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Query from: Siva Kumar, India, 10/09/06
Topic: SEXUAL HEALTH      Submitted on:
Subject: How to keep my pennis erected for long time

Hi I am married. While doing sex and trying to insert my pennis is in erected condition but after few seconds it is not stiff enough to get inside. Because of this i could not able to insert my pennis. Could you suggest how to keep my pennis in erected or stiff condition for little long time?

Thanks Siva

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Response from: Sridhar Kumar,   
Featured Member on
Dear Mr.Siva. when you are trying to participate sex in hurry manner this could be possible. Second you have participate in sex in relaxed mood free from all tensions then only you can joy more time in this. Third failing to insert you have make you partner to receive you otherwise this problem may occurre very often. In the life understanding each other is very important. Make here and understand about sex then success is yours. dont forget befor that you have to do some foreplay.. all the best

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Response from: muhammad quresh,   
Council Member on

One weak point of you question is that you did not mention the reason of weak erection, but I suppose it may be due to excessive masturbate. However what may be the main reason you need proper treatment. First of all I suggest consulting a sexologist, urologist or skin specialist for proper analysis and treatment.

Below are some information regarding all possible reason of weak erection:

Erectile dysfunction can originate from either psychological or physical factors, although it is not uncommon for a patient to present with a combination of both. Indeed, psychological erectile dysfunction can lead eventually to physical erectile dysfunction and vice versa. Weak erection is caused by an insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissues. The chambers in the penis that expand and hold blood in the penis may not be getting the necessary blood flow or may be experience a leak due to a penile injury.

When a penile injury occurs, it can cause a venous leak that is not severe enough to cause impotence but results in a weak erection. The blood flow heading towards the penis is not strong enough to maintain an amount of blood that flows in faster than it flows out of the leak. There are many causes of penile injury. One such injury can be inflicted with a penile pump. Forced penis enlargement with a penile pump can lead to severe damage of the arteries in the penis reducing blood flow. The penile pump also damages the blood chambers within the penis resulting in venous leaks. Weak erections are also a symptom of hormonal imbalances. Without the proper hormones to trigger an expansion of the sponge-like tissues in the penis, blood flow cannot be trapped in the penis to hold a firm erection. If you used to masturbate before marriga, it may be the basic reasons of your sexual weakness erection. Some people say it a healthy habit, but remember it is very destructive for men. Excessive masturbation will affect your sexual health. Although you may be able to produce children, but there will be no charm in your life, because due to excessive masturbation you will lose penis hardness. Your penis growth will effect. Moreover your timing will reduce to a few second, may results in premature ejaculation. it will be difficult for you to satisfy your wife.

The other adverse effects of masturbation are Fatigue, Feeling tired all the time, Lower back pain, Stress, Anxiety, Thinning hair, Hair Loss, , Eye floaters or fuzzy vision Groin, Testicular Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity and tail bone. to avoid some side effects (on penis) plz don't masturbate at the time of bathe and use some jelly

Moreover Medications such as depression medicine, illegal drug usage such as marijuana smoking. These could directly result in sexual weakness. It become difficult for a man to erect the penis, mover over the penis hardness become low and low with the passage of time.

Please don't use temporary medicine, because they have negative effects in long run such as Headaches, flushing, nasal congestion, rashes, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, dyspepsia.

Begin to use aphrodisiac lotion for external use. It will activate the penis muscles and correct the supply of blood to penis, which help in erection and hardness. Avoid use of sure things, chilies and fast food.

I hope you will get positive result.

For more information and treatment see the following sites:…………

Wish you best of luck.

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Response from: V A,   
Council Member on
You can do some Kegel exercises:

Locate your pelvic muscles by stopping the flow of urine midstream. 2. Contract the pelvic muscles hard for one second and then release them, ten times in a row, three times a day. Gradually increase the number of contractions so that by the end of one month, you are doing ten contractions, twenty times a day. 3. Vary the exercise by holding the contraction for a count of three and then releasing it. You can mix the exercises up, some short and some long. 4. Do Kegel exercises during commercials, every time the phone rings, at each stoplight when you are driving or riding, while you are waiting for your Web search results - find your own regular pattern. 5 . Kegel when having sex for extra pleasure for you and your partner. Do the Kegel exercises for a minimum of six weeks. Results will not be immediate, but eventually, you will be able to notice a difference.

Download the document it has various Hot tips for lasting longer in bed, Things women wish you knew, Mistakes men make in bed, Some great position & Positions women like, How to go about foreplay & Oral pleasure, Finding the elusive G-spot, Kegel exercises & Tips to make it special.

How to be great lover in bed.doc (211.456k)

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Most people who seek treatment for Erectile dysfuncion experience some degree of embarrassment, guilt and poor self-esteem. If, for the last many months, you have been experiencing an inability to attain or to sustain an erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual experience and it bothers you or your partner then you should consider this issue as having “An Erectile Dysfunction.” Please keep in mind that you are not alone. Having an Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common untreated problems in the world. Contributing factors towards ED is cigarette smoking, medication (e.g. for high blood pressure, depression), kidney failure, diabetes, being out of shape, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety and communication problems. You might benefit from working with a urologist, who specializes in ED and a therapist specializing in sexual health to improve the quality of your sex life.

A man becomes so concerned about not being able to get an erection and satisfy his partner, that he cannot relax during sex and the problem is unnecessarily compounded. It's a vicious mental cycle.

