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Query from: niloofar, iran, 06/18/06
Topic: HINDI-ENGLISH      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: what is the hindi phrase for 'get well soon'

i also want to know the hindi equivalent of ' i miss you' and 'hope to see you soon'

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Response from: a a,   
Registered Member on
I miss you = Tumhare bina achha nahin lagta hope to see you soon = aashaa hai, tumse jaldi mil paayenge.

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

Response from: C.V. Ram Narayanan Sastry,   
Council Member on
Hi Niloofar, The Hindi equivalent of the phrases are as follows:

Get well soon Jaldi se theek ho jaao.

Keywords Jaldi - Soon Theek - Well

I miss you Mujhe aapki yaad aati hai or Mujhe aapki kami khalti hai

Keywords Mujhe - I Yaad - Memory Kami - Absence

Hope to see you soon Aasha hai jald hi aapse mulaqat ho.

Keywords Aasha - Hope Jald - Soon Mulaqat - Meet


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Response from: ~~ ~~,   
Registered Member on
get well soon>>> Jaldi Acchhe hoo jaaoo

I miss You>>>> Tumhari Bahoot Yaad aati hai

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Response from: Indraneel Mukerjee,   
Registered Member on
In pure Hindi, "get well soon" would be, "Sheeghra arogya ki kamana". In general usage, however, we say "Jaldi theek ho jao".

In Hindi we do not "miss" :) .. However something that carries a simialr message is, "mujhe tumhari yaad aati hai".

"See you soon" is "phir milenge".

Niloofar ... I hope my answers are of help to you.


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Response from: Seetha Lakhsmi Sastry,   
Registered Member on

Jaldi Se Teek Ho Jao.

Mei asha karthi hu Jaldi Mile.

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Response from: Kailash Randhawa,   
Registered Member on
Hi! There is no exact hindi translation for GET WELL SOON! Rather you can say "Bhagwaan aapko jaldi se jaldi swasth kar de" which means "May god make you healthy ASAP.

For "I Miss You" --- if a lady says "Mai aapko bohot miss kar rahi hoon"

For a man to say this would be "Mai aapko bohot miss kar raha hoon". Notice the difference between RAHI for female and RAHA for male.

For 'hope to see you soon' it would be "ASHA HAI KI HUM BOHOT JALDI MILENGE"

I have attached a PDF file containing 3 audio clips in which I have recorded the hindi expressions in hindi for proper dialect.

reply_audio.pdf (475.925k)

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Response from: Angali Khan,   
Registered Member on
Get well soon---jaldi ache or thik hoja wo

I miss you--Tum mujhe yaad aa ra ha ho(to male) Tum mujhe yaad aa ra hi ho(to female)

Hope to see you soon--jaldi milengey

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Response from: Pallavi utukuri,   
Registered Member on
' get well soon' - jladi aap swasth hojayiye.

'i miss you' - mei tumhe bahut yaad karta hu

'hope to see you soon' - aasha karte hai ki tumse jaldi mulakat hogi.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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Response from: Vini K ,   
Council Member on
Hi niloofar,there is no exact equivalent of "I miss you" in hindi.

the closest translation of this would be:

Tumhare bina achcha nahin lagta


Tumhaari bahut yaad aati hai

The translation for the 2nd sentence is as follows:

Aasha hai ki aapse jaldi hi mulaqat hogi


Ummeed hai ki aapse jald mulaqaat hogi.

Hope these help you.goodluck.

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

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Response from: Rama Shanker Shukla,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Get well soon=Sheeghra Svasthya Labh Karen I miss you=Mughe apkee bahut yaad aati hai Hope to see you soon=Jald Milenge

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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