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Query from: Anonymous, United States, 11/27/10
Topic: PHILOSOPHY      Submitted on:
Subject: Common Knowledge

Please provide your answer WITHOUT using links or attaching images, docs, etc. (You must still give your source, however).
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Here is the question: What's the meaning of life?

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Response from: Ganesh Kalyanaraman,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
In order to find the meaning of life, one should develop a proper and true understanding of life itself. On the face of it, all living creatures seem to do the same thing, i.e, birth, growth, reproduction, decay and death. Man as such is no exception as he also grows physically, indulges in sexual reproduction, grows old and then dies. But human intelligence helps man to analyse the entire phenomenon from different perspectives and find different meanings for life. Over the centuries man has gained a lot of knowledge and insight about himself and the universe.Science and Technology have made man's life more comfortable and enjoyable. Man now compulsorily lives in a society and has certain responsibilities and commitments in his life. He has to be law abiding and has duties to perform at home and outside. He has to perform well in his chosen profession and he must strive to excel himself in that. He has a lot to contribute towards peace and happiness in society. But is that all life? Is it just eating , growing, reproducing, living comfortably and finally dying? What is the meaning in this life which inevitably ends in such oblivion? The correct answer lies in the Advaita Philosophy. Basically this philosophy states that the human mind and the outside world are one and the same thing. Though man is a product of nature, we normally tend to look upon the outside world as an entity different from us. Advaita negates this concept. Actually existence of ant entity whether it is space, matter , energy or even time is a concept and attribute of the human mind only. Everything exists because of the mind only. This universe is born along with you and vanishes along with you. Once the mind is not in the picture, even the question of existence of any entity can not arise. Understanding this principle is self realisation and the purpose of life is to attain self realisation. As this universe is all about human mind only, there is no more meaning in life than what you put into it. The meaning that you can attribute as per your attitude is the meaning behind life. What convinces you alone is what counts basically. Here you can not go by any scriptures or what others say.

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Response from: nagesh mn,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
I hope that you're not a religious person and don't get angry at this. For me I do think there is a reason we are here but I have no idea why. I'm too indecisive but also open-minded as long as you don't try to force me to believe it like a lot Christians do. There are too many ideas and beliefs out there for anyone to be sure. The one thing I know for a fact that I believe in is that we all do have some sort of a soul spirit and it's going to go somewhere b/c all energy is recycled at some point in time. I know we're not just empty shells. If we were no one would have emotion creativity or passion. Whether we are reincarnated, go to heaven or hell become ghosts, or go to another planet we go SOMEWHERE. If you're into scientific theories then watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.It sounds stupid at first but it makes sense and is really interesting.Also there's a theory that astronomers have that black holes are portals to other universes.They say that anything that could've happened has happened somewhere in a another universe.Of course with astronomy hardly anything is ever proven fact but it really makes you think.

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 1 Council Member)

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