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Query from: Anonymous, United States, 04/13/11
Topic: ISSUES AND CAUSES      Submitted on:
Subject: Can you please answer this question?

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Here is the question: What is the role of "identity" and "violence" in all of modern East Asian history? How do the two concepts of "identity" and "violence" play a role in the changes seen in what happened to China, Japan, Taiwan, and Tibet since 1900?

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Response from: Nagarajan S,   
Registered Member on
You can read the book Identity and violence written by Amartya Sen published by Penguin Group/London/England. The book Identity and Violence is an excellent effort to address the crucial question of Hindu-Muslim riots where identity has role in fomenting violence.The proclamation of Asian values instead of reclaiming the right of in world history, the division between west and East becomes blurred and thus ...

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It is struggling to stay independent of China's rule since 50 years.

They want want complete independence, going to war with violence if necessary and reducing the Dalai Lama's role to only a spiritual one. But this is totally inaccurate. Tibetans continue to love the Dalai Lama heart and soul and body and mind. They are only at odds with China's stubborn refusal to even talk about a solution. Even when they go against the Dalai Lama's advice and protest publicly at risk of life and limb, they strive to remain nonviolent and show their Buddhist heroism by not retaliating violently to the most extreme abuse. They are tired of being brainwashed, occupied by a harsh military, economically cut off from their own natural wealth like any colonized people, treated as racially inferior as in any apartheid-like system, and deprived of their religious and spiritual focus on Tibetan Buddhism and its practice. In expressing their anguish over their loss of spiritual teachers and dear family members going back three generations now, and over their own personal injuries and deprivation, they might say they wish they could fight more concretely in some way. But so far the vast majority have stuck to Gandhian types of protests. It is not that they are somehow exceptionally holy. It is that they are intelligent, and the Dalai Lama appeals to their intelligence.


There is violence since two decades about the human rights violation of the government and suppression of the press and media. The government continued to restrict the rights and freedoms of journalists, bloggers and an estimated 384 million internet users, in violation of domestic legal guarantees of freedom of press and expression. The government requires state media and internet search firms to censor references to issues ranging from the June 1989 Tiananmen massacres to details of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Religious publications and seminary applications are subject to official review. The government subjects employees, membership financial records, and activities of religious institutions to periodic audits.

You can catch a thorough reading of Asian upheavals in…

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