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Query from: Nivethitha, india, 10/18/04
Topic: HEALTH      Submitted on:
Does anybody know anything about phimosis? My husband has phimosis and his urologist has advised that he should do circumscission. we are married for 2 years and now trying for a baby.. He is having pain while trying to have intercourse. but if we use lots of lubrication then it is okay with him. He has less sexual desire than me always. But he is trying to keep me happy and we both love each other very much. I dont want him to suffer pain due to circumscission and also i have read that in reduces sensuosness in penis. Also since we are trying for a baby now if he has circumsciion and it will take 4-6 weeks to have sex again then it will still be delayed. Is circumscsion a must? what to do? Will phimosis affect our chances of conceiving? Is it okay to use KY ultra jelly if we are trying to conceive? Please advice.Thanks in advance.

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Response from: latha,   
Registered Member on
hi..GO with the doctor. Your getting pregnant will be delayed for a couple of months but it's OK. I do not know much abour phimosis so go with doctor. And if you are seriously trying to get pregnant do not use any lubricating jeelies liky KY jelly or others. It is said to reduce mating of egg and sperm and hence the chances to get pregnant. This was told to me by my doctor when I was trying to get pregnant. Go with the doctor and all the best

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Response from: Badshah .,   
Council Member on
Dear Nivethitha,… Phimosis it is tightness at the end of the foreskin which hinders retraction. There are two typical forms of this tightness, an infant phimosis and the phimotic ring or band. An infant phimosis has an easily recognisable tubular form, this is common and healthy in infants but occasionally will continue into adulthood. The adult phimosis is a thin contour of skin tissue located towards the front of the inner foreskin and it narrows the opening of the foreskin. Imagine a ring which is too small to fit the finger, if it does pass the knuckle, it hurts, or it gets stuck. A phimotic ring can make retraction of the foreskin over and behind the glans impossible, painful, or difficult, the foreskin may even get stuck behind the glans. Though other options are there but best is circumscsion,but you can also seek docotr's advice.

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Response from: Gaz ,   
Council Member on
Since this is what your urologist has advised go with it. Circumcision is painful but it is not all that bad. Plus you get painkillers to reduce the pain. Saw one man on tv having one for religious reasons (converting to Judaism) and it hurt for a while and he got over it pretty quickly.

If it hurts him when he has sex no wonder his sexual desire is less. You would not like to do something that hurt you would you? Once he has had the circumcision the pain will have gone and you never know his desire might improve.

It is a myth that circumcised penises have any less sensitivity which is I think what you mean. There is no loss in sensation infact it is the opposite as there is no foreskin left to dull the sensations.

Surely waiting for 4 weeks is not that big a deal. Just think if you wait then your husband will feel a lot more comfortable and you can have a lot more sex that will certainly improve your chances of getting pregnant.

The phimosis may be stopping your husband from producing his own lubrication which the circumcision should cure. I think you are being a bit selfish in not thinking of what will be best for your husband in the long run. Ultimately what is good for him will be good for you too and if that is what the urologist suggests I would not delay it. It could take upto a year to get pregnant and this would unnecessarily prolong your husbands discomfort.

IF you are trying to get pregnant you should not use KY jelly.

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 12 Council Members)

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