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Query from: judith, Tanzania, 05/25/09
Topic: GARDEN TOURS      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: Garden

how to grow a flower garden in a tropicla environment

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Response from: saba huda,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Even if you live in the north, you can design and plant a tropical garden. Tropical gardens are just the spot for summertime get-togethers and picnics. Moreover, tropical gardens can be portable for a single day or planted for season long enjoyment. Many of the plants you already grow may have tropical origins and/or characteristics. For instance, annuals such as geraniums, impatiens, and begonias are tropical plants.Bananas Tropical Fruits Grow tender tropical perennials as annuals or bring them indoors at season's end to add tropical warmth to your d├ęcor over winter.

Elephant ear, canna and caladium are three tropical beauties fit for planting in your summer garden. Since these are perennial bulbs, you need only lift them at season's end and store them over winter. Many indoor tropical plants enjoy a summer vacation in an outdoor garden.

Give your dieffenbachia, pathos, rubber plant, croton, and spider plant a breath of fresh summer air. Sink pots that contain large plants like potted palms, pineapple plants, banana trees, and lemon trees directly into your garden soil or place the pots at strategic points throughout your tropical paradise. When designing a tropical garden, remember that tropical plants generally add high visual impact to your landscape.

Broad, shiny foliage and bodacious flowers can easily eclipse the delicate annuals typical of northern gardens. However, if you don't have space to set aside an entire area for a tropical garden, you can ease the transition from traditional to tropical with a variety of tropical-looking plants. Plants like goats beard, pampas grass, lobelia, hardy hibiscus, hostas and many large-leafed ferns seem to erupt with tropical style.

Delay planting tropical garden plants or moving established house tropical's outside until nighttime temperatures remain in the 50s and soil is warm to your touch. Cold will stunt the growth of tropical's, but plant them in the right conditions and tropical plants are capable of amazingly fast growth. For instance, some bamboo plants have been documented at a growth rate of over a foot a day!

Tropical gardens offer diversity in gardening in a variety of ways. Your tropical garden can be your true hideaway from everyday or your exotic piazza at party time. So if you're entertaining thoughts of a new gardening idea, contemplate the pleasures of tropical garden design!

Tropical flower gardens are those gardens that are planted with flower species that have their natural habitat in the tropics. Establishing these garden therefore requires a modified growing environment if it is done in areas where seasons change like from summer to winter to autumns and spring. Below are some tips to make it possible for you to establish your garden.

* Build a small green house that can house the number of plants you want for your flower garden. * Provide some form of heating. This will be necessary during winter as these plants can not withstand frost. When cold or cooler seasons start, maintain the greenhouse temperature at least above 15 degrees. Below this, the plants will start suffering and extreme cold temperatures below 10 degrees may stop growth and temperatures below 5 degrees may kill them. * Gardens that are not located in the tropics may require humidity regulation depending on the particular flower type. Check the requirements of the particular flower and if it requires regulated humidity, like to make the environment more humid, install some kind of a misting system. * Most of these plants grow well under shaded conditions, especially those that originated from the forest floor can not grow well in open outdoor growing area. Consider erecting some king of shading for your gardens during high summer. * These plants growing media needs to simulate the tropical forest floor which has a lot of rotting organic mater. Tropical plants grow best in media which simulates their place of origin. Having such a media can greatly improve the quality of your plants. Some of these plants like orchids have specific media requirements. Make sure that you have the right media for the particular flower that you plant in your garden. * It is customary for flower producers to store flowers in cold stores. Tropical flowers do not like cold storage. Do not put the flower stems or seedlings in cold store or refrigerators with the aim of prolonging their vase life.

The benefits that can be derived from owning and tending tropical flower are many but the efforts required to be successful is more than in conventional gardens and one should be ready for the task. If you have a tropical garden away from the tropics, you have earned the right to brag to your peers!

The author is an accomplished and practicing gardener. My key competencies are agronomy and cutflower production. I like sharing knowledge on gardening and how to make the environment beautiful.

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Response from: changappa kb,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.…… - 12k… - 14k or ask google search to find-"to grow a flower garden in a tropical environment" u'll find it

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 9 Council Members)

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Response from: yas mohd,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
The ginger plant also haleconias grow excellent in tropical land and make beautiful flower arrangements. The gingers red flowers will last week or two try gingers of course birds orchids grow excellent here and when cut them.

Get some zinnia annual seeds pot them.

hibiscus shrubs Cannas Bromeliad Caladiums Orchids(of course not all species) Palm Trees Bamboo Heliconia Tropical Ginger grow well in tropical environment

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 7 Council Members)

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