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Query from: jayaraj kandan, United States, 03/30/08
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: how can I please Rahu, who will be transiting my natal moon in Capricorn

Date of Birth: 3 SEP 1979
Time of Birth:09. 20 PM
Place of Birth:Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu

please tell me how to worship / please Rahu, who will be causing all sorts of trouble to me and my emotions when he enters my moon sign Capricorn, which is also the 10th house of my horoscope.

Actually, how much more can this period of an year or so be more bad than this for Capricorn Rasi people...? SATURN in 8TH, JUPITER in 12TH, and NOW, RAHU conjunct the natal MOON.


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Response from: Amit Gulati,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
You can give milk to Two colored dog for atleast 11 days without fail you will see the improvement

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Response from: Kuldip Sharma,   
Council Member on Ask Agent

I have gone through your query. Drawn your horoscope. You are Aries Lagna, Capricorn Moon and Uttrashada Nakashtra.

First of all I will discuss the transit of Rahu. Presently, Rahu is transiting in 2ndh house from Natal Moon and similarly Saturn is transiting 8th from Natal Moon thus causing Ashtam Dhiya. Saturn is causing trouble to you in the matter of profession and disturb your thinking and policy. During the present transit, Rahu is disturbing your family issue and also causing problem in the profession and can also disturb your eating habit. But on shifting to Capricorn sign, it will disturb your health and can cause disturbance in the happy married life.

There will be some improvement, when Jupitor transit in Capricorn Rashi in the end November, 08 and some of the damage being caused by the Rahu on the affairs of 7th house are removed. Jupitor will turn somewhat favourable as compared to today transit in the 12th house. So the more tense period is upto November.,08. Rahu can only be appeased by reciting Rahuís beej mantra and donation of black and blue products on Saturday. You can also invoke the blessings of Maa Durga by reciting its Mantra Om Dhum Durgya Namah.

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