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Query from: Geeta Kumari, India, 06/15/09
Topic: MARRIAGE ASTRO CHARTS      Submitted on:
Subject: Bhskut dosha

As per Kundali milan we found the bhakut dosha between my & the guys kundli. Guys details: Balu BN 23rd Nov'1979 @2:30 AM in Bangalore Girls details: Geeta Kumari 20th Aug'1981 @ 11: 30 PM in Etah (UP).

Though we have 26 gunas matching but still we both will always fight for small things & this guy is loving some other muslim gilr also and doesnt want to leave her but he says that he will marry me.

Could you please tell me that is this guy perfect for me. If both we get married then will be happy or not. How will be our future. Will both of us will be happy after marriage or not.

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Geeta Kumari,

Irrespective of whether the horoscope matching is suitable or unsuitable, the very fact that he is in love with another girl ( irrespective of her religion), should shock you enough to wake yourself up and use your Head to make decisions, rather than the Heart. Committment, Dedication, Loyalty, are a three pronged pedestal on which a relationship rests on. In your "guy's" case, none of them seem to exist, thus removing the very basis of your relationship. Hence, I would recommend you to refocus on youself, be selfish and think about your welfare for today and for the rest of your life. With him interested in another girl, there is no point performing a horoscope matching. I can safely advice you to rethink if you really want to go through heartache after this marriage?

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Yes, your Guna matching is 26. Your guy Balu has 'Medium Mangal Dosha while you have no Mangal Dosha.

Regarding Bhakut Dosha - Your guy's Bhakoot Rasi is Dhanu and you belongs to Mesha Bhakoot. As far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned it is not a very favorable merge. Both are advised to be more enduring and sensible in their thoughts. Feeling of trust and mutual confidence lacks in the relationship. The natives don’t know how to co-operate in family and domestic affairs. It shows fundamental difference in the approach towards love, romance and life in general. Their family status will not be very enjoyable due to which the natives may get indulge in dreadful situations. There could be some problems in progeny like miscarriage or premature demise of the child. However, if other gunas are matched well then this alliance can be taken into consideration.

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