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Query from: vs v, India, 10/14/05
Topic: TRAVEL      Submitted on:
Subject: travel to india with infant

HI , my babby will be 7months old whn i start to india from USA for 14 weeks.he is breast fed and on gerber foods and cereal from one month.pls give me all sorts of advises, ur exp ,tips for safe travel to and in india. thanks

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Response from: Vini K ,   
Council Member on
Hi,vs,you must be so excited to be going to india with your baby.since he is breast fed,i think you will have no problem feeding him on the plane,you can also take gerber foods with you for the duration of the journey.once you land in India,ask your mom or MIL to keep boiled and cooled water ready for can feed your baby boiled and mashed apples, boiled and mashed vegetables,at home.these can be made in the cooker when you keep rice for cooking.take some diapers with you, but since you will be staying for 14 weeks,I would advise you to buy diapers in India .pampers, huggies are available in India also.regarding cereal,you get ready to mix cereals in India,like cerelac.cerelac already has milk powder in it,which you can just mix with warm water and serve.if you prefer non-milk cereals,chosse Nestum.this does not have milk powder mixed in them, and needs to be mixed with milk.If you have a flask,carry it with you to keep warm water in it,for baby's drinking prupose, and for mixing cereal. take enough clothes for your baby,depending on the weather in India.If your mom had old cotton sarees,you will not need to carry blankets with you.just ask your mom to wash those sarees so that you can use them at home.they are really soft, and nice for baby.keep emergency meds like baby tylenol,baby gas drops,and i think you should be fine.also, donot forget to carry your baby's immunization schedule.goodluck, and have a safe trip to India.

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Response from: silly one,   
Featured Member on
Since your baby is breast fed,you need not worry about bottle feeding and outside milk. 1.Just continue to breast feed him. 2.Can give food cooked at home, like dal, khichidi, and the like or gerber. 3.Just be very careful, with water, give him water which has been boiled for almost 10 minutes after the first boil, and then should be filtered.Use this water even for washing his face.This is really important, often peole ignore the importance of boiled water when in India....believe me I have seen people fall sick, everytime such a thing happens.You should also consume only this water. 4.Dont give your baby any fruits as they might contain traces of water which is not boiled. 5.Even if you some toy that your baby puts in his mouth should be cleaned with boiled water, before you give it to him. 6.Take some basic medicines, like tylenol, oragel(really helps if baby is teething), baby nail clippers. 7.Take plenty diapers to last you for 14 weeks. And enjoy your trip.

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Response from: Babita gurnani,   
Registered Member on
first and foremost be very careful of the water. i have a 5 yr old and have beento india ever since he was 4 months and touch wood his health has always been ok. make sure you only consume mineral water. now be aware taht many brands of mineral water are tampered with esp Bisleri. try to stick to aquafina which is a product of pepsi. for the baby esp i suggest even boiling the mineral water cooling it and then giving it to your baby. remember this water is not only for drinking but even for using to make his food. carry enough supplies of your baby's brand of infant cereals, and other consumables. since he must be teething carry his teething biscuits with you as well. if you plan on introducing home cooked meals for him while in india make sure that the boiled water only is used. make sure your baby is up to date with all his vaccinations and check with your pediatrician if you need to give him any thing extra since you are travelling to india. carry all his essential medicines with you. this even applies to you inform your doctor that you are travelling to india nd check with him of any precautions. carry some mosquito repellant like skintastic for your baby also might need it.very importantly check with your doctor about taking anti malaria pills this even applies to your baby. i always take them before travelling to india. well thats all i can think of ...have a great time and all the best.

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Response from: Happy family,   
Registered Member on
Hi vs v, It is a good time that you have selected to go at this age. Now that he would be ready for solid food and with that extra help from family members in India, this transition would be easier for you. Cereal shouldn't be a problem as cereal in india is quite tasty and children will get used to it quickly and baby foods are being available in some cities now. So it depends on the place you are going. So feeding wise you don't have to carry much from here. But diapers I think you need to carry for the whole 14 weeks because they are much softer here. I used Indian huggies and my daughter had a rash, so I would advise taking diapers. Baby wipes would also come handy if you can carry them. For the trip keep 2 or 3 dresses(for both of you) in your hand luggage as a spare because with kids you never know when you would have to change. Also don't forget to keep your medicine chest. Take care and have a enjoyable trip.

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Response from: Subbarayudu CBV,   
Registered Member on
Please get Malaria, typhoid and Hepatitis- B vaccinations done if your local physician approves of them. Water and mosquitoes in India can pose real problems. Drink only mineral water. There are children who develop large boils/ rash if bitten by Indian moquitoes. Preferably get diapers that your child is used to wearing there. Give the baby small quantities of fruit juices while in India to beat the heat, if any, besides lubricating the body. Keep a few packets of Oral rehydration salts handy, while in India.

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