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Query from: Wanda Nabess, Thompson Manitoba Canada, 09/03/05
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do pomeranian's eyes run l am new to the breed so l would just like to find out if the do or not

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Response from: Badshah ,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Dear Wanda, Pomeranian's eyes do not run except when they may have eyes infection or some external object specially from fur obstructs.As you know the eyes of Pomeranian are well set set into the skul and rings around eyes may give an impression of running at times.

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Response from: Indumukhi ,   
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Yes, Pomeranians can have a problem with runny eyes. Since the pom is so low to the ground carpet fibres and dust are often the culprits. Also, in some Poms the tear ducts are rather shallow and tend to fill up and run over. This is usually a cosmetic problem only and not a health issue. Any saline solution for human eyes is effective if wiped over on a fibre free pad. Use strips of cotton cloth or fibre free make-up pads with the solution applied. Use them daily to keep the wetness under control.

With a cream or white Pom these stains can become very ugly and stain pink or red. A sure fire cure is to obtain Tetracycline capsules from your vet or friendly family doctor. Your aim here is to bind the porphrins in the tears or saliva to stop the staining and NOT sterilize the gut. This being the case one will need to open the capsules and with a scapel divide the powder to obtain 20 mgs. only. Some careful calculating may be necessary but it is not impossible. Save unused powder in plastic wrap in the fridge. For the first week give app. 20 mg. daily, the week after, 20 mg. every other day. This will completely clear the stains!! You may have to repeat the treatment every month or 2 but the effect is miraculous. CAUTION: never use this treatment on pup under 8 months or pregnant *****es. Tetracycline is in no way dangerous but IT WILL discolor developing tooth enamel. This treatment will often work wonders in breeds with nasal folds, i.e. Pekes and Pugs.

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Response from: louise ,   
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Is the liquid clear, if it is then it is ok, if the liquid is not clear then it has an eye infection and should be treated as soon as possible to avoid complications

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