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Query from: jyotsna, USA, 08/22/06
Topic: RELIGION      Submitted on:
Subject: regarding thali (mangala asutram)

I am a brahmin married hindu south indian.we wear a thali(andhra style) consisting of gold ornament strung from a yellow thread,a string of black & red coral beads. i like to restrung the yellow multithread cord(thread). i wanted to know which DAYS,TIME should i restring the yellow many black& red beads are we suppose to have on. i want to know even the DAYS,odd TIMES on which we cannot change the yellow thread in a thali. can u suggest some related sites

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Response from: Adraya Subramaniyan,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
"AADI PERUKKU" ,tamil month "ADI" 18th day is the very opt day to get the holy turmeric water" dipped thread changed. but in normal course of time from new moon starts( moon growing preiod) to full moon day any wednesday excluding first, eighth,nineth ( prathamai, ashtami,navami) thithi. plus avoid the nakshakthras of aiyalyam,moolam, pooradam .\avoid kari naal, keel nooku naal, refer panchakam to know the thithi,nakshatra,kari naal, keel nooku naal .chank lalitha sahasranam or lalitha navarathna malai of agastyar while preparing turmaric sacred thread. you shoudl wear it before noon . (because sun will start to get down from 12.oo pm)

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Response from: Kishore H.K.,   
Featured Member on
Dear Jyotsna,

It depends on the groom's family. Each family got different style of mangalasutra. You have mentioned that you are a brahmin. In South Indian Brahmins, there are different sub sects are there. Take 1. Smartha, Madhwa and Sri Vaishnava. Again in these also there are different subsects. Take in Smartha, Vaidika, Velanadu, Prathama Sakha, Niyogi, Aaruvela Niyogi. Like the same in Sri Vaishnavas also there are different subsects are there. Tengalai, Vadagalai, Vaikhanasa, Hebbaar Ayangar etc.,

Without knowing all these details, it is difficult to tell the details. In case if you want just to wear a mangala sutra, please visit any jewellery site online and have a model.

With His blessings,


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Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Mangalasutram is Auspicious Thread worn by hindu married women.

u can't change on tuesday and fridays.remaining days u can change.u can have 2 red and 2 black beads which are compulsory.above that also u can have.

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Response from: Nataraja Sastrigal,   
Featured Member on
yes you can log they will answer all of your doubts abount the date and mangalya type

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Response from: Manohar Chowdhary,   
Registered Member on
Hello Jyotsna

U need to wear 5 Black Coral beads. And you are not supposed to wear all red beads. So it wld be fine if u can wear all black beads. And Regarding the Days and time...u can chk out the calender for thithi and raahu kaalam.u can get these calendars in any of the telugu sites like ,,, so chk out the calendar and change the yellow thread other than astami, navami and chavithi days and not in the raahu kaalam. dats it. hope u got it and if not do mail me for more info on the same

Regards Manohar

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Response from: Hari Rama,   
Council Member on
Hi, You can change the yellow thread on any day see the panchangam for star and thithti.there should be 5 black beads.

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 1 Council Member)

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