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Query from: Vishal, Mumbai, India, 12/17/07
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: what is mrityu shad ashta yog and its worst effects

I would like to know what is mrityu shad ashta yoga and its all possible effects. I and a girl want to get married but our patrika do not match as they indicate mrityu shad ashta yog. Are there any solutions to it? My details: Date of Birth: 09-10-1978 Place of Birth: Mumbai Time of Birth: Morning 00:50 Hrs Girls Details: Date of Birth: 23-12-1977 Place of Birth: Indore Time of Birth: Morning 09:15 Hrs

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Response from: jamna rajora,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
I am very much surprised to know that someone has ill-informed you that yours patrika has mrityu shad ashta yoga. This is totally false. Your guna-milap is excellent. You can go ahead and have a successful marriage.

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Response from: Kuldip Sharma,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Dear Vishal,

I have gone through your query. There is no such term, I have read as Mrityu Shad Ashtra yoga or there may be mis-interpretation. However, it can be Shatastak yoga leading to death and it can be interpreted that when ever 7th lord (lord of marriage) is placed in the 2nd house ( i.e. 8th from its sign) gives rise to 2nd marriage, it can be due the death of the spouse or it can also occur due to break in the engagement or even break in marriage. This dosha is available in the male horoscope as In his case, his 7th lord (marriage lord) is placed in the 2nd house i.e. 8th from its sign and signified death of one marriage, which means there is 2nd marriage, may be due to break in engagement, break in matrimonial alliance or death of spouse.

To avoid such incidents, there is remedy to go in for ceremonial marriage with some Peepal Tree, or Auk Tree and then untie the knot, which shows break in the marriage.

Rahu is also aspecting your 7th house but since your 7th house is aspected by Jupitor, it gives you marriage. There is nothing to panic. In your case, I have got both the horoscopes numerical compatibility checked, you both stands to get only 18 points and there is also Bhakoot Dosha (6/8 position from moon), Greh Maitri dosha as well as yoni dosha and due to this reason, there can be tension in the married life due to ego problem. No doubt, you both are Manglik. The girls 7th house is being aspected by Ketu, a malefic planet, 7th lord Moon is aspected by Rahu as well as Saturn so the marriage point of view the girl’s horoscope is quite week. There is no benefic aspect on the 7th house or 7th lord in case of girl’s horoscope. However, in your horoscope, your 7th house is aspected by Jupitor and it is a benefic point. Under these circumstances, I do not recommend this marriage. However, in case it occurred, it will be a full of tension and lack of harmony in married life. I advice you do remedy as suggested above and go in for marriage matching and find suitable and strong match, for leading a harmonious married life.

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Response from: chandrasekaran narayanan,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
your rasi is sagittarius and the girl's rasi is taurus;both 6/8 to each other.rasi lords jupiter and venus are mutual enemies.so they do not match. but if you like each other why se horoscopes?

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Response from: Vidyut Pandya,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Hi vishal, I guess you are from Gujarat. The phrase you have asked is a colloquial for 6/8th relationship of Moon in the charts of two persons. It is normally called 'Shadashtaka',

Generally this jargon is used in marriage compatibility and some times also to with reference to the suitability of partnership. When Moon of one person goes 6th or 8th house from the moon of other person,it is regarded as 'Shadashtak'. The 6th(Shada) house signifies animosity and the 8th (Ashta) signifies death or deathlike suffering. Thus this 'shadashtak' is a bad combination.

Now when we see the Ashtakoota the position of moon is already covered. So the bad combination has already been rated in make of the ashtakoota gunank points. I think considering this again would be a duplication for compatibility issue.

The opposite to this is a shubha navapancham yoga formed on the basis of 5/9 placement of moon in each others charts.

The seriousness of the word has been exaggerated due to additon of the prefix 'Mrityu' to it. This generally indicate some frictions and difference of opinion between the couple and doesn't necessarily mean death. For effecting death, one has to have other bad combinations related with Life span, disease, injury etc with the lord of the lagna. While here, it is just attributed to the mutual placement of only Moon -irrespective with its placement and lordship inindividual charts.

