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Query from: Dhivya G Kishore, India, 05/12/09
Topic: DIET      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: kollu for weight loss

hi my weight is 62kgs an height is 163 cms. i want to reduce weight can u pl gimem a diet chart. Pl teme how to use kollu(horse gram) for weight loss.

Thank you

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Response from: @ KaRtiKa,   
Council Member on

Kollu / Horsegram not only helps to reduce weight but also helps to prevent bad Cholestrol in our body

Just soak horsegram in water for some hours ( or soak while going to bed) and pressure cook it with little salt while you prepare your rice

You can use that like any other dhal for preparing rasam or

prepare that as sundal ( regular method )

or jus mix that with your veg salad and eat

or jus roast it without oil in fry pan and prepare like all other chutney / thogayal

You can also prepare horsegram powder ( kollu podi) and mix it with rice and eat

for weight reduction along with diet recipes we have to exercise for minimum 30 mts daily)…

good luck


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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Source: Part source:…
I think your weight should be around 50 minimum and 58 kgs max. according to your height. You should reduce your weight atleast 6 kgs. and to keep the reduced weight from increasing in due course. Only diet or taking special things, controlling food quantity and avoiding spicy item is not sufficient to lose weight, for it you should do regular exercises – Brisk morning walk and evening walk just after meals. A joint effort of diet and exercises will be helpful to reduce your weight and to keep your fit. Tasking lemon juice on morning, honey in empty stomach etc. is good.

So far as regarding Kollu (horse gram) is concerned1 tablespoon kollu powder. 1 tablespoon small zeera(cummin seed). Boil in 4 glass of water to 1 glass. Drink in empty stomach every morning and evening. Do more exercise.......(…)

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Response from: Yuvraj ,   
Featured Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hi ,

In my opinion you are not overweight may be at higher side but to decide it you have to check with your body frame whether small, medium or large. If it is large you are perfect in wt.

If you feel you are carrying few fats under your skin please check the body fat % and then decide whether you need to reduce it or not. Check your waist to hip ration it should be less than 0.8 for female and less than 0.9 for male.

To give you a diet chart is very hard without knowing your daily Kcal requirement and present intake values. But to maintain the fitness following are the guidline You must know that the fat % is more important than weight hence you should keep your target to reduce the fat.

you should have a best combination of carb, protein, fat and the calories deficit if required around 200 to maximum 500 Kcal per day( depending on need ) supported with intense exercise. You should take minimum 1500 Kcal per day though your activities do not need and doing your exercise maintain the deficit.

Besides take your Breakfast with more Kcal and reduce gradually for lunch, evening snack and finally if possible almost no carb for dinner. In every meal take care that there should be proteins combined with carb or fat.

To achieve a goal of fat reduction a perfect exercise plan and diet plan should be designed for you considering your wt, age, fat and daily working schedule.

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Response from: rajesh r,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
HI Dhivya Avoid the fatty foods and oil foods ,daily at night and morning dring honey mixed in hotwater really it will reduce your weught quickly. go running daily morning to keep you fit. kollu is a good food for weight reduce do it like poriyal and eat it

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Response from: Lara Dutta,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

Plan your diet in such a way that you do not take more than 1500 calories per day.


Have 3 litres water everyday. Start every meal with a bowl full of salad, and then eat ur breakfast or lunch whatever. Always have a snack between meals 2 bisuits etc no sweets, frieds etc. 1 cup of rice or 2 chappattis. If you are still hungary then salads or soups.

Most important one hour brisk walk everyday

Rate = 3 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Response from: Kavita Tata,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
well to reduce weight fast is by rigorous walking, aerobic exercises, pranayama. But weight can be reduced by reducing carbohydrates, fat and protein in your diet. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink plenty of water during the day. Every morning drink warm water with some lemon juice and honey added to it.

Horse gram is known to reduce weight too. It's shell is very hard. Soak it for 8 hours and pressure cook it. Use this dal to make rasam, add to salad or roast and eat it. It's other main benefit is it reduces bad cholesterol.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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