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Query from: Pooja S, United States, 11/02/07
Topic: POOJA      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: how do I keep Katyayani vrat?

Hi all.. I need to know the instructions for keeping Katyayani vrat. I want to know what I can eat, if anything, during the day.. and how do I do the puja etc for Her? Is there any special prayer I shud say? Is there a particular day I shud keep this vrat? Plz let me know. Thanks!

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Performing vrata in the month of Kartika (Damodara) is glorified profusely in the puranas. Since this month is very dear to Krsna by performing austerities, or restraining ones sense gratification and performing activities to please the senses of the Lord, one becomes very dear to the Krsna. As Satya yuga is the best of yugas, as the vedas are the best of scriptures, as ganga is the best of rivers, so kartika is the best of months, the most dear to Krsna. The vrata may begin on the ekadasi of the waxing moon of asvina, on the purnima, or (samkranti) when the sun enters the house of Libra.

Five activities are glorified: staying awake, early morning bath, worship of Tulasi, offering lamps and performing austerities.

One should practice brahmacarya, give charity, and perform homa and japa.

One is advised to give up eating beans, kalami saka, patola, eggplant, meat, fish, liquor, oil massage, illicit sex, grains cooked by others.

One should eat once a day havisana.

One should increase ones devotional service by performing more deity worship, hearing and speaking about the Lord, by extra japa of the Lord’s name, worshipping tulasi, staying awake at night chanting, visiting holy tirthas and offering lamps to the Lord.

One should worship Radha Damodara and recite the Damodarastaka daily.any person who tries to observe a Karttika month without following rules and regulations properly, Lord Sri Krsna remains against them because this month (Karttika) is very pleasing to Him.The month of Karttika is the topmost of all other months. It is the most meritorious and purified of all other pure months.Any person who performs bathing in the month of Karttika, remaining awake, offering lamps, giving charity or planting and transplanting Tulasi, he achieves the same form as Lord Sri Visnu. www.kanaiyyadesh.wordpress.com/kart… -

The sixth form of mother Durga is known as Katyayani. The legend about her name runs as follows-

There was a great sage named Kata. His son was Katya. In his lineage Katyayana became a sage of worldwide repute. He practiced austere penance for several years in order to get the mother goddess propitiated. He cherished a keen desire in his heart to have the goddess in the form of his daughter. The mother was pleased to accede to his request.

After sometime when high-handedness of Mahisasura, the demon, crossed every limit, the trinity of Gods-Brahma, Visnu and Siva, got infuriated and they created a goddess by apportioning some part of their splendor, in order to destroy the demon. The sage Katyayana had the first privilege to worship her, so she was called Katyayani.

Another story tells that she did take birth as his daughter. She was born on the 14th dark of the month Asvina. Accepted the worship of Katyayana for three days-e.g. on 7th, 8th and 9th of the bright fortnight in the same month and killed the demon on Vijayadasami.

She is ever unfailing in granting the wishes of the devotees. The Braja damsels worshipped this very goddess with a desire to have Sri Krsna as their husband. She is an established presiding deity of Braja area. Her form is extremely divine and radiant. Her complexion is golden bright and radiant. She has to use arms. Her right upper hand is in a pose of allaying all fears and the lower one is in a pose of granting boon. In her left upper hand she holds a sword and a lotus flower adorns her lower left hand. Her vehicle is lion.

On sixth day of Navaratra it is her Katyayani form that is worshipped. That day the mind of the striver stays in Ajna Cakra. In the Yogic discipline Ajna Cakra is of greatest importance. His mind staying in Ajna Cakra the striver makes a complete surrender and offers himself to the goddess and then such a devotee very easily gets the direct vision of the mother Katyayani. All the four objects-Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa are in easy reach of a Sadhaka who worships mother Katyayani with devotion and faith. Even though living on a mundane plane the devotee is equipped with an unearthly splendor and influence. He becomes immune from all diseases, sorrows and fears etc. There is no better and easier way than the worship of mother Katyayani for the destruction of sins accumulated in the previous lives. Her worshipper always remains in close company and becomes fit for the supreme abode.

Visit this site for more details about Katyayani Vrata : http://www.salagram.net/parishad108… www.902346.ammas.com…

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Response from: Mrs. Sai Sai,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Pooja S,

Katyayani vrata begins on Nov. 24 2007


Please see this link for Katyayani Vrata


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You can also see this link in ammas.com


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Mantra for Marriage

This is a mantra for girls who want to get married. They should say this mantra every day


Kaatyaayani Mahaamaayey Mahaa YoginyaDheeshwaree

NandaGopasuta Devi Pati Mey Kuru Tey Namaha


O Katyaayani! MahaaMayey (Names of Ma the Mother Goddess) Supreme Lord of all great Yoginis, Make Shree Krishna, my husband Prostrations unto Thee.

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