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Query from: Kiran, USA, 05/13/04
Topic: PARENTING      Submitted on:
Hi Amma, Me and my friend wants to perform baby shower(Srimantham) to another friend of ours but we don't no anything about it. Can you please tell us how to perform it in Andhra Style and the list of things that need to be done and also I heard that we need to sing "Mangala Harathi" at the end of it, can you please tell me the lyrics of it. Thanks for all of your time.

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Response from: Sadhana ,   
Featured Member on
Hi, Hope this link wud help. It has various mangala harathi songs. and i think the one u r looking for is

"Mangala Haarathi Neekamma"…

Procedure is nothing special. Its all with how much of love you do it and how she likes you all!!

A new saree and plait her (lady) and close friends take a drishti haarathi and keep the traditional "kumkum on her face. and out on bangles one by one and wish her good luck by keeping the "nalangu" or "nalugu" in telugu. Blessing with a kumkum, flowers and rice dipped in turmeric. You can make some sweets and murukkus and give away the guests some fruit and small gifts with bangles. Most of all make her feel happy abt being a mother and how special it is!!! for the latest style and interest of all can arrange for few games also!

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Response from: visa kalyan,   
Featured Member on
Hai, You need some fruits, holy lamp, achathai rice(rice with turmeric), flowers and sweet to perform the babyshower. Buy some bangles inIndia store. First do the mangala harathi. then put bangles to your friends. Put some sandal paste in ur friends cheeks and had. Throw the rice on her head. Then give the fruits to your friend and get it back. fter everthing is over ask ur friend to distribute the fruits and sweet along with some bangles. all the best

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Response from: Sandhya Talluri,   
Registered Member on
hello kiran, First apply kumkumam and pasupu(turmeric) to your friend. Put bangles in her hand. Buy preferably green and red bangles. Prepare "chalividi". This is done by mixing rice flour,ghee and jaggery(bellam). You can add kaju, dry coconut bits to it. Tell your friend to hold her pallu(kongu) in her lap. First put some chalividi, any fruit, flower and other sweets in her kongu. Then apply gandham(sandal paste). Put flower in her hair. In the end put akshintalu(little rice and turmeric) on her, or in her lap. All the ladies can repeat this procedure. In the end odd number ladies i.e. 3,5,7, on ladies can together give harathi to your friend. Any devotional song can be sung, if you do not know harathi song. After this tell your friend to go to the puja room and do namaskara to the diety in there house. That is it. You can prepare some sweet and hot which your friend likes. I hope this helps you. All the best.

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