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Query from: Raj, dxb, 06/07/11
Topic: GENERAL KNOWLEDGE      Submitted on:
Subject: problems of chovva dosham...

problems of chovva dosham

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Response from: Gowri Raman,   
Council Member on

Generally we are afraid when we come to know that there is Chevvai Dosham in the Horoscope, Parents are greatly worried about the delay and trouble this may cause at the time of marriage, to their son or daughter. We are also scared about whose life will be lost due to Chevvai Dosham, Husband or Wife. There is absolutely no need to be afraid at all. Read the following details and your fears will vanish and you will be greatly relieved of the worry and tension.

Chevvai Bagawan helps to gain confidence and boldness. He is a sincere and hard worker. His color is RED. He can create problems, difficulties and petty fights between the couple, if the horoscopes are not matched properly. Even though Chevvai is a Papa Graham he does not harm always. He will do good when he is associated with good planets or looked at by them. He tends to do more harm when he is with Papa Grahams or when seen by them.

The 9 planets are, SUN-MOON-JUPITER-VENUS-MERCURY-MARS-SATURN-RAHU & KETHU. Mars is Chevvai. These Planets do not do good or bad always. Depending upon their position, strength and association with others in the Horoscope they will do good or bad for a given period of time. Our destiny and way of life is determined in our horoscopes as per the Date, Time & Place of our Birth. The planets will do their Job according to this time table only. Prayers and Pariharams will help us to tide over difficult times.

If Chevvai is found in 1 - 2- 4 -7 - 8 & 12th houses from Lagnam -Chandran and Sukran in the Rasi Chart of the horoscope you can take it as Chevvai Dosham. There are many exceptions and rules for Chevvai Dosham. There is a difference of opinion about Chevvai is in 1st house. Some astrologers consider Chevvai Dosham from 2nd house only.

Rate = 4.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

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