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Query from: babita ramakrishna, India, 10/30/06
Topic: NUTRITION      Submitted on:
Subject: when to take saffron milk.

hi ammas Now I am in my sixth month of pregnancy. my aunt told me to have saffron milk from second month of my pregnancy.But that time i was unable to drink it cause of smell n as i was getting more vamtings cause of it. And i stopped. Now my friedns are telling u wouldnt have tried at all at second or third only u have to start it from fifth month onwards. can u please tell me from which month exactly any pregnant lady can start taking saffron milk for better result.

Thanks for help.

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Response from: Vini K ,   
Council Member on
Hi Babita,

The saffron with milk is good for pregnant women.My mother told me that it helps to improve digestion as during pregnancy,digestion is slow.Many people believe that it makes the unborn child fair,but it is not true.It depends on genetics.If you and your husband are fair,then you will likely have a fair child.Heredity plays a big role in what your child will look like.You can start drinking milk with saffron even now.but remember not to take too much as saffron causes heat in the body.

Hope this helps you.Goodluck.

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Response from: Bharani Kalyan,   
Registered Member on
hi first of all congrats..and ha u can start having saffron from 6th month and if u start now u can have affect of it..okay

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Response from: Lathaa Manavalan,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Doctors have found that saffron does not make any difference in baby's skin colour and it depends upon the cells already developed. Moreover if you take adulterated saffron it brings more harm to you and child.

Anyway they start saffron in 5th month. they take pure one 4 or 5 into milk and drink. They take for child's fair skin.

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Response from: Yogi Gupta,   
Council Member on
I don't know how to break this news to you.. There is no study or any other eveidence to suggest that saffron is good during pregnancy. During your entire pregnancy, you should consume about 3 cups of milk per day, it does not have to be saffron milk. There is a myth that saffron milk effect the skin tone of the unborn. It is just a myth.

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Response from: Mrs. Sai Sai,   
Council Member on
Babita Ramakrishna,

Please see these links in………

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Response from: Pradeep Elavarthi,   
Featured Member on
Hai I think this safforn drinking has no effects on the baby colour, Many People are thinking that if we are taking Saffron with milk during Pregnancy we will get a beautiful baby...Its worng your baby colour, shape and characters were decided by the genes from you and your Hubby.So if you Drink saffron or not there its makes no difference.

But still for your satisfaction you can take it at any time during pregnancy..

You should add very little (two or three small sticks only to a cup of milk) b'coz my mother told it will produce more heat in your body.

All the best...And have a Beautiful Baby...

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Response from: S R,   
Featured Member on
Hello Babita,

Inspite of the normal belief that saffron would help the baby have a good skin color, you have to remember that everything about the baby is determined by genes. That said, my grand mother who practices ayurveda says that taking saffron keeps the baby busy active and kicking and since moms can feel the movement by 5 months, it is advised they take saffron from the 5th month onwards. Also saffron tends increase body heat, that is why it is advised a little later in pregnancy. So you are right on target and you can start taking it now. Just use 3-4 strands in a glass of milk and drink once a day.

Good luck.

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Response from: Tenali Srikanth,   
Featured Member on
Dear babitha, Saffron - can cause miscarriage and other problems

saffron milk is safe for pregnancy.Because,it gives nourishes the foetus to grow healthier

note:-preg ladies dnt try this during ur 1st 3 mnths...coz its hot and induces abortion...doc says after 3mnths one can start having this

others Say: I've learned from a very powerful resource that pregnant women should never take saffron, as the herb stimulates uterine contractions and may cause miscarriage.

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Response from: muhammad quresh,   
Council Member on

It is generally believed that saffron milk:

1. Make the complexion of the baby fair.

2. Helps the baby remains active in the womb.

3. Helps to improve digestion of mother, as during pregnancy, digestion is slow.

4. Saffron purifies blood and helps in relaxation of mother. The saffron milk is not suggested in early pregnancy and the logic behind it is, saffron milk produce heat in body, which can lead to abortion. Generally it is recommended from the 5th month. So you can start drinking saffron milk now. But remember not to take too much as saffron because it produces heat in the body. Usually 3 or 4 small sticks in a glass of milk at bedtime will be enough. As regard the skin color of the baby it is determine mainly by genes. But the environmental and nutrition factors cannot be ruled out completely. But as regard the relationship between the baby colors and drinking saffron milk there is no scientific proof for that.

For balance diet during pregnancy visit the attached document:

Best wishes

NUTRITION.doc (24.064k)

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Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
ya from 3nd month u can take.atleast from now u take safron with milk in night .

The idea behind that is, you will have a fair child if you consume saffron during pregnancy. The obsession we Indians have with fairness. Skin color, hair color are all genetically acquired. I am not sure how consuming saffron will enhance the color of the baby. But it has other health benefits which may help a pregnant woman.

Saffron has been contributed with promoting lower rates of heart disease. The spice is used by traditional healers to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion, as it is believed to work to strengthen the heart and nervous system. It is also known to improve the mood and clear the brain. This luxurious spice aids in digestion by increasing the appetite. Scientifically, Saffron is high in thiamin and riboflavin, two minerals that are known to promote a healthy heart. But at the cost at which it is sold, I think your wallet will benefit more if you don't consume it. I also think, in India part of the reason a pregnant women is asked to eat saffron, as already mentioned, is to get a fair child, part of the reason is to pamper the pregnant woman. Make her feel special by buying her stuff that you wouldn't normally buy. And the digestive effects may help her and make her feel good.

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Response from: Kutta .,   
Registered Member on

U can start at any time. There is no time for that. It is good for blood . it is also good for teh complexion of your baby. Take just a pinch not more.

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 8 Council Members)

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