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Query from: R, CA,USA, 05/09/06
Topic: NATURAL BEAUTY      Submitted on:
Subject: does using hair color increase grey hair

Does using hair color such as l'oreal or any other increase the grey hairs. I know they temporarily cover the grays but by applying such colors regularly, should I expect to see more grey hair (I think I already have a lot for a 30yr old female)-feedback appreciated.

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Response from: simmer preet,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Dear R,There is a lot of controversy surrounding the long-term effects caused by the lead acetate often found in these products. So again, inform yourself and make sure you don't use a product that might be hazardous to your health.

This excerpt has been taken from a report on this site… which clearly shows the risks of not one but various types of cancer that could occur due to long term use of hair dyes.

"OSHA would do particularly well to consider those Americans for whom disproportionately high levels and rates of exposure to potentially hazardous cosmetic ingredients is an everyday reality-the local hairdresser or barber, your beautician or cosmetologist. Over the long term, these women and men face an even greater degree of potential risk. Skin Deep makes no bones about the pervasive presence of derivatives of coal tar, a known carcinogen, in seventy-one hair dye products currently available on the market. In the report's own words:

An increasing number of studies link long-time hair dye use with cancer, including bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

Much of the evidence linking hair dyes with bladder cancer comes from studies of hairdressers. In seven of 10 populations studied...scientists found elevated incidence of bladder cancer among hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and cosmetologists exposed to hair dyes-40 percent higher, on average, than population-wide risks.

It seems that the absence of a clearly defined regulatory policy at the FDA for objective assessments of cosmetic ingredient safety connotes a ripple effect of reduced concern on OSHA's part for workers in the service sector of the beauty industry. After all, the potential dangers being faced by these Americans are so subtle in nature."

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Response from: Anand V,   
Council Member on
Hi Clouring does not increase grey hair.Please read for more details.

A pigment called melanin is responsible for hair color. There are 2 types of melanin found in the hair. Eumelanin, is the most common type, it gives the hair shades from brown to black. Phaeomelanin, gives the hair yellowish-blond tones and ginger and red colors. Total absence of pigment produces white (grey) hair

Types of Haircolor Temporary - color lasts from one shampoo to the next and is deposited on the outside of the hair shaft. Semi-Temporary - color lasts up to 4-6 shampoos. Semi-Permanent - color is for masking white or light hair and lasts 2 to 6weeks. Permanent - color formulas change the natural hair color. They require maintenance to new hair growth after 4 to 6 weeks. (For the purposes of this guide we will be discussing Permanent colors and methods of processing only.) How it Works Before any permanent color can be deposited into the hair shaft, the cuticle, or outer layer, must be opened. The insoluble formula then reacts with the cortex, or middle layer, to deposit or remove the color. The color is available in a variety of forms; creams, gels or tubes, or shampoos. These will not permanently change the hair color until they are part of an oxidation chemical reaction. The Oxidizing Agent or Developer is hydrogen peroxide in one of various forms and strengths. lt is the catalyst or cause of the chemical reaction which allows the formula to permanently alter the hair's color. The strength of the developer - is determined by the desired results and the manufacturer's directions. 10 Volume - Color deposit with only slight lightening. 20 Volume - Maximum color deposit as for gray or white hair with lightening 30 Volume - . Strong lightening action with less color deposit. Bleaching Boosters - can be added to increase lifting action. Consult manufacturer's instructions . Too much developer and the color may not have good highlights, cover poorly, not lift to the correct level and fade more quick

1. With Permanent Color- Most permanent color uses peroxide (10 to 40 vol.)and ammonia. It covers gray the best. The draw back is regrowth of new hair. It is a different shade and will leave a line of "demarcation." 2. With Demi-Permanent Color- Uses peroxide but in low vols. (5-7). Many have no ammonia and leave little damage. Perma of Paris® Color is the best (only in salons). Perma of Paris® color will cover 80%+ of gray for 8+ weeks. The positive is when the color fades, it does gradually. It leaves no line of demarcation. 3. With Semi- Permanent Color- They are "fun"colors, meaning they will last a short time(1-4) weeks. They usually incur no damage to the hair. The best to expect is 40%-60% gray coverage (and that is with Perma of Paris®) most others will give you 10% to 50% gray coverage. 4. With a Color Rinse (semi-permanent)-They are fun but a waste. Go with a demi. (I like to cut to the chase). Rinses are great as toners. They are great to cut down unwanted tones in the hair. For the money go for a demi or permanent color

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Response from: Ann ,   
Featured Member on
Using hair dye does not increase the gray hair. Hair typically turns gray as a result of aging. Pigment in the hair shaft comes from special cells at the root (base) of the hair. These cells are genetically programmed to make a certain amount of pigment (melanin) at specific ages. At some point in the aging process, these cells make less and less pigment until the hair has very little pigment. White hair has no pigment, and gray hair has some but not as much as a red, black or brown hair.

Not all hairs respond in the same way or at the same time. So the graying process usually is gradual. You can't prevent graying. Some people start graying in their 30s, and some not until their 60s. Genetics likely play a strong role in graying.

People rarely go gray overnight. If they do, it's typically due to alopecia areata. This condition causes the thicker, darker hairs to stop growing before it affects the growth of gray hairs — giving the impression of graying overnight. Alopecia areata eventually causes roundish patches of hair loss or complete loss of hair on the head or body. Its cause isn't known.

The above information comes from:…

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Response from: Ms Arudra,   
Registered Member on
Hi... even if you use the world's best hair colors your hair will become grey... To avoid the hair to be more grey, is to avoid using hair color..There are natural ways to make your hair dark than to use hair colors... Hair becoming grey at the age of 30 is either heriditary or lack of proper vitamins in the body. If you know your problem is not heriditary, then take b-complex tablets regularly.. which helps hair to maintain the natural color... Instead of using hair colors / kali mehendi.. use henna regularly once in a week...mix henna powder with fenugreek powder ( methi powder), amla powder mix with curd and one half lemon juice... soak it over night possibly inan iron container... then applying the next day to your hair and rinse it after 2 hours... Dont Shampoo the same day.. just rinse the hair with water thoroughly the day you applied henna and use shampoo the next day.Hair will definitely become black.. over a few applications....

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Response from: Gaz ,   
Registered Member on
I do not think it is the hair colour but as you get older you automatically get more grey hairs (it is called growing old and it is something that you cannot stop). Most people do not pay attenetion to how grey they go over a set period of time and only notice when it gets noticeable and then it seems like you suddenly got greyer. In reality this must happen reasonably constantly over a period of time. If you regularly colour your hair this would be more pronounced as until you get serious regrowth you would not be able to tell.

Eventually over time yes you would expect to see more grey hair regardless of whether you use hair colouring or not as you simply are getting older.

THe level of grey hair for your age is largely hereditary.

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Response from: revathy k,   
Council Member on
Dear R,

Normally the chemicals used in the hair colors does rip away the natural color pigment with time. Choose hair colors that doesnt have ammonia. Products from L'oreal or garnier might be better but often use can harm your hair.

Good luck!!!

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on
Dear R,

no, chamical colous can dry and weaken your hair but not make it grey. I advise you to see your doctor to have some tests as to why you have grey hair so early.

Good luck!

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Response from: ambreen AZHAR,   
Council Member on
continous use of hair colour inc grey hair avoid it

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Response from: Usha Gurnani,   
Council Member on
Yes, since there are chemicals in it, with time the grey hair increase.

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