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Query from: sumita, india, 09/12/05
Topic: NUTRITION      Submitted on:
Subject: diet after delivery

I am now in 9th month of my pregnancy. I wish to know the diet which i should take after delivery whether its a normal delivery or an operation one. Is that necessary to take ghee, panjiris, etc. after delivery. Please let me know.

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Response from: uma RK,   
Featured Member on
Hi Sumita, Well the magic of healthy living is a good diet.After the delivery, you will certainly breast feed your baby. As long as you breast feed, you need to eat well. That means, a diet with lots of protein and iron. Add variety of friuits and veges. in your diet plan. Drink atleast three glasses of milk. If you are non vegetarian, add meat in your diet. Take one multi vitamin per day. You may add a little ghee in your rice. But don't eat too much. It has too much of fat. You will gain weight.In short..... make sure that you eat food from all food groups, vegetable group, milk group( milk, cheese, yogurt etc) fruit group,meat group( chicken, lamb, fish etc) and grain group( rice, oat, paraths,Idli, Dosa, upma,any dish made of grains).You will be healthy. Don't eat junk food. Have a safe delivery. Happy motherhood.All the best.

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Response from: Pratibha Purani,   
Registered Member on
Dear Sumita, There was a genuine reason why our elders suggest we take certain food after delivery. If you know your body and know how what kind of food react with you then you are on the track. Meaning if you are pitta person or kaffa person etc. When a new mother nurses she needs to avoid foods that can cause gas and pass on to baby, hence certain foods are avoided. If you keep good health & extra precautions for atleast 2,3 months then there is less chance of baby contacting any illness during its delicate phase. Ghee gives strength,calcium and goes well with lot of indian food. That is why the stress on ghee but take it in moderation dont over do it. As long as you are taking your calcium pills & drinking milk on side. My cousin took one of those ayurvedic syrups and had excessive bleeding. And after inquiry they came to know that my cousin cant stand heat products like jaggery etc from earlier too. So the ayurvedic doctor asked the dosage to be reduced. She did feel more energy and stronger way better by that. So the thing i am telling you is whatever you do,know yourself, the food that you are eating. Dont just go by any post partum homeopathy,allopathy or ayurvedic thing blindly. Consult and follow advice properly. Eat healthy veggies,wheat roti and simple digesting food. Eat regularly,sleep as much as you can whenever baby allows and keep good frame of mind. All of this will get you back to normalcy and help you take care of baby as better as possible. Dont go with too much masala food as it can upset stomach,outside food as it can be contaminated and dont diet to loose pregnancy weight until atleast 3,4 months. Listen to your mom/mom in law & doctor. But as I said,do what feels right. Good luck.

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Response from: Vini K ,   
Council Member on
hi sumita, normally in India, your mother would give you all the traditional foods like lots of ghee, panjiris, gond ka laddo,etc.traditionally in india, women donot take good care of their health.that is why they are given high energy foods like that,since the mother also has to breastfeed.but if you do follow such a diet, then you need to have proper excercize in order not to gain weight.these days,nobody prefers to eat so much of ghee,but do drink lots of milk,and make sure you eat vegetables too.i followed a restricted diet, omitting all root vegetables,coconut,plantains,oranges(since i have lot of acidity),eating sonth mixed with rice the first thing at lunch and dinner,no fried stuff, for 6 months.after that, i started re-introducing all the foods gradually.but i believe all the restrictd diet is only so that the child(if he is breastfeeding)does not have any gastric problems like the basic thing is to go by your instinct, and watch how your baby, and your body reacts to the foods you take.goodluck.

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Response from: Pranav Gupta,   
Registered Member on
Congratulations in advance and may god bless you n your baby with all his might. My recommendation is to eat balanced meals that include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish or poultry, and low-fat or non-fat dairy products (your body will need lots of calcium). Try sticking to only fruits and vegetables most of the week and "fleshy" meats only twice a week as you should avoid fatty diet.Eat several small meals a day. Try to eat several small meals a day instead of eating stomach full.Ghee and panjiris are not obligatory if you take balanced nutritous food as stated above. Include soyabean and banana in your diet. And avoid fatty food but as you will be nursing mother you must intake high calorie and all kinds of nutrients because milk will for your baby should contain all nutrients. according to me Dietary paln has no changes either it is a normal delivery or a operation one.

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Response from: Ti Ti,   
Featured Member on
Hi, After delivery if it is normal you should eat food with jeera,pepper instead of chillis.No coconut.Drink milk and eat rice with ghee.We used to give herbal powder which is good for bones( Lahium Kalari marunthu). Arishtam (Dasamularishtam and jeeraka arishtam)This is for Gas problem.You should take care of your health after delivery . It is very important so that after certain age you will have no body problems.i believe in that.

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on
Dear Sumita,

It is not required to take any particular items after either type of delivery, unless advised by your doctor. In fact, avoid too much ghee and other fats,they are bad for your health.

Just eat healthily and enjoy what you like. Drik at least 8 glasses of water every day, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid caffeine and sugar, do not overindulge in fried snacks and fizzy drinks.

Have a safe delivery and good luck!

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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