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Query from: V.S.Pani, India, 12/28/08
Topic: HISTORY      Submitted on:
Subject: names of astadiggaja kavulu?

srikrishnadevarayala vadda vunna 8 kavula names kaavaali

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Response from: @ KaRtiKa,   
Registered Member on

The land Rayalaseema was ruled by a great king called Sri Krishna Devarayulu whose Vijayanagar kingdom included the current states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Krishnadevaraya was a wise and just king who transformed this region of rayulu (stones) into ratnaaluu (diamonds).

Astadiggajas (?????????????).... is the collective title given to the eight Telugu poets in the court of the emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya who ruled the Vijayanagara empire from 1509 until his death in 1529.

During his reign, Telugu literature and culture reached its zenith. In his court, eight poets were regarded as the eight pillars of his literary assembly.

The age of Astadiggajsa is called Prabhanda Age (1540 AD to 1600).[1]

All of the Astadiggajalu had composed at least one Prabandha Kavyamu and it Astadiggajalu who gave Prabhanda its present form.[2]

Most of the Astadiggajas are from southern part of present day Andhra Pradesh state (Rayalaseema, Nellore) [3]and Astadiggajas, Allasani Peddana, Dhurjati, Nandi Thimmana, Madayyagari Mallana and Ayyalaraju Ramabhadrudu are from the Rayalaseema region.

Members means astadegajalu....

These poets were Allasani Peddana, Nandi Thimmana, Madayyagari Mallana, Dhurjati, Ayyalaraju Ramambhadrudu, Pingali Surana, Ramarajabhushanudu, and Tenali Ramakrishnudu. The most famous being Allasani Peddana honoured with the title Andhrakavitapitamaha (father of Telugu poetry) and Tenali Ramakrishna, Krishnadevaraya's court jester who authored several acclaimed works. [5]

[Differences in research........

Though the above listed eight poets are widely regarded as the Astadiggajas, there are some differences of opinion as to who exactly constituted the Astadiggajas and if the composition of this body changed over time. Some literary works mention the name of BhattuMurthi in place of Ramarajabhushanudu and some accounts mention Pingali Surana and Tenali Ramakrishna also as members of the later kings. From the stone inscriptions of that time, it has been inferred that the village of Thippalur in the present-day Cuddapah district has been gifted to the Astadiggajas by the king.

[Their works...........

Allasani Peddana wrote Manucharitramu and dedicated to the king Krishnadevaraya. Nandi Thimmana wrote parijataapaharanam and dedicated it to the king as well. Madayyagari Mallana wrote Rajasekhara Charitramu. Dhurjati wrote Kalahasti Mahatyamu. Ayyalaraju Ramabhadrudu wrote Ramaabhyudayamu. Pingali Surana wrote Raghavapandaveeyamu, a dual work that describes both Ramayan and Mahabharat. Ramarajabhushanudu wrote Kavyalankarasangrahamu, Vasucharitramu and Harischandranalopakhyanamu. Tenali Ramakrishna wrote Udbhataradhya Charitramu, Panduranga Mahatmyamu and “Ghatikachala Mahatmyamu.”

[edit] Literary Style.........

Telugu literature reached its peak during their period. A new style called Prabhanda with added fiction and few omissions from the original stories was followed during this period. Poets in earlier century like Tikkana and Potana translated the Sanskrit books and epics without changing the stories from original. Astadiggajas usually took small, some times obscure, stories from Puranas and used them as plots for writing major kavyas. A Prabhandam can be of three types, viz., Prakhyatam, Utpadyam, Misramam (famous story, purely fictional story, mixed story).[6] Astadiggajas have written in all the three genres during the Prabhanda yugam.

There are also at least two dual meaning works during this time. Ramabhyudayam by Pingali Surana simultaneously runs the stories of Rama and Pandavas. Harischandranalopakhyanamu by Bhattumurthy also simultaneously tells the stories of the kings Harischandra and Nala.…

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Response from: vaish reddy,   
Featured Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
As a king, Krishnadevaraya is known to have built many temples in his kingdom, restrengthening Hinduism after its lands had fallen to muslim sultans. Krishnadevaraya did a lot to assist Hinduism in a rather dark era for Hinduism. Krishna Deva Raya respected all sects of Hinduism, although he personally leaned in favour of Vaishnavism. Eight poets known as Astadiggajalu(eight elephants in the eight cardinal points such as North, South etc.) were part of his court (known as Bhuvanavijayamu). According to the Vaishnavite religion there are eight elephants in eight corners in space and hold the earth in its place. Similarly these eight poets were the eight pillars of his literary assembly. These Astadiggajas were: Allasani Peddana, Nandi Thimmana, Madayyagari Mallana, Dhurjati, Ayyalaraju Ramambhadrudu, Pingali Surana, Ramarajabhushanudu, and Tenali Ramakrishnudu. Among these eight poets Allasani Peddana is considered to be the greatest and is given the title of Andhra Kavita Pitamaha (the father of Telugu poetry). The period of the Empire is known as “Prabandha Period,” because of the quality of the prabandha literature produced during this time.

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