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Query from: vedai, India, 02/08/11
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: Horoscope attached. Marriage Delay. When will it take place

Hi. My brother's horoscope details DOB : 21/11/1975. Birth Place: Theni , Tamil Nadu (A small town near Madurai). Nakchatra : Mirugasheridam 4th pada. Raasi : Mithunam. Lagna : Mesam. TIME OF BIRTH : 4.58 PM (Indian time) Lagna : 1st house (mesham ) and Kethu in it (Rasi chart) Question : Marriage is delaying. Have gone to many temples and done some parigarams too. 1. Parigaram done : did Palabisagam and bought a naga status and placed in Naganathaswamy Temple near Sivagangai, tamil nadu. other than that had very earlier my brother was asked to cut the banana tree . we also gone to may temples like trichedhur and prayed.

2. He is my younger brother. we are a family with 2 children. I am his elder sister married with one child.

3. Some astrologers say that some body have done blackmagic and thats why the delay.

please advise when his marriage will take place.

(tried to attach the horoscope but link dont work)

Attachments:  hor.jpg (19.838k)
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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Vedai,

Many thanks for posting a detailed query on my request. The information provided is quite helpful.

I have prepared your brother's chart and analysed it.

Basics -

Nakshatra - Mrigasira.

Padam - 4th.

Rashi - Mithuna.

Lagna - Mesha.

Marriage - Marriage is considerably delayed for your brother. However, he has had a slightly good phase during 2006-2008,but somehow, his marriage has not taken place. The delay is attributed to a few reasons. Firstly, Chevvai is in a Shatru sthanam, causing considerable delay. With Budh in Shatru Sthan and Shukra in Neecha rashi, the neutral chandra and positive Guru are snubbed down by negative transitions, causing this extended delay. Chevvai dosham impact is the reason why he was asked to chop a Banana tree, but the procedure is not supposed to be just cutting a tree down. It is preceded by a long process of rituals. I hope they were followed.

Rahu is placed in the 7th house on his horoscope causing Sarpa Dosham. This is why, he has been asked to do a Naga Statue Installation in a temple under a Banyan tree. Milk Abhishekam too is for the same purpose. Sarpa dosha is so negative that it can affect chances for marriage even when there is a strong phase for marriage. It can also cause problems in marriage and cause a marriage break. Installing the statue is only one remedy, but there are two more powerful remedies he has to perform. Ask him to do these three remedies immediately. 1 - Sarpa Samskara, 2 - Aslesha Bali Pooja, 3 - Naga Prathisthapanam. at ThiruNageshwaram or even better at Kukke Subramanya temple near Mangalore. All these 3 remedies have to be performed at once, and it takes 1 1/2 days to complete the remedy at Kukke Subramanya temple. He must also visit Sri Kalahasti and perform Rahu-Ketu pooja there. When he is eating at home, he must eat in the Kitchen, when the stove is on or the fireplace is burning. He Must eat in silver plate and drink from silver glass. He must wear a silver ring ( without any stones). On the main door of his house, he must fix a silver swastika with two small snakes in silver, one on each side.

Yes, there is clear indication of Witchcraft/blackmagic. I sensed that straight away yesterday and didnt want to confirm till I got the accurate birth details. Now I can confirm that your family is affected by Witchcraft/blackmagic. This will need some powerful remedies.

He has commenced Shani Dasha and the time currently is good for next 25 months. You must perform all the remedies and clean the witchcraft and try for a good bride. Since November 2010, his strong phase for marriage has started and he must make use of this phase. After this phase, the next strong phase is quite late.Dont worry! - He will be happily married very soon. I should be able to help you with the remedies for the witchcraft, please do let me know if you want my help.

Please ask him to visit Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman temples on Saturdays and perform Surya Namaskarams daily. He must also donate Iron Utensils and a dark blanket to a poor person once. He must light a Gingelly oil lamp at home every evening or every saturday. Feeding crows and dogs will also be auspicous.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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