The urologist will help you cope with the medical aspects of the problem. Specifically, he will perform special tests to evaluate the nerves, arteries and veins that control the erection process. If a medical problem is found, he can perform surgery and / or prescribe medication. A sex therapist will help you cope with the psychological aspects contributing towards your ED. Common psychological issues are: depression, anxiety about sexual performance, stress from home or work life, marriage problems, and unresolved sexual orientation issues. Stress can also be directly responsible for erectile dysfunction. It is known to increase the production of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline (specific erection inhibitors), while it decreases nitric oxide (NO), which is a muscle relaxant. So essentially, when you are stressed, nerve impulses constrict vessels and smooth muscles in the penis, thereby reducing the blood flow that causes an erection. First, make some lifestyle changes if necessary: change your diet, exercise regularly, get a pet (they're great listeners), stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake. If your job is causing you undue stress, get a new one. Next, take just an hour or so to learn stress management techniques. These are real and they work

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Response from: ankith j d,   
Registered Member on
dear friend, dont worry abt it . having sex is a natural process.while doing so your mental condition should be prepared for it. your mind should be in balanced condition.your problem is may be due to inferiority complex.if once a person commit a mistake while doing a particular work again while doing that work he will have a fear in his mind that he might repete the same thing even once you fail dont worry .be in a balanced condition and take it easy. enjoy having sex

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Response from: suchetan mukherjee,   
Featured Member on
please take dietary supplements like ginkobiloba which is present in full24 tabslets available in any medical kaju and groundnut...dont get tensed or nervous while doing sex...dont force yourself to do it whenever you feel like doing it..i hope it will work.all the best

please help me by visiting my website…

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Response from: Nataraja Sastrigal,   
Featured Member on
i thilnk you insert in a wrong position.if you are in the right direction you must consult a docter.but dont worry. it is a milnor problem.

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Response from: Jay G,   
Featured Member on
You are getting over excited over sex. once it is not getting inserted, your losing your fantasise over her and concentrating more on whether your penis is getting inserted into hole or not. thats where you lose ur stiffness and your penis get soft. do some oral before sex so that it makes your penis erect and then start. Its not a problem, do not be over excited about sex.

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Response from: Cuckoo Sunny,   
Featured Member on
Hi Siva

First of all, you need to understand that not able to maintain an erection is entirely different from not able to get one. Not being able to get an erection is commonly known as Erectile Dysfunction (or ED in short). Your problem does not look like to be an ED, as you yourself said that you get proper erection prior you try to enter. And as far as i understand its not entirely the case where you are not able to mantain the erection. I guess if you are not under the pressure of entering and just asked to maintain the erection for a few minutes, then you will manage it. So you see, the problems that we talked about earlier, your case does not fit antirely in any oe of them.

Your problem is that the pressure of penetrating the vagina successfully is causing all the trouble. Let us try to understand what is possibly happening in your case. when a man is sexually aroused, the brain sends signals to the body and body reacts by increasing blood flow to your penis, all the empty blod vessels in the penis fill and therefore you get an erection. Now due to above-metioned pressure and resulting anxiety, some of this blood is diverted to other parts of the body due to the production adrelanin harmone. As a result you lose the hardness of your erection.

Now whatever little information we have at hand, one short-term solution to this problem is to hold your penis at the base in a tight grip just after your are sufficiently hard and keep the tight grip until you have partially entered her. Alongwith this exercise ensure that your organ and your partners vagina is properly lubricated. With these two changes in your style what will hapen is that even is your organ has gone a little limp, you wil manage to enter her and once yu are in the pressure of entering will immediately disappear, consequently ensuring that you regain the lost hardness.(Needless to say, i assume, that your partner is aroused and eagerly receptive enough for the incoming member, alongwith the above-mentioned natural or artificial lubrication)

As a long term remedy, you need to get rid of the pressures you suffer from. How you can do this easier said then done. What happens in such cases is that both partners feel obligated to perform their respective duties in a faultless and near perfect manner from day one. As a result we feel pressurized without any sane reason and end up messing up the whole experience. Both of you have to go one level up where you are not just husband-wife, eager to discharge their duties and turn their back to go to sleep, to a level where you are best of freinds who share things with each other. Share your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your fantasies etc. Once you share, you are free from most pressures.

If this does not help, let us say in next 6-8 weeks then you need to consult a medical practioner for medical help. Because in some cases the problem is not entirely is due to the psychological reasons. In some cases it could be medical condition also. The market these days offer more than 5-6 different medicines for such conditions. The commonly known ones are Viagra and Cialis. These help you to maintain erection for longer times. Viagra is known to work for 2-4 hours and Cialis an amazing 24-36 hours. but be aware that these are known to have some side effects so consult a doctor before you start taking these medicines.

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Response from: Virendra Joshi,   
Featured Member on SPTMC
You should speak to your doctor if you have trouble getting or keeping an erection over three months or more. Because of embarrassment or shame, many men with impotence don't talk to their doctors. They hope that the problem will go away on its own. Although impotence caused by psychological factors may get better on its own, treatment is needed if the problem is caused by a physical factor. In your case the chances are that you may have some pychological reason. Most probably the problem should be solved if you take nutritive diet ,more fruits and vegetables, enough exercise and remove unnecessary stress and fear from your mind If it persists for more than a month or two then you may need councelling by a qualified pschiatrist for more information refer these sites…………

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Response from: Binu George,   
Featured Member on
Have longer foreplay and insert the penis only when both the partners are satisfactorily aroused. Dont hurry in the act of sex. Take your time and enjoy each step but most of all relax, its not a race.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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