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Query from: Anonymous, United States, 11/29/10
Topic: MOVIE REVIEWS      Submitted on:
Subject: movies

Please provide your answer WITHOUT using links or attaching images, docs, etc. (You must still give your source, however).
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Response from: Lavanya Rowe,   
Registered Member on
Hi Its a much talked about film over the print and digital media.

It has a serious plot taking through the struggles of a girl.Overall it is a hard story to watch. If you are fond of such serious stuff, go ahead and watch.

Nina Ivanisin stars as Aleksandra, who also goes by the call girl name of Slovenian Girl, an works occasionally as a prostitute while she's studying English in the capital city of Ljubljana. It was very refreshing to see a different tale of this story, one where it's completely the woman's choice to be doing what's she's doing and she even has a goal in mind. But things don't go quite as planned and in a grey world of cash-for-service it's not long before things run out of control.

Aleksandra is a very interesting and unusual character to see on the screen, she is rather cold and indifferent, has no problems lying for personal gain but isn't entirely heartless. In a lot of ways she seems to just want a better life, and only a bit of a better life, and should that not be attainable? Unfortunately it's made very clear that it's not only unusual but also suspect to be able to achieve.

It was very easy to sympathize with her situation, but I wanted to be rooting for her but it wasn't as easy. With the exception of her relationships with father Edo (Peter Musevski) and friend Vesna (Marusa Kink), we are given very little to latch on to with Aleksandra, she doesn't seem very interested in anything which I think is a key point. Her indifference could easily come from feeling like there are no opportunities out there for her, and nothing for her to latch onto in the world. With the exception of the clearly out of student range apartment, we don't get a sense of anything she may or may not want to do. And that's heartbreaking, because it shows not only how few opportunities there must be but also that it's almost futile to even dream about other opportunities.

The performances in the film are a huge stand out, Nina Ivanisin is phenomenal in the lead role of Aleksandra and Peter Musevski is charming as her not-changing-with-the-times father Edo. We also get a fantastic understated from Primoz Pirnat as her Dad's friend Zdravko and from Uros Furst is charming and creepy as her old boyfriend Gregor.

Overall, it's not an easy story by any means. Although there are flickers of light and hope they are no where near as dominate as ideas of false hope and danger as we see Aleksandra's journey get more and more desperate. The darkness feels strongly rooted in truth, so even though it's a hard story to watch unfold it does feel all the more an important to see and hear.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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A Call Girl opens as 23-year-old Aleksandra (Nina Ivanisin in her feature film debut) arrives at a hotel room only to find her scheduled customer is having a heart attack. A prostitute with a conscience, she makes a quick phone call to alert hotel security before escaping down the stairwell into the night.

Ivanisin will mesmerize audiences with her cool apathy which gives way to a growing vulnerability. As a university student who broke away from her village to live in the capital, Aleksandra obtains a mortgage for her own flat in the city - a feat which mystifies her school friends. Her forays to various hotels add an air of adventure to an often dreary existence. Aleksandra never knows who will be behind the door she knocks on, or what exactly each man will request.

News headlines declare that her ill client was a prominent politician who was found dead. As police search for her during their investigation, Aleksandra's well organized life begins to unravel. When a pair of pimps targets her in order to skim money in exchange for protection, the young woman flees back home to live with her father Edo (Peter Musevski), a genial rock and roll singer who is returning to the club scene. As she rediscovers her ties to a community and her divorced mother and father, Aleksandra reconnects with herself.

A Call Girl looks in-depth at one member of a social phenomenon. A Call Girl was featured at the Toronto Film Festival. Ivanisin won the Best Actress award at the Valencia Festival of Mediterranean Cinema.

Slovenian Girl…

“Imagine that – a call girl goes by the name of 'Slovenian Girl,'” Edo informs his daughter Alexandra over breakfast, delighted that she's come home to spend the weekend with him in her home village away from the hustle and bustle of big city university life.

Yet what he doesn't realize is that her arrival that particular weekend is no accident. For although he's in the dark, we know that the twenty-three year old dark haired quiet girl he endearingly calls Sasha sitting opposite him as he reads the morning newspaper is precisely the one for whom the police are looking and about whom the journalist is writing.

Namely, the call girl who goes by the name of 'Slovenian Girl' and switches off her brain, going into autopilot while selling her body for two hundred Euros is his own seemingly studious English exam cramming daughter.

To this end, Edo continues to give pocket change for chewing gum in addition to rent money to his darling Sasha, not realizing that she doesn't really need it but accepts it anyway to flatter his fatherly ego and keep up the deception after having unwisely taken out a mortgage to pay for a luxurious flat.

As Slovenia presides over the European Union in 2008, writer/director Damjan Kozole introduces us to a seedier side of the country in which young women take out personal ads in incredibly small font, offering sex in exchange for Euros.

Despite its pseduo-docudrama approach that makes the film reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, Kozole's film kicks off with a protracted conflict that pushes at least half of the work into the terrain of an underworld crime thriller.

Having arrived at a hotel only to find a German parliamentary member of the Union experiencing a heart attack most likely caused by Viagra, Sasha phones for help all the while cleaning out his wallet without a thought before the man dies on her watch.

