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Query from: parvathi, india, 03/04/11
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: my nakshtra is moola 4th quarter. born o...

my nakshtra is moola 4th quarter. born on 19th april 87 at 8.18 in the morning.i want to marry a boy who has father. is there any dosha ? if yes then any dosha nivarana. please send me the dosha nivarana if any as my marriage s arranged in june.

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Parvathi,

I have prepared your horoscope and analysed it. Since you have not provided Place of Birth, I have assumed Chennai as place of birth. You can advice me of the right place of birth in any subsequent questions.

Nakshatra - Moola

Padam - 3rd.

Lagna - Vrishaba.

Rashi - Dhanus.

Since Moola is in 4th Padam, the effect of Moola is not negative, infact when Moola is in 4th Padam, it bestows you with Auspiciousness, Luck, Prosperity, Progress and good vibrations. Regularly perform Archana in your name at Lord Shiva temples or your Family Deity Temples. If this pooja and archana are performed on the day when Moola is Nakshatra, it is even more auspiciousness.

Since Moola is in 4th Padam and is auspiciousness, there is nothing to worry about it. Even otherwise, remedial measures can offset the Ganda Moola effect of these nakshatras. Since you have a positive effect of Moola in 4th padam, you can go ahead with the marriage happily.

But other observations on your horoscope require immediate attention. Ketu is placed in the 5th house,Kanya Lagna, which is Enemy house for ketu. The fact Ketu is in the 5th house causes Sarpa Dosha and since it is also a Enemy house for Ketu, makes it worse. Immediate remedies are necessary, before the marriage.

Sarpa Samskara, Aslesha Bali Pooja and Naga Prathisthapana at Kukke Subramanya temple are the three most powerful remedies to resolve sarpa dosha.

Offer Rahuketu Pooja / Rahu Kalam pooja at Kalahasti temple.

Offer regular prayers to Lord Subramanya.

Wear a silver ring or ornament always.

On One or every Nag Panchami, perform special poojas and abhishekam to a small Silver snake statue and immerse it in a river.

Use Silver utensils and plates to eat.

You are under Surya Dasha and is very beneficial. Offer Surya Namaskarams daily and special poojas to Lord Suryanarayana on Sundays. Recite " Om Namoh Bhagavate Suryanarayanaya" 108 times Daily OR on Sundays.

The marriage is taking place towards the end of Guru Bhukti in June 2011, which is auspicious as well. Do get the Boy's horoscopes matched with yours and identify the positives and negatives and if any negatives occur that resolving before the marriage, you can sort them out and the same goes to the Groom in question too. If his horoscope required any remedial measures before or just after marriage, he can resolve them as well.

Overall, your chart looks good, but for the limitations mentioned above. Moola nakshatra is not a issue for you or your future inlaws.

All the very best for the upcoming marriage. May the Lord Bless both of you with best of everthing good, happiness, health, prosperity and above all, with everlasting Peace.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please use this reference if you are contacting me for with any queries. F190487 and provide Place of Birth details as well.

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