish, says: "in the next one decade we may not find this fish as backwaters of the Godavari are already polluted. we can make Pulasa Chepa Pulusu with pulasa chepa which is famous in rajamundry area.

Pulasa fish curry mixed with lady's finger and butter or groundnut oil is tasty. It grows up only in the backwaters of the Godavari in a few selected coastal belts," says Rangireju Gangaraju, head of fishermen community, Polasatippa village near Kakinada. It costs between Rs.1,000 to Rs. 2,000 in that area . so costly than other fish.

but u can;t find that fish in pennsylvania i think ,because it is found in one or two places in andhra pradesh and it is not available in other places and other countries.

u can see so many fish names names in telugu in the link…

tips for getting good fish curry:

* When u have added fish pieces in curry , do not mix with spatula, instead rotate the dish or otherwise fish becomes mushy.

* For Indian curry's do not use Salmon. Any other firm fish will do. For Indians use Bochu Cheppa, Pulsa variety.

* Only for River fishes( ex: Bochu cheppa, Pulsa) we do pulusu style. For Sea fish ( ex: Sanduva, Vanjeeram) do iguru type, means with out adding any tamarind to it

* Pulusu and Iguru type curries have their own masalas, so do not add cloves and say pulusu.

remember important thing about seafood NEVER ADD GINGER or else you can never get the fishy smell out of the dish.

Blue Warehou and Mullet are good for Fish Curry or see for them if they are available there in u'r place. Trivally is good for Fish Vepudu or Fry.

U can try fresh fish fillets in local super markets too.

find any type of fish in farmer's markets or fish market in u;r area , instead of taking any frozen fish. if u take frozen fish ,u;r curry will become messy.

For Traditional Andhra dishes we won't use garam masala if it is Tamarind based dish. It's ok If there is no tomato or tamarind based curries using garam masala.

Using different variety of fish in curry's it changes entire taste, like Sanduva iguru, Nellore chepala pulusu (this one uses tomato), Katti chepala kura, nethalla kura , Pulsa kura. if u want u can use lightly ginger garlic paste and any masala.

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Response from: vrindha nair,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hi , please see this site for the names:… here if you go to the nonveg section you can see the fish sites. HAAPY NEWYEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Rate = 2 (Rated by 1 Council Member)

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