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Query from: ketan mehta, India, 02/09/09
Topic: ISSUES AND CAUSES      Submitted on:
Subject: age

earlier child have admitted at age of 6 for school now a day it is changed to 2.5 years, is it correct?, after this changes, child are become broad minded earlier than past, that after marriage age changed to 18, earlier get married at 15 or 16... what is correct?, earlier no films, DVD or any media available for bed picture or song or films, now a days all are available for children, even in bed film on mobile. Where we will control and how much we will explain? Every mother and father like my child is very good and decent, but they don't know his son or daughter is master of student in collage for bed habit. Suggestion is very simple but is there any Ngo or human rite is working on this? Have any association are working on such topic? Otherwise day by day, marriage celebration are left from world, only engagement and divorce or may waiting list can listen, like “yes baby, I am ready to wait for 2 years, we will stay for 5 years, now we can make MOU between us”

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 8 Council Members)
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Response from: Lata Verma,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Ketan, Here is what I could make out of your query: 1. Kids are going to school at a very much young age;

2. Marraiges are taking place at later age;

3. Bed pictires are easily available to kids;

4. Kids develop bad habbits in college; which their parents are not aware of;

5. There is a suggestion; BUT you are looking for some NGO or association or some human-right organisation working on this;

6. marriges are not celebrated;

7. Only engagemens, divorce or waiting list can be heard of; (Waiting List1?);

8. MOU!? Excuse me for being dumb, but what does MOU means?

Other than the last point, is everything else matches what you are sayng? If so, here's my response:

What's the problem in sending kids to school at early age? Yes, they are under much more pressure than we used to be. That's because it's the age of competition. Our society (every other society too) is growing fast. To catch up we need to start early. Plus, nowadays where both parents are working and we all are not living in the joint families, we need our kids to be taken care of in better way. Schools is the best choice we have got. Also, they are learning so much there, like socialising. And what we used to learn at age 6, they are learning it by 3. Almost half the age. But still, we still need a better way of learning. In India, we are still making our kids learn the same old way with added subjects.

Second comes, the marraige date. 18 years is still too young. We should increase it to 21, atleast. At 18, one is still a kid, fresh out of the school. A person needs to know it's own capabilties and personality and it's place in this world before he or she can make such a big commitment as to gettign married and settling down; and ultimately increasing their family. It's a big responsibility.

Next three topics that you raised are more of the adult-social issues. Bed films, we as parents needs to be more aware of until and unless our kids are in school. Until they are in school, it's out responsibilty of teaching them about what's right or wrong. No NGO or human right organisation or organisation has anything to do with it. It's our kids, not theirs.

The same statement goes for other two issues too. Kids in college behaving badly, need to be taken care by the parents and the staff in that college. Plus, kids in college are respnsible for their own behaviour. If they can't behave propelry in their time in college, they are abviously not ready for marraige at 15 or 16. College is not only for acadmics, here kids also learn about the social issues.

Next comes the marraige issue. Yes, marraiges are breaking up more nowadays and people are choosing living-in relationships. Personally, I don't mind Living-in relationship because if one is commited for a relationship he/she will stay committed to that no matter what. He/she doesn't need a stamp of marraige to get that relationship going.


Instead of living in a bad relationship, its good to get divorced. If the couple have kids, then it become more important that the couple get their relationship straighten out. If fighting and cursing or anything of that nature is going on, it's going affect the kids badly. So, better to get out and live happily.

Here in these cases, NGO's or any association has nothing to do.

Rate = 4 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

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Response from: Gowri Raman,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hi You seem to be questioning the entire social pattern and it is hard to cover every thing in this single question area.

What ever said and done, God has left free will to human beings and it is we who are making the rules. Nobody compels anybody to marry off at 18 years and it is for the person to choose the age to marry,

If the system of marriage loses credibility, it is the society (you and me) who are to blame. Every individual has to look to it and set right.

It is the worry of all concerned and true that nobody wants to set right. Western curtures are invading and our youngsters are falling prey to the same. We have to wait and watch or do the right thing in our family. If each family is set to go the right way, the society atlarge will change.

Your worry is genuine and it is mine too.

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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Response from: anusha reddy,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
hi ketan

Th e query says that you are a good thinker.well coming to the point.what you said is correct upto some extent.but linkin children school admission age with marraige age is not correct.

parents are joining children earlier(abt 2 to3 yrs of age) because of some reasons like.

1.earlier there where joint families else atleast in small families also there grand parents are with them who would look after the child.They teach the child how to respect,act,talk every thing.which form the bsics for our development.but now almost both parents are one are there to look after the they are joinin them in schools where they will take care of them

2.secondly now days parents are very much concerned abt there children studies.they dont even bother abt the pressure they are puttin on the shoulders of there children.they want the child to top the class.even for a KG child of 10kgs the school managemant will give a book of 20kgs and the parents ask them to byheart everything(and books of next class in advance also).some parents are very mch concerned that they want their child to to do pg at the age of kg.

even our parents are worried abt us when they saw us growing.They thought of us like the same way as u did.Changing culture,environment everything makes us afrad of next generation.this is a common thing for every generation.what we can make children is try to explain them what is gud and what is not.if they are crossin limits we can warn them or even punish them but we cant change anyones fate.even ours.

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Response from: sowmya manda,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
hi you are so anxiety about the development,earler parents controlled children but now no one is controlling..development in technology making children to be addicted,examples,system,phones,there should be change but we have to council the children about these luxurious life

Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

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