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Query from: xyz, us, 06/19/02
Topic: SPIRITUALITY      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Dear ammas, Please write to me in detail about the seemantham and valagappu as observed by tamil iyer families. my mother in law is here in US and is often telling that your parents should do this do that etc. my parents are in india and i am irritated by my mils complaints. i am working women and i want to buy the things required for seemantham and valagappu and want to stop her complaints. also i dont want to buy things just because my mil is complaining. so please write to me what all should be purchased and also how it is celebrated. Thank you very much and i would really appreciate your reply.

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Response from: Simran ,   
Featured Member on Ammas.com
During the seventh month of pregnancy a ceremony called Valakappu is performed. On this day new bangles are given to the pregnant woman. The ceremony is performed in two phases. Valakappu is that part of the ritual which is performed in the morning while Seenanthann is performed in the evenings. The expectant mother is given bangles by her mother (usually a pair each of gold and silver) and other guests (mainly green). Prayers are held and holy water is sprinkled on the expectant mother. This and sound of the bangles are believed to bring the child to a life. A new black saree is given to the mother.

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Response from: Ashasri ,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Hi xyz, Go to the following sites for more details about seemantham: http://www.subakariam.com/seemantha… http://www.hindu.samskaras.i12.com/… Seemantham is to be performed in the 4th month of pregnancy, but after "Pumsavanam". If this is not possible, it may be done in the 6th, or 7th month. Manthrams are intended to purify the foetus and to request Brahmavu, Agni, Ragadevi, Vishnu, Soman and Gangadevi to protect it, to make the delivery smooth and to make the son intelligent. It takes about one hour. Saamavedi Namboothiris perform Seemantham only for the first child. http://www.namboothiri.com/articles…

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Response from: Jseam ,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Dear xyz, as far i know & observed in my family (also a tamil iyer) the seemantham is done by your husband's side. Normally both seemantham & valaigappu is done on the same day for convenience sake. But it could also be done separately. The valaigappu is your mother's side expense while seemantham is the husband's side. The valaigappu is done anytime after 5th month. (normally on the 7th month they combine both & do it at your inlaw's place. two separate time is fixed on (as per astrologer) the auspicious day as fixed by the astrologer. For valaigappu your mom has to bring glass bangles, a silk saree (9 yards) & another saree which is normally a black saree. this is the only time in tamil brahmins your parents get black saree for you after marriage (In some families it will be the first time after puberty). They also could get you gold bangles. But anyhow they should get something called gold & siver kappu (thin bracelet like thing. Some get both in silver & coat one in gold) it should be min 8 (4 gold & 4 silver for both hands bordering the glass bangle). The glass bangles should be in diff. colours. make sure you have black bangle also. On the day the girl is decorated in the silk saree and made to sit & ladies are asked to come and put bangles. (you should also give bangles to all ladies present at the function). after this, you should be draped in the 9 yards to perform the seemantham. They call purohit to perform this & some mantras are chanted with the agni. This is completely your husband's side expenses. If you could get a purohit (you could ask for with the priest in the temple in your area) they could come home and do the seemantham & he will tell you what are the items you need for that apart from the bangles & sarees.

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