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Query from: indu, INDIA, 11/17/06
Topic: FASHION      Submitted on:
Subject: learn zardosi and embroidery

from where i can learn how to make embroidery, zardosi and aari work in sarees?

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Response from: S.Rathinam Subramanian,   
Council Member on
with reference to your mail visit the following links








Rate = 2 (Rated by 7 Council Members)

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Response from: A PAT,   
Registered Member on
Hi indu,

Could you be more specific as where u live ? which city ? area?? So that it will be easy to guide you .

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Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
The Mughal era brought richness to textiles and costumes of India. The Ari work or Zardosi is a kind of hand embroidery believed to be introduced in medieval times during the reign of Muhammed Bin Tughlak. Embroidery done on velvet, satin or any other heavy material came to be known as Zardosi. The work is done by laying the gold threads over the material and is very heavy when the weight of the fabric and the metal wire used for embroidery are combined. Zardosi used to be a work of beauty combined with display of wealth, but today other metals are used instead of gold.

The earlier artisans of zardosi used only exclusive resham thread and wire hand embroidery on materials. The designs were original and mainly of royal taste. Wealth was displayed in the garments worn by men and women. But today, we can witness a blend of the past with the present, the old with the modern, the north with the south and the east with the west. Zardosi has become a well-known and fashionable hand embroidery.

The artisan sits on the floor behind the wooden equipment working on a piece of cloth, held taut with two long pieces of wood and thread to enable him to work easily. And the speed at which his hands move, with a small pencil like instrument with a curved needle at the tip, is a treat to watch. "This is a kind of frame we use to tie the cloth so that the material is stiff when we are doing the embroidery". It needs a lot of patience and skill. The needle used is the smallest available, generally numbered nine. materials used for embroidery, a variety like zari, sequence, coree, beeds, or the shiny stones that look like diamonds.basic stictch is like chain stictch.

on online u can't learn zardorsi , aari work. zardosi work is easy for learning .i know that .but i can't tell u thru online .better u learn from a person near u'r area.

if u want designs u can see in the links below and can know about some of the zardosi.see the links below:………

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Response from: Tenali Srikanth,   
Council Member on
women were keen on learning zari / zardosi embroidery and fashion designing. She approached Nirnaya to set up 6-month training courses for each vist this site for more information:…

Vocational training for marginalized women in Holtikotti village, Karnataka

1. PROJECT OUTPUTS AND POTENTIAL COST OF EACH OUTPUT Project Output Achieved till date: • 15 women situated in a remote village have been trained and imparted the skill of zari and zardosi work (local embroidery work) • These 15 women are ready to sell their work in the`` market.

Potential Cost of the Output

Training Material required for zari-work training Rs. 82200 $ 1911.7 Honorarium for 1 instructor Rs. 18000 $ 418.7 Rent Rs. 6000 $ 139.6 Total Rs. 106200 $ 2470

for more information vist this site…

National School Of Fashion Designing India: http://www.fashiondesigningtips.inf…

vist this site to have more information of training in embroidery, zardosi and aari work in sarees:…

All About Fashion Designing: Basic Facts About Fashion Designing: Courses For Fashion Designing: Careers Is Fashion Designing: Learn Fashion Designing:

For all these queries you can visit this site. http://www.fashiondesigningtips.inf……

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Response from: Keep Smiling .,   
Council Member on
You have not mentioned where you are living at?

You can learn zardosi and embroidery online at:……… ?Learn-the-Basics-of-Embroidery&id=119597

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Response from: Rohan Rathi,   
Featured Member on
There is no special institute to learn these things, to get the knowledge you should visit the manufacturing unit of any big deginer houses where this type of sarees are made as for example Marg in kolkata etc & you can also lerarn these things at manufacturing unit of sarees.

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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