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Query from: jyothi, USA, 04/18/06
Topic: HYGIENE      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: Good and Easy Home Remedies for Gastric problems

Hi, Can u please suggest me some good and easy home remedies and excisises also for Gastric problems.Actually to ask is it cureable or not..????? Thanks,

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on

If you use Garlic, then my recommendation will do wonders. I have recommended it to 100s of people and it has worked.

Take 2 or 3 Garlic Cloves(Preferably Farm,not Hybrid). Without peeling the skin, hold it in a tweezer and hold it on the fire directly (you can hold it on the gas stove or if you have electric cooker, place a thin based wok and roast in it. When the Garlic is roasted, unpeel it and chew the garlic well. Swallow the garlic and drink a glass of water. This is a natural way to overcome gastric problems. Constant use will gradually reduce the problem.

If you do not eat garlic, Take a glass of well beater buttermilk (lassi). Mix about half a teaspoon cumin powder(jeera powder) and drink it everynight.

Avoid potatoes and practise a good Breathing excercise. Yoga also is known to give relief. Ensure you have food regularly in correct intervals. Every morning drink a glass of water which will help detox and everynight before you hit bed,, drink a glass of warm water.

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Response from: andrew J,   
Registered Member on
for gastric problem,onion is the best remedy.just take a little quantity of onion juice with salt.avoid cucumber(use acn eat it with salt and black pepper) and vegetables that cause gas.

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Reduce the use of Potato and dal (seeds) in food, 1 hr. Morning walk and evening walk after dinner is suggested. Timely food is also suggested. Use of garlic, ginger etc. in food and drinks. The regular working on it can expect positive results. Good digestion and timely food is essential. Reduce the quantity of dinner. Avoid eating of cold food items, use warm water for drinking.Avoid the use of Nut items (ground nut etc.). Never being in empty stomach for long time.

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Response from: Priya Advisor ,   
Registered Member on
First of for gastric problems food must be taken on time. No delays or no irregular timings. Garlic works to some extent in gastric problems. We can eat 3-4 flakes of raw garlic daily or add garlic to curries,daals etc., is also a good way.

Regular walking is good.

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Response from: Sarah Kavitha,   
Featured Member on
Hi, Gastric problem is very common and can be kept under control.

Try the following tips

1. Do not skip any meal, have a regular timing for meal. If you happen to eat late, then pls take a glass of juice first and give a gap of 20 minutes and take food. This will release the gas... Also, it is always good to take fruits and juices before food and not after food. This is b'coz by the time the food digests, the fruit gets rotten and there is no strength absorbed from it.

2. drink plenty of water in the morning as soon as you wake up in empty stomach. Give a gap of 30 minutes to 1 hour after this before taking any food. You must rink atleast 1 litre of water. This can be done by giving a gap of 5 minutes, not necessary at a stretch. This will flush out all the toxins and enable to release gas

3. Avoid Thick Coffee with milk. This is one of the culprits of gastric problem.

4. Make a decoction of ginger in hot water and sip it slowly htroughout the day.

5. Avoid fried food and spicy masala food,make sure to make vegetables, greens and fruits as part of your daily diet.

Walking is the best and safest exercise. As far as possible do brisk walking in the morning...

Good luck.

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Response from: Nimmy Nimmy,   
Registered Member on
Dear jyothi

Regarding you can visit the following site and get information or also you can write to them about your problem. The water therapy mentioned in their site is very useful for gastric problems. The website address is…

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