Escaping before the police arrive on the scene, even though lowlife pimps manage to track her down since they're all too familiar with her Slovenian Girl handle, soon Sasha has no choice but to start over once again by placing a new ad with a new code name to avoid the forced blackmail and takeover by hoodlums.

Unfortunately, this all sounds much more exciting than it truly is as Kozole throws a few other cliched dilemmas her way by giving Sasha far too many under-developed plotlines that include romantic trouble, economic crisis, school complications and a laughably convenient, predictable run-in on the job with someone she knows in her life back home.

Uneven in tone and pulling us in too many directions at once, the film is further bogged down by the downright bored portrayal of Sasha by an either miscast or woefully misdirected uncharismatic newcomer Nina Ivanisin.

And although it's never a mandated prerequisite that we must like our main character, it helps if we at least could've better understood who she is and what led her to this life aside from an easily apparent moral flexibility and money lust.

Obviously the premise of yet another prostitute movie isn't generally a great draw in the world of foreign or independent film and the poorly titled A Call Girl brings nothing new to the table.

It's even more disappointing when you not only compare it to Kozole's earlier Film Movement work Spare Parts but also when you discover the fact that Call Girl's trailer included a monologue by Sasha about Sasha that may have cleared up a few things had it been left in the feature film.

In other words, your best bet here would be to go with the real Sasha – Sasha Grey that is -- by picking up her Soderbergh collaboration The Girlfriend Experience instead.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

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Response from: preeti saxena,   
Registered Member on
Maria, a high-class call girl, is hired to seduce ­Meireles, the mayor of Vilanova, in an attempt to obtain his permission to build a luxury resort on protected land. Meanwhile the cops Madeira and Neves come upon the case and begin an investigation on the politician. But when Madeira finds out that Maria, the bait that will force Meireles to accept the offer, is his long lost love, everything becomes somewhat more complicated… Having grown up in small-town Slovenia, 23-year-old Alexandra embraces the excitement and anonymity of big city life when she moves to the capital. She styles herself as a call girl, planning to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. But her isolated existence—English studies and mortgage payments by day, call girl lifestyle by night—is shattered when one of her clients, a visiting politician, dies of a heart attack on her watch. Alexandra must suddenly confront fear, guilt, and desperation as she finds herself pursued by a band of local pimps, as well as the cops, hot on her trail. The old village life she had escaped from might now become her only refuge.

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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Response from: sambasivan s,   
Council Member on
Hello anonymous, United States !

I heard : "Is the movie For Coloured girls - a good movie or bad enough?"

A good movie and it is not a bad movie.

this movie has received 3.9 star out of 5 rating by netflix.

It has received 4 star rating by movie reviewers.

So this is a good movie.

Synopsis: "Tyler Perry (Madea's Family Reunion) directs his own adaptation of the Obie-winning stage play by Ntozake Shange, constructed as a series of poetic vignettes that collectively explore the lives of modern African-American women. A veteran cast of actresses -- including Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson and Phylicia Rashad -- provide strong individual performances in stories focused on sensitive issues such as rape and exploitation."

QUOTE FROM THE SITE: "Support this movie, support black actors, support black productions!" "I believe BeautifulBlkWoman was born out of the air or something. These stories were real then and real now. Yes I am successful (she spelled that wrong), professional, smart, strong, support my family and community. However; I would not have been able to be any of these things if it were not for my grandmother, mother, aunts and all the women before me who paved the way for me. I would not have the power, pride and self worth within me to know how I should be treated as a woman if it were not for my father who loved me and treated me with the greatest respect. Unfortunately, not all women have the support system I grew up with or believe in themselves as I do. There more of them than there are of us! So, BeautifulBlkWoman, if you are all the amazing things that you say you are. Go to your local community center/non-profit and volunteer your time to show your light and educate the many women like the ones you didn't finish seeing at the movie." by blkwomannucleus on Sun Nov 7th, 20100 Comments | Reply | Report 1 2 3 4 5 "FOR COLORED GIRLS" "The movie was very powerful, I believe this is the best Mr. Perry has done yet. As talented as the cast of this movie is Mr. Perry seemed to make that talent explode on the screen. It was well written and produced, He managed to intergrate the poetry of the Award Winning Stage Play into the movie in a way that made it flow, as though it had always been written for the screen. A must see in my oppinion. I would however,get a sitter for the children. It is not a movie for young children.I believe Mr. Perry has another hit. Congratulations to him, and all the Hater's can just get over it. GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE IT IS POWERFUL BEYOUND WORDS." by ossining on Sun Nov 7th, 20100 Comments | Reply | Report 1 2 3 4 5 "Boycott this movie" "This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life! African American woman and men have been degraded by Perry. It is degrading and shows that Black woman are stupid,weak and do have any self respect. I walked out and could not believe he that Perry could degrade the African American MAN and WOMAN!!! Please take a stand my Sisters and Brothers of all races and boycott this movie. We have more pride and self-respect. The clock has been turned back and now America will think this is how we treat each other. This is not the life of every Black person and all I see is this is how white American will see us again. I will never support Mr. Perry again in any play or movie,tv,book or watch an interview of him. We are sucessful, smart, professional and support or communities."

Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

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