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Query from: Pp, India, 06/27/06
Topic: COOKING      Submitted on:
Subject: Regarding convection oven and OTG

I am from India. I love baking and I am looking for a good oven to bake and grill. I am looking forward to baking cookies, breads and cakes and pizzas. Please let me know if I should go for an OTG or a convection oven like the LG.

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on
Dear PP,

I can say from own experience - definetely something like LG. The results will be best and they are easier to use.

Enjoy baking!

Good luck.

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on
I suggest a conventional oven. LG has released a few new range of models under Microwave/Oven range.

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Response from: Latha Jayaprakash,   
Council Member on
Dear Pp,

If you love baking and want to try out all the dishes then it is better to go in for an OTG. Some of the dishes when cooked in a microwave doesn't come out right. So get an OTG and an ordinary Microwave , maybe with grill . If you have both with you you can try out baking to your heart's wish. All the best

Rate = 2 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Response from: Mrs. Sai Sai,   
Council Member on

You can buy Oven toaster & Griller (OTG). You can use Oven toaster &Griller to toast, Grill and bake food.

Please see this link for Tips to by Oven Toaster Griller in India…


You may already have a budget in mind as to how much you would like to spend. Oven, Toaster & Griller from Rs. 1,549 to Rs. 6,500.


Oven capacity refers to the size of the oven cavity where you place the container to cook, bake or heat. A larger size oven can hold larger containers but costs more.

You need to take into consideration your family size and also the size of the dishes that you would normally need to cook.


Rotisserie helps in uniform grilling of the food. It may be a part of the OTG. A motorized rotisserie is easier to operate as compared to the manual rotisserie.


Barbecuing Great for making kababs, paneer tikkas etc

Keep Warm Consumes less electricity, ensures that the food remains at the right temperature and retains the nutritional value.

Roasting Very Useful for roasting foods like peanuts, browning meat, etc


Auto Thermostat Helps to maintain a constant set temperature for the duration of the cooking, avoids overcooking/ overheating of the oven .

Chamber Light

The light inside the chamber allows you to see inside the oven while the food is being cooked and check on it's cooking status.

Timers Helps in properly timing the cooking and baking process to prevent food from getting excessively heated or burnt.

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Response from: s p,   
Featured Member on
You need a OTG for the baking and grilling purpose. The convetion oven from LG is a microwave which is used for reheating/ cooking food or liquids but cannot be used for baking. So a OTG is what you need to buy.

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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Response from: Keep Smiling .,   
Council Member on
Since that you want to bake and grill, the best option I would suggest is the OTG. It has more features than the conventional microwave ovens.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
hi pp,

The microwave oven is one of the great inventions of the 20th century -- millions of homes in America and now indians have one. Just think about how many times you use a microwave every day.

As you can see, microwave ovens are popular because they cook food in an amazingly short amount of time. They are also extremely efficient in their use of electricity because a microwave oven heats only the food -- and nothing else. In this article, we'll discuss the mystery behind the magic of "meals in a minute" with microwave cooking.

Prepare fast and easy meals in minutes with a countertop or built-in microwave oven. A microwave oven uses microwaves to heat food. Microwaves are radio waves. In the case of microwave ovens, the commonly used radio wave frequency is roughly 2,500 megahertz (2.5 gigahertz). Radio waves in this frequency range have an interesting property: they are absorbed by water, fats and sugars. When they are absorbed they are converted directly into atomic motion -- heat. Microwaves in this frequency range have another interesting property: they are not absorbed by most plastics, glass or ceramics. Metal reflects microwaves, which is why metal pans do not work well in a microwave oven. You often hear that microwave ovens cook food "From the inside out." What does that mean? Here's an explanation to help make sense of microwave cooking. Let's say you want to bake a cake in a conventional oven. Normally you would bake a cake at 350 degrees F or so, but let's say you accidentally set the oven at 600 degrees instead of 350. What is going to happen is that the outside of the cake will burn before the inside even gets warm. In a conventional oven, the heat has to migrate (by conduction) from the outside of the food toward the middle (See How a Thermos Works for a good explanation of conduction and other heat transfer processes). You also have dry, hot air on the outside of the food evaporating moisture. So the outside can be crispy and brown (for example, bread forms a crust) while the inside is moist.

In microwave cooking, the radio waves penetrate the food and excite water and fat molecules pretty much evenly throughout the food. No heat has to migrate toward the interior by conduction. There is heat everywhere all at once because the molecules are all excited together. There are limits, of course. Radio waves penetrate unevenly in thick pieces of food (they don't make it all the way to the middle), and there are also "hot spots" caused by wave interference, but you get the idea. The whole heating process is different because you are "exciting atoms" rather than "conducting heat."

In a microwave oven, the air in the oven is at room temperture, so there is no way to form a crust. That is why microwavable pastries sometimes come with a little sleeve made out of foil and cardboard. You put the food in the sleeve and then microwave it. The sleeve reacts to microwave energy by becoming very hot. This exterior heat lets the crust become crispy as it would in a conventional oven.

For more information on microwave cooking and related topics, check out the links below.…

so convection one of LG IS BETTER.

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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Response from: KVS Sailaja,   
Council Member on
hi, both OTG and convection ovens are good for baking. But since you are in India and you are conscious about your electric bills, I suggest OTG to Convection oven. You can go for microwave with Convection model only if you can use the microwave for normal cooking. My experience says that judicial use of microwave saves lot of time with no spillings and less utensils which can be used both for cooking and serving using no oil. If you are inclined for these advantages and want to use less space in the kitchen, go for Convention oven. Otherwise take an OTG for baking purpose only. Then in future, if you wish to purchase a microwave oven then go for solo model. Also decide upon the cosmetic appearance of the gadget and electricity consumption and decide upon the purchase. Otherwise, both OTG as well as Convection ovens are good for grilling and baking.

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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Response from: Alka Jaiswal,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Better to go for convection microwave oven because it will save your electicity bill. If you want bake and grill something like biscuits convection cooking will cook and bake or grill at the same time, it will save your time as well. You can make microwave cake in just 7 min as well.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Response from: Ann J,   
Council Member on

From my experience,LG Convection oven is good for making pizza,grilled chicken,vegetables etc.,but for cookies and cakes ,it was not that good but okay.

If you are baking occassionaly, a convection microwave is good as it has other useful features like reheating and defrosting also.But if you are a great fan of baking,I would suggest an OTG,because there is a good difference between the two.Cakes,bread all are best baked in an OTG.A microwave needs constant watching where as for OTG,if you know the temperature settings and time ,you can just ignore it for a while and do other works.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

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Response from: Sumthin Sumthin,   
Featured Member on
go for this model in lg which will let u do all of this.its a lg grill oven.its priced around Rs.5500-6000 for a 19ltr model

Rate = 2 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

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