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Advisor Name Expert in Ask Me Rate Chat Rate
(Per Minute)
sambasivan s
Astrology and Business AA$400.00
(first query AA$400.00)
Free Offline
Sunit Mehta Astrology and Spirituality AA$5,301.00 AA$100.00
First 5 Minute(s) Free.
V. N. Rao Astrology and Marriage Rituals AA$1,251.00 AA$20.00 Offline
sona sona Personal Finance and Assignment Help AA$30.00
(first query AA$50.00)
First 1 Minute(s) Free.
Kuldip Sharma
Astrology and Marriage Astro Charts N/A AA$15.00 Offline
Latha Jayaprakash
Astrology and About Ask Agent AA$10.00
(first query AA$5.00)
First 2 Minute(s) Free.
Lata Verma
General Knowledge and Relationships N/A AA$5.00 Offline
Aleph One
Business and Internet AA$2,000.00 AA$5.00 Offline
Mrs. Sai Sai
Astrology and Business N/A AA$25.00 Offline
Navin S
Astrology and Internet AA$500.00
(first query AA$500.00)
AA$5.00 Offline
Ranbir Baidwan Astrology and Marriage Astro Charts AA$900.00 AA$90.00 Offline
praveen sri
Business and Government N/A AA$5.00 Offline
Abhishek Dhawan Astrology and Relationships N/A AA$5.00 Offline
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