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Query from: Anonymous, United States, 09/28/10
Topic: TVS      Submitted on:
Subject: Can you please answer this question?

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Here is the question: What is the best way to clean a flat screen tv? The actual screen itself where the images are viewed. Thanks.

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Response from: Paul Bendon,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
1 Disconnect the power to your TV before you clean it each time. This is much safer and it will allow you to see the smudges and dirt better. 2 Choose either lukewarm water or a cleaning solution to clean your TV. Commercial cleaning kits that include both a cloth and cleaning solution are available. These cleaning solutions are specially formulated to clean flat screen TVs and monitors safely and are specifically labeled safe for "laptop screen" or "LCD screen." If you wish to use a solution, you must use one of these. 3 Dampen a soft cloth (preferably chamois, micro fiber or 100 percent cotton) with either the lukewarm water or cleaning solution. Just a gentle wiping of the screen is enough. Rubbing, scrubbing and hard pressure can damage the screen. 4 Dust your TV and its screen on a regular basis. Excessive dust can and will damage any electronic device.

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Response from: shiva sakthi,   
Featured Member on

Keeping that flat screen clean is fortunately not so difficult. Invest in a soft cloth, such as microfiber or chamois, although a mismatched sock, old T-shirt or flannel shirt will do. The object is for the cloth to be clean, soft and lint-free. Use a soft, dry cloth first to remove as much dust as possible. Do not attempt to remove any stubborn spots with the dry cloth. Dampen your cloth with distilled water. For tough to remove spots, use a solution of one part distilled water and one part vinegar. Spray or apply the cleaner directly to the cloth instead of the screen. Refrain from rubbing the screen too hard, as repeated pressure will damage your TV. Do not use circular motions to "scrub" the screen as this may cause scratches. Gently wipe down the screen from left to right and allow it to completely dry for a few moments.

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