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Query from: Sivakami, Singapore, 12/18/10
Topic: POOJA      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: How do i do offerings to Nageswari Amman or pray to her...

How do i do offerings to Nageswari Amman? Or pray to her?

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Response from: Jaanaki SRI,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Sivakami. Devi Nageswari Amman is Goddess Shakthi'swaroopam, She is also referred to as Snake Goddess usually in the Mariamman temples. The worship of Nageswari or mariamman, or Nagathamman in India is during Adi month where Ragi koolu (KANJI OR PORRIDGE)is prepared with all piousness and absolute cleanliness added with onions and neem leaves,some drumstick leaves ,(some even offer dry fish )is offered to Goddess and after due poojas is distributed to the devotees, along with thamboolam to ladies,ie; betel leaves&nuts,turmeric &kumkum,and bangles along with dakshina,(Some money in coin form).Offering of this koolu on Fridays, and special poojas on Naga panchami or Nagula Chauvithi are also followed, by pouring milk in the serpents nest prayers offered and kumkum, turmeric is applied on the nest and karpoora arthi given. In Bangsal in Malaysia and also in Singapore too monthly pooja is conducted. You may take milk kudddam( in vessel) wearing red saree as is the practice there and offer the same to Goddess for abishekam . After abhishekam the poojari will do pooja and offer mangala arathi.You may enquire whether you can participate in the same from the temple authorities usually for a fee,they charge archana will be done. May Goddess Nageswari bless you and answer your prayers.

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You have to consult Temple Priests regarding Sri Nageswari Amman Pooja and follow their advice.

The monthly Sri Nageswari Amman Pooja will be performed at Sri Vadapathirakaliamman Temple

Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple

555 Serangoon Road

Singapore 218174

Phone : 62935900



You can find details about Sri Nageswary Amman Temple in


This mesmerising spiritual haven is the stronghold of Goddess Nageswary Amman.

In 1945, a snake mound was identified by a ‘Pambatti Siddhar’ (snake siddha) as the abode of Goddess Nageswary Amman. Many devotees started flocking to this spiritual stronghold, and praying to Goddess Nageswary.

This site was destined for the construction of a railway track and therefore had to be relocated.

As the shrine relocated, the Goddess Nageswary became upset over this intrusion.

Suddenly, the construction project stalled as the tractors repeatedly malfunctioned. Also many of the workers of the construction experienced nightmarish dreams, inexplicable illnesses and freak accidents.

Those affected conducted prayers to appease Goddess Nageswary. Leading to the end of the ceremony, a women devotee by the name of Kaliamma went into a trance.

The message conveyed was that that Goddess Nageswary Amman would remain at her current shrine, but also attend the evening prayers of the new temple.

The new temple has a large snake mound ideally located in the middle of the temple. In the mound is a pair of beautiful cobras. The snakes are mostly nocturnal and hardly come out when there are gatherings of devotees. Also there is a white cobra that stands guard at this temple.

There was an incident whereby a group of men attempted robbing this temple.

As they entered the temple, the white cobra stood guard in front of the inner sanctum and hissed angrily.

The trespassers fled for their lives, and subsequently could not bodily function appropriately. The wife’s of these afflicted men went to the temple and begged for the forgiveness of Goddess Nageswary Amman. The men immediately recovered, and now faithfully pray at this powerful temple.

This temple is renowned for the ‘puja’ to overcome ‘naga dosham’ (snake curse).

Also those undergoing ‘Rahu’ or ‘Kethu’ in their astrological chart participate in this ‘puja’.

Devotees come for either the Tuesday or Friday evening 'puja' continuously for 27 weeks.

The main ceremony at this temple falls in the month of ‘Adi’, whereby a fire-walking congregation takes place on ‘Adi Puram’.

Devotees have to fast for 48 days prior to participating in this spiritually charged festival.

Address :


Jalan Lengkok Abdullah

Off Jalan Bangsar

59000 Kuala Lumpur

TEL : 03 – 2282 0635

You can also see




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Response from: swapna ,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

the best offering to nageswari amman would be milk, for she is surrounded by snakes. apart from that for any female goddess, offering payasam is said to be completely accepted. if you need to go about fasting then fasting on Fridays by eating one meal only is also considered. if you find snake's dwelling holes in any nearby temples, offering milk to these holes will also please nageswari amman.

hope this helps.

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