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Query from: apoorva, Mumbai, 10/19/04
Topic: COOKING      Submitted on:
Amma , Is it healthy to cook curry or gravy type vegetables like palak panner in aluminium or hindalium utensils? I have seen many people use aluminium 'KADAI' for that. How about iron pots? Is there any specific science behind that?My grandparents used to cook in pots made up of 'PITAL' (marathi word)

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Response from: Yogi Gupta,   
Council Member on
1. You can safely cook in Aluminum pots. However, the acid in food many times does cause chemical reaction resulting in some bitterness to food as well as it discolors and pits the pot itself. So dont use the Aluminum pots for cooking involving, Tomatoes, Amchoor, Tamarind, Lime, Lemon. Don't use Aluminum pots for storing food.

2. You can use pots made out of Iron anytime just like the Aluminum pots. The advantages/disadvantages are same.

3. Pital is kind of a broonze. In the olden days, when such pots were used, the cooking surface was covered with silver looking substance which in reality was actually zinc and not healthy for infants.

The iron pots are the safest, then the Aluminum pots and then the Pital.

Stainless steel is the safest. For heat conduction, chose a pot with aluminum clad on the bottom.

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Response from: Bhargavi Kethineni,   
Council Member on
Dear Apoorva,

You can use aluminium utensils for cooking.But avoid them while cooking tamarind,lime juice,tomatoes etc which may cause chemical reactions.As soon as you finish cooking transfer them into a separate bowl.You can use the iron pots too.The reason for it's usage would be that they are resistant to high heat.Even now my mom cooks food sometimes in pital when she gets a chance to cook on the open fire.But those utensils are coated inside to avoid any chemical contacts.My granny used to say that the food cooked in pital tastes very good than the steel vessels and in their days those were the only type of utensils used in cooking.

Hope it helps!

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Response from: Badshah .,   
Council Member on
Dear apoorva, Pital use for cooking utensils is ancient in India and some homes still cook in Pital whcih is heavier and ideal for deep fry and good heat transfer uniformly.But Alluminiul is light and gets hot and cold quickly.Stailess steel cookware are nowdays liked for durability and thier heaviness as compared to Aluminium.… Aluminium is light and strong, so even a large sturdy pan is easy to handle. It imparts no taste or odour to food, is durable and, best of all, has excellent cooking characteristics. With proper care can last a lifetime, aluminium cookware. More than half the cookware sold each year is made of aluminium. Ever since aluminium became readily available, the public, professional chefs and commercial food processors have welcomed its advantages for food preparation. It loses only about seven per cent of the heat it receives, leaving 93 per cent of the heat to cook your food. This means that aluminium cookware transfers heat very efficiently and evenly to the food inside, rather than to the air outside.

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Response from: p g,   
Council Member on
Hi Why people use alluminium,iron& pital vessels because they r good heat conductors.They defenately react with food if u prepare in that.They r toxic.Less consumpion is ok,other wise it is harmful.Whenever u cook in such utensils,after finsh cooking immedietly tranfer the content(food)to some other utensil(steel or ceramic) so that u can avoid further reaction.Hope this helps.

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Response from: Usha Gurnani,   
Council Member on
According to me, these are myths, it does not make any difference in cooking any of the above.

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