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Query from: Anonymous, United Arab Emirates, 01/02/11
Topic: PARENTING      Submitted on:
Subject: My daughter is two year old. She likes t...

My daughter is two year old. She likes to eat fruits, fresh juices and snacks like dosa but does not eat boiled rice or mashed rice or porridge. She dislikes everything that sticks to her hands. Is it okay if i give her the food that she eats and skip the usual dal-rice etc.

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Response from: T subha,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
I think that for the indian diet rice and dhals are very important and if possible, should not be excluded. Also it may be a problem later on as she may never like to eat these foods. The very opposite might be true as well, when she gets older she may like them, but I think you should always keep trying, because the likelihood of her not eating these foods in future if you do not give them to her now is higher just because exposure would have been less and i know of many grown up indian women with rather strange avoidance to some foods,just because they were never encouraged at an ealy age to go ahead and eat up. Most doctors advise that just because a toddler does not like a food, does not mean you have to stop giving it. Keep giving it to them and they will come around.Sometimes it takes 20 times of offering a food before they readily accept it!! I remember my daughter hated porriges at that age, but because we kept giving it, she now likes it. Do not force the food on the child, but keep on offering it. We tend to feed our children separate and then ourselves. Whenever possible let her see you and others eating these foods.Also serve rice in different forms like lemon rice, tomato rice etc.If you have not yet given her a spoon, she can start, that way the food will not stick on her hands(unfortunately it may go everywhere else lol).Or do not let her touch those foods at all. You only feed them to her and let her eat the other things she likes on her own.Or just let her have some other toy or interesting item in her hands and talk and distract her during and between bites.Often times just getting them to get it into their mouths and eaten just a couple of times, then they themselves will like it later on.I think cereals are important for this age, and fruits and dosas alone will not meet her nutritional needs. In fact too much fruit without the other diet components can be bad for health.So be patient and keep on offering these foods.I think she will come around to liking them as we do.

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Response from: Rajan C Mathew,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Give your child what she likes to eat and do not compel her to eat something she doesnot like, in which case she is likely to get repulsion to food. Do not show your anxiety and hurry while feeding the child. Give food when she feels hungry and gradually train her of good manners and food habits of your choice.

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