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Query from: MAHESH, INDIA, 08/25/09
Topic: ISSUES AND CAUSES      Submitted on:
Subject: Son not studying seriously


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Response from: Mohana Varma,   
Registered Member on APOnline
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dearly Mahesh,

Please try to understand the focus of the child and his ideology. That itself is the answer for you and every parent. Please for the bright future of the kid do not concentrate alone on School Studies and book related to the classes.

Off all it is most important that kids have to be separated from Television to a great extent.

Check out for his mood on varied topics: Sports Hobbies Art Etc.

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Both parents and teachers need to assist children in forming good study habits. Each child has his own individual learning style. Kids need to explore different avenues of learning to determine how they learn best. Once that is accomplished, they need to establish a system of studying that fits their particular style of learning. Whatever study system they implement should be used on a regular basis.

If you're the parent of an elementary student, you probably help your child with their homework and studying. Keep in mind that middle and high school students also need parental support. Quizzing your child through middle and high school assists them in making better grades and is a positive for everyone concerned.

Enhancing Study Skills

There are several ways to enhance your child's study skills:

- Always make sure homework and studying is of the highest priority.

- Make homework time fun. It should be associated with affection, freedom, love and self-control.

- Teach your child learning and organization skills during homework time.

- Set reasonable expectations and reasonable consequence if your child doesn't meet those expectations. Follow through.

Make Homework a Positive Experience

As a parent it is imperative to make homework time a positive experience. Here are some tips:

- Always support, praise and reward your child for completing his homework.

- If you child needs help, give it in a non-critical way.

- Encourage your child to complete all assignments and projects in such a way that he will be proud of his efforts. This allows him to have control over his level of competence and learning.

- Help your child make subjects that he dislikes more fun and less frustrating. Suggest he complete five questions and then take a break to exercise or stretch. Allow him to play with a favorite toy or participate in a favorite hobby for a few minutes before completing his homework.

- Encourage study groups with peers. Research has proven that group study is much more effective than studying alone.

- When homework is complete, allow your child to play with a friend, play a favorite game, watch a favorite TV show or engage in a favorite hobby.

- Always take time to listen to your child's concerns and help him to come up with a positive solution.

- Quiz your child for tests and exams. An excellent time to do this is while driving to an extracurricular activity or driving home from school or shopping.

- Encourage your child to think of himself as an excellent scholar and then help him make his vision become a reality.…

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