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Query from: vaidyanathan, india, 12/24/08
Topic: HOME APPLIANCES      Submitted on:
Subject: interal coil winding diagram of a ceiling fan

please give the winding details of the coil for a ceiling fan

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Response from: @ KaRtiKa,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

Name? CEILING FAN COIL WINDING MACHINE Brand Name? TIPTOP Country of Origin? Taiwan specifications? MODEL: TOW-2200 Function: This machine is suitable for outer rotor system ceiling fan stator winding. Have two head on one machine, could operation to separate.

Features: 1.Easy adjustment while changing stack height of stator. 2.Program easy to seting while changing number pole of stator. 3.With 99 sets program memory system. MAIN SPECIFICATION: STATOR O. D.: 120¡ã160MM STACK HEIGHT: 10¡ã20MM NUMBER OF POLES: 8¡ã18 POLES WINDING SPEED: MAX. 3600RPM OPERATION: PNEUMATIC & AC MOTOR MOTOR: 3 PHASE 0.75KW

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Response from: Jamuna Kubendran,   
Registered Member on
Source: patent forum
the primary objective of the present invention to provide an improved coil structure of a ceiling fan motor, which simplifies the process of making a ceiling fan motor such that the process can be done by a human labor or an automated machine.

Jamuna It is another objective of the present invention to provide an improved coil structure of a ceiling fan motor, which eliminates the use of the chemical solution to dissolve the paint coating of the wires and the use of tin soldering in the course of connecting the coil sets and the power input wires.

It is still another objective of the present invention to provide an improved coil structure of a ceiling fan motor, which is resistant to fire.

The foregoing objectives of the present invention are attained by a coil structure of a ceiling fan motor, which comprises a stator made of a plurality of silicon steel sheets stacked together, a plurality of stator coils, a coil set, and an insulating plate. The stator coils are disposed in the slots of the stator of the motor for use in generating a magnetic field to drive the rotor of the motor. The coil set is fastened by rivets to the stator of the motor and is composed of a plurality of fastening clips locking plate, and of an insulating plate. Each of the fastening clips is provided at the top end thereof with a hooked portion for use in connecting the enameled copper wires of the coil sets. The fastening clip is further provided with a retaining groove for use in fastening the power input wire, and with two wings engageable with the locking plate. The insulating plate is disposed under the locking plate such that the insulating plate serves to insulate the fastening clips from the stator of the motor.

The foregoing objectives, features and functions of the present invention will be better understood by studying the following detailed description of the present invention in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

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