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Query from: archana, canada, 03/20/06
Topic: COOKING      Submitted on:
Subject: how to do khus khus cleaning method & making paste easy ?

Amma , please tell me white khus khus (GHASA GHASALU )cleaning and making paste . I find very hard to clean them ? Any easy procedure ? Also how to clean mustard & cumin seeds here ? Any tips ? Thanks.

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Response from: Usha Gurnani,   
Council Member on
Normally, these seeds are cleaned and then packed in plastic packets in countries like USA and Middle East, etc. Khus Khus can be cleaned easily as it is light in colour and you can easily pick out the stones, etc. To make a paste, you will have to soak it in water for some time and then put it in the blender with little water and make a paste.

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Response from: Vini K ,   
Council Member on
Hi Archana,most groceries that you get in US or Canada,or other advanced countries is cleaned before being,you need not worry about cleaning it.For cleaning khus khus,the best thing is to spread them in a big plate, and clean little by little,pushing the cleaned portions to another side of the plate.Mustard seeds can be cleaned in this method:put about three teaspoons in a flat tray and tilt it a little.the mustard seeds are round and they will roll.the stones,if any,will be left behind.cumin,you can clean as and when you take out for tadka, etc.But as I said earlier,you need not clean mustard ,cumin khus khus, and rice etc if you are living in an advanced country.Hope this helps.goodluck.

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Response from: harjinder chawla,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
hey u can wash the khus khus in the very fine sieve then soak in water for 2 to 3 hours then u can make the paste in grinder and use it what ever u wants to do. and very same way u can wash in the sieve anddry in the sun

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Response from: Bindu P,   
Council Member on
Hi Archana, Khus khus or Ghasa ghasalu available in packets or container are already cleaned. If you want to further clean them use a colander and a muslin cloth or a paper towel/tissue will do for that matter. Just place the tissue/muslin cloth in the colander, take ghasa ghasalu in it and pour water to clean them. You can use grinder for making a paste of it. If u have only little quantity then u can also use a coffee grinder. Well, if you are asking for cleaning them dry then u can also use the colander (with small holes) and the paper towel/muslin cloth in the same manner even for mustard and cumin seeds.

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Response from: Swapna S,   
Council Member on
soak khus khus in water for about 24 grind with a little water or will get a smooth paste of poppy seeds.if you are not using all the paste on grinding,use water because milk curdles the paste.use water or milk accordingly.for cleaning mustard or cumin,remember the particles in mustard or cumin is lighter than the seeds.just spread them evenly and blow a little,all the particles will fly off and just the seeds will remain.

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Response from: Saras ,   
Council Member on
Hello the easiest way to clean khus khus and making paste is: just rub it in a cloth and pour hot water leave it for 15 mins.discard the water and you can put it in mixie for the paste which gives pure soft paste.It is usually mixed with 1 tsp of coconut to give a more tastier and smoother paste.Hope it solves your problem. Saras

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Response from: satya chandra,   
Council Member on

Just before using khus khus, put the required quantity in a small vessel and soak it in warm water atleast for 15 minutes. Drain the water while holding the khus khus with hand. Again wash the khus khus with cold water. This should remove the impurities from the khus and khus and make it ready for grinding. You can just grind it now to get the paste.

To clean mustard and cumin seeds, Spread them in a sheet and expose to sun light. Do like this once every week for 3 weeks. You can also use the sieve that we use for atta and try to dust it out. Also dont keep them in muggy places , instead put them in clear glass jars tht are air-tight.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 6 Council Members)

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