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Query from: Anon, India, 03/17/06
Topic: SEXUAL HEALTH      Submitted on:
Subject: K Y Jelly : how to get it?

Dear Amma

It would indeed be helpful, if you could advise me on this matter.

My husband and I find it difficult to continue with penetration since I become dry. We are trying to procure a lubricant. Most of the pharmacists give me a blank look when I ask for a 'water based Lubricant"

Recently I heard through a friend tht a substance called KY Jelly is available.

I need to know if somebody can suggest a shop in Banglore, from where I can procure a lubricant. Also please give me a specific name to ask for.

If anybody could suggest a home made remedy, that would also be welcome.

My husband has asked in big and small pharmacies, without any success.

Thank YOU

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on

Cash Pharmacy at he junction of St Marks Road and Richmond Road is famous for procuring medican needs even if they dont have it in stock. Try them

Khodays Pharma 214, Westminster, Cunningham Road, Bangalore - 560052. Phone: +91-80-228 1540

There are a few major wholesales Opposite Vani Vilas Hospital, next to Victoria Hospital, KR Market. Bangalore.

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Response from: Nithya Shivakumar,   
Featured Member on
Yes KY Jelly is best, You can ask directly. Dont go to a small medical shop nearby. Go to a much professional medical shop. In majority of the shops it is available. In bangalore, mallaya medical shop, ramayya hospitals's medical shop, raghu medicals near yashwanthpur it is available, and I am sure neary by your area if you approach any big shop it is available. dont be shy write down on the prescription and show it rather than asking directly. Or if you consult a gynachologist she will check you and suggest a correct lubricative medicine.

Home remedy is do oral sex before having intercourse, apply saliva on your partner's penis. Otherwise apply slightly pure coconut oil on the penis before the intercourse.

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Response from: Flowergal ,   
Registered Member on

It is quite possible to get this KY lubricating Jelly. Available in pharmacies. If not, ask for a substitute. Perhaps its necessary for you to state the exact purpose of this water based lubricant to your pharmacist who would then guide you appropriately. When I faced with the same problem, the doctor recommended KY jelly to be used by my husband and recommended a very mild anasthetic called Xylocaine 5% ointment for me. When both is applied penetration may become more comfortable. And once the comfort level is achieved, the use of these lubricants can be minimized and later discarded totally!

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Response from: Daisy March ,   
Registered Member on
Hi friend

Don't is a common problem with women to become 'dry' during intercourse. KY Jelly is a Johnson& Johnson product. It is easily available over the ounter in large medical shops. It is a water soluble lubricant and you can use it with or without condoms. it is very safe for men and women. In case you are unable to find it easily in large medical shops, you could ask your gynaecologist to write you a safe lubricant, or suggest a good shop to purchase this from.

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on

yes, in India it is still a problem to get hold of a lubricant. KY Jelly tends to be availble in all countries but ask in large stores, small pharmacies willnot have it. Best of all, ask you gynecologist. She will definetely help as they also use it in examinations.

The only home made remedy is saliva. Also, try more foreplay before penetration for you to become less dry.

In no case use vaseline or oil!!! I can not highlight this enough, these can be harmful and lead to infections. Nothing remotely oil-based around the area!

Ask your gyn. She will definetely know. In the meanwhile, why not use lubricated condoms?

Good luck!

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Lack of natural lubrication (dryness of vagina) always lead to painful intercourse is commonly associated with physical problems;Treatment of physical causes may include creams and water-soluble gels for inadequate lubrication. Treatment of psychological causes vagina dryness due to lack of enough arousal, foreplay techniques or the use contraception methods to reduce the fear of pregnancy. However you can use any type of petroleum jelly or easily available such products like vasline, nivea cream etc. so there is no need to go along with procurement of KY jelly only. Also you can consult a doctors who can prescribe good ointment for the use. Even you can try with pure coconut oil or hair oil on test basis.

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Response from: Gaz ,   
Council Member on
I would suggest that if no one gives you a specific name then speak to a gynaecologist who could tell you the specific brand names in india. They often use water based lubricants for smear tests and internal exams.

Since it is water based the only home remedy would literally be saliva.

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Response from: hrishikesh jahagirdar,   
Featured Member on Ask Agent
HI, You can buy lubricants on the internet, if you cant buy them in local pharmacies. Secondly, I guess it would work in your favour if you try things like foreplay or forethought even, just thinking about sex before you actually have it can make you lubricated. The next best thing would be talking to a doctor, may be if the doctor prescribes a lubricant the pharmacy would try to get it from anywhere. Good Luck

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Response from: anonm ,   
Registered Member on

Getting a lubricant from any pharmacy store is very easy, even in India, esp in a big city like bangalore. I am surprised you are not finding any. Yeah, you do get K Y Jelly in india too. Alternatively, as a home remedy, you can use petroleum jelly too. But be aware that do not use this with condom as there are chances of the condom breaking with petroleum. If your husband doesnt use condom, then its very safe and effective to use petroleum jelly.

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Response from: nancy s,   
Featured Member on
Try using vaseline it is also a good lubricant.or u can even buy some massage oils specially used for sex and massage i think u can find these oil in herbs shops.

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