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Query from: Anonymous, Unknown, 01/30/08
Topic: FITNESS      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: How to reduce weight? Any aerobics centres avilable in Madiwala, Maruthi nagar, Bangalore?

My height is 5'3", weight is 65Kgs. Want to reduce my weight. Can you pls suggest something? Can you pls let me know if there are any aerobics centers near by Maruthi Nagar, Madiwala, Bangalore?

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Response from: Indumukhi A.,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Depending on your age, frame size, and whether or not you've had children, a healthy weight for you is probably somewhere within the range of 53-62 kgs. If you have a small frame, no kids, and are young, it should be lower; a large frame, kids, increasing age, as well as a genetic tendency towards overweight (e.g. one or more obese relatives) mean a slightly higher weight may be healthier and more attainable for you.

So first, I advise you to set a healthy goal for yourself, whether it's 55 or 60 kgs. Exercise is definitely an essential component of weight loss-- but so is eating; if you eat more to compensate for exercising, it's pretty hard to lose weight!

Here are some simple tips to live by:

1. Try to exercise aerobically most days of the week. The absolute minimum is three. All you have to do is get your heart rate up; you don't have to sprint or run a marathon! Walking briskly is good exercise, as are cycling, jogging, swimming, dancing, and aerobics.

2. Add a mental component to your weight loss. If you have problems with self control or overeating, meditation and yoga can change your life. So can prayer. I highly recommend this article:…

3. Add strength training twice a week to build your muscles and boost your metabolism. You don't need a gym or any equipment, you can even do this right in front of your favorite tv program! This link contains the video and descriptions for one easy but effective at-home strength workout:…

4. Try to eat more veggies and fruits-- you can eat unlimited quantities of veggies and fruits whenever hungry.

5. Drink lots of water, herbal tea, green tea, and unsweetened beverages. Avoid caloric beverages, including heavily milky/sweetened tea or coffee, soft drinks, and even juice.

6. Try to eat some protein at every meal: lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. This is filling and boosts your metabolism.

7. Spice your meals well to make up for adding less salt and less oil. Measure your oil when cooking! I cannot overemphasize this. You need only 1 spoon of oil for frying in most recipes. Don't pour oil straight into the pan or you will add too much.

8. Avoid processed foods that contain large amounts of white flour or white sugar.

9. Eat breakfast daily!

10. Don't skip meals. Eat snacks whenever you're hungry. Fasting encourages overeating later on and may be good for spiritual journeys but is bad for dieters, slowing their metabolisms and leading to binges once they stop fasting.

As for aerobics centers, I don't really know Bangalore. But I hope the following sites will be helpful to you:…………

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Your required weight is to be measured according to your height. Your weight should be around 55. Just controlling your diet will not necessarily help you lose weight. Combine diet control with exercise and you will definitely lose weight. Try going for a brisk walk, 4 times a week, for 40 minutes. Make sure you walk fast and sweat it out! This will definitely help you kick start your weight loss. Walking slowly will not help much. Your heart rate has to increase for cardiovascular benefit and weight loss, so make sure you walk briskly.

Adithya World Gym and Fitness Centre - Madiwala India Cypsam - Madiwala MadivalaHigh Tech Gym and Fitness Centre - Madiwala

Here is the ful list of Standard Aerobic Centres in Bangalore as a whole : Aerobic Centers 1.Steve's Gym and Aerobic classes Tel : 5486099. 2.BODY LINE No. 349, Ground Floor, 1-C Main, 1-C Cross, 8th. Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 095 Email : ********@*****.*** 3.Forsette Slim Gym and Health Club Jayanagar. Tel: 644116 4.Mighty Fit Fitness Centre Rajaji Nagar, Tel: 3357464 5.International Technology Park White Field. Tel: 8410084 6.Figurine Fitness Centre KSCA and Sadasiva Nagar Tel: 5294019 7.Orchids Health & Beauty Clinique Koramangala.Tel: 6551239

8.Veena Vani Aerobics Centre Indira Nagar.Tel: 5364489

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Response from: kjk jlkj,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hai ,

Based on your height your weighy should be around 50 to 55kgs. Doing exercise will definitely reduce your weight.Here are some addresses of the aerobics centres in Banglore.

Steve's Gym and Aerobic classes Tel : 2254 86099. Veena Vani Aerobics Centre Indira Nagar. Tel: 2536 4489

All the best.

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Response from: Matt Melott,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Well, losing weight is mostly based on your calorie intake and exercise (burning calories). So what you need to devise is a Plan. You should stick to this plan almost perfectly. Allow some days to "cheat" so that you can maintain your sanity and have some fun. Also, you will need get a solid exercising regimen, based on your needs and stuff. Don't waste your money a gym and things, everything can be done at home and very efficiently. If you want me to help you with a specific plan and some idea, please feel free to chat with me on here (only 2 AA$ a minute, fast replies guaranteed). Also, Google searched will help out alot.

Hope this has helped, Matt

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Response from: ambreen AZHAR,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
take warm water add honey 1 tsp, lime juice drink on empty stomach,,,walk regularly,drink green tea after every meal,,dont eat oily food,eat boiled or grill food

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