So don't create a hype, there are many such extra strong exeggerated statements and jargons in astrology which are mistaken when picked up in isolation. Mangalik dosha is another example in this line. While Mars's influence may be responsible for instigating querrels and some accidents or injuries - it would not be right to stamped it to be single-handedly responsible for widowhood or death of spouse.

So don't take it very seriously. And remember only Shadashtaka rather than mrityu shadashtaka.

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Response from: Ravindra nath,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Analysed your querry. Shatashtaga dosham isa i existence based on the Moonsign (Rasi) of both the charts as they falls under 6/8 positions. It may bring disharmony between the spouse. There are some other doshams are also in existence. To ovrcome the ill effects, try to understand each other better in every issue. Both of you should be very flexible in between you.

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Response from: Pandit. Dakshinamoorthi R,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Dear Member:

There is nothing called "Mrityu shad ashta yoga" at all! Probably you have misunderstood another term - "Mitru shastaashtaka yoga" which is actually good for compatibility. "Mrityu" means "death" whereas "Mitra" means "friend".

"Mitru shashtaashtaka yoga" is also not a correct terminology. The correct term is "anukoola shashtaashtaka yoga." This means "Favourable 6-8 placement of rashis!" This arises when the rashis of male and female in compatibility analysis are 6- 8 with respective to each other and the lords of the rashis are natural enemies for example (dhanus rashi has "anukookoola shashtaashtaka yoga" with Vrishabha rashi as found in your match). So, evidently whoever said that the charts do not match on this consideration was wrong, or you must have misunderstood the astrologer's prediction. He/ she might have had other strong reasons for rejecting the match.

A general analysis of the compatibility reveals that you have 19 points out of possible 36 points of compatibility and the basic compatibility exists.

Another thing.....as this is evidently a love marriage, please go ahead with this marriage if you both feel strongly inclined to it according to tenets of Gandharva vivaah. Me and many of our fellow advisors here are repeatedly insisting this point. This is in consonance with astrological classics.

I hope I have clarified your doubt. Do not be disturbed over the "non-existent yoga/ dosha" that you have quoted in your query.

Blessed be.

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Response from: varaprasad irk varaprasad,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
dvi dvadasa,shashtaashtaka,positions are not recommended for marriage.2.tarus incharge is shukra and sagetarius incharge is jupitor. both are gurus of warring parties and hence the couple is belived to quarrel very frequently with out considering the feeling of each other.

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Response from: Swati Pancholi,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
It is not mritu shad ashta yoga. It is just Shadashtaka. In astrology, it is believed that planets posited in 6th/8th to each other do not give good relationship. 6Th house is house of sickness, debt and animosity. 8Th house shows losses, injuries etc.

In the charts you have given, this combination of 6th/8th is apparently there between moon of you two. Your Moon being Dhanu and her's in Vrishabha. This shows possibiilties of difference of opinion.

Remedies to this would be to take care of each other's nature and keep amicable feelings. If we go for further analysis, it is seen that the signlord of your Moon is Jupiter that goes to 7th house of the girl. This jupiter again 6th to her moon sign lord Venus. So you tend to compromise 50%. On the other hand the moon sign lord of the girl i.e. Venus goes over his moon (lagnesh). This shows more cooperation in enhancing relationship.

Thus, irrespective of Shadashtak yoga you can go ahead.

All the best.

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Response from: Ranbir Baidwan,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Mr Vishal,i tried my best to match ur horoscopes ,but all in vain your matching achieved 18.5 points,but mrityu shad ashta yoga is present in the matching.As u want to know about this yoga----that from ur rashi sagittarius --- the girls rashi is at 6th place that is the tarus.And from girls rashi your rashi is at 8th place ----this situation forms mrityu shad ashta yoga,which is very harmful yoga for married life.In this yoga the total well-being of the married life can be destroyed.There is no remedy for this worse yoga .I suggest you that both of u should not try to destroy each other.I can`t recommend this marriage.

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Response from: Anastacia of the Mountains,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
You will need to wait until his current relationship interest is out of the way, that will not be until the end of the year. If you contact him in February he will be ready to begin dating. You will date for seven months before an engagement and a wedding will come soon after.

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