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Query from: Minal, india, 10/07/10
Topic: MISCELLANEOUS      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: I need to arrange a kitty party for 20 l...

I need to arrange a kitty party for 20 ladies aged 30-40.Kindly advice some 1 minute challenge games and easy to make indian vegetarian cuisines..thank you.

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Response from: Padmini Seshendra,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hello Minal, Hosting kitty for 20 ladies is somewhat challenging think. Anyway I will share my ideas here. Minal,you did not mentioned whether it is pure vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu. As your question not clear I'm listing both the items below.

Indian menu (veg) *Starters: 1.Chilly paneer 2.Mixed vegetable pakoda (or) Onion pakoda (or) Mirchi Babjji

*Main Course 1. Any Naan variety with Paneer butter Masala (or) Aloo mattar (or) Lemon/Tamarind rice 2. Veg Briyani or Pulavo (or) Dham Briyani (or) Veg fried Rice 3. Mirchi Ka salan (or) Bagara Baingan 4. Onion raita (or) Onion, cucumber and tomato raita

*Plain rice and curries 1. Plain rice 2. One fry Item 3. Chutney (like tomato chutney or cabbage and coriander chutney or gongura pachadi or brinjal chutney) 4. Dal or Sambar or Rasam 5. Fryams or Papad 6. Curd (or) Seasoned curd rice



*STARTERS: 1. Egg bonda (or) Chicken kabbas/Tikka (or) chicken pakoda 2. Any one veg starter (as mentioned above)

*MAIN COURSE 1.CHICKEN or MUTTON Pulavo or dham briyani 2.Any Indain flat roti or naan 3.Mirchi ka salan (or) any veg gravy item 4.Non-veg gravy item 5.Raita (-as mentioned above-)

RICE AND CURRIES 1.Plain rice 2.Fried non-veg dish (like seafood....) 3.Veg fried item 4.Chutney's (-as mentioned above-) 5.Sambar or Rasam 6.Curd or Seasoned curd rice

*DESSERT -as mentioned above- CHALLENGE GAMES (one minute) -List all the food items only colored in "white" (milk, rava, rice) or "red" (red chillies, tomato) so on......

-List unique names or places or things that contains only "7" or "9" like "7" *number 7, *7 wonders, *7 marriage steps, *7weeks,rainbow , *7 hills, *fanatic 7(movie name), *seven (movie name), *7 cups sweet, *7 up (soft drink), *Alphabet "G" is 7 in numerical order, *Feast of 7 fishes, *yedu vaarala nagalu (yedu vaarala nagalu means different ornaments with different stones i think like kempu ,pachalu,diamonds ,gomedhikam ,neelam ,mutyam,pagadam), *7 Deadly Sins [The seven deadly sins are superbia (hubris), avaritia (greed), luxuria (lust), invidia (envy), gula (gluttony), ira (wrath), and acedia (sloth)], *City of 7 hills (ROME),

"9" *planets, *navarati(DASARA), *number 9, *Navagraha pooja, Tv 9 (news channel), *Nava danyalu (9 seeds), *9months of pregency, *9 weeks saiBaba vratha, *NINE (movie name), *Alphabet "I" is 7 in numerical order.

-Mono acting games

-memory games

-color balls game (sorting colors)

-Hitting the ball with bat (who hits more he/she is the winner)

-Folding sari's

- Coins sorting or counting the change


- Blowing or bursting balloons

- Thread into needles

- Beading

- Placing coins on tambola board in numerical order

- Scramble (find maximum length of word in english dictionary and pick the words for eg: INTERNATIONAL-in , inter, national, not, in, at, tear, on, it, inn, one, neat etc.....)



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Response from: Sunder Venkataram,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
You can try the following for games...

1.Arrange a fashion show.

2.Keep a punctuality gift to make people come on time.

3.Keep gol gappa eating game-whoever eats most in one mimute wins.

4.Tell the ladies to put macaronis through a thread, or mix two different kinds of pulses and tell the ladies to separate.

5.Tell them to write all the things starting with letter a or b or whatever, whoever writes max in min time wins. 6. You can also try musical chairs.

For easy to make vegetarian dishes, you can try...

1. Rava Pakoda

2. Kasoori Methi Malai Matar Paneer

3. Chana Dal Halwa

4. Paneer Haryali

5. Masala Upma Uppit

6. Coconut Barfi

7. Dates Laddu

8.Lettuce and sprouts salad

9. Pineapple Rice

10. Idly Fry


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Response from: R,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hi, Games that you can play : 1) Bingo 2) Antakshari 3) Blind fold Guessing. -Where party hostess has to be blidfolded and identify each guest by height,hair, facial features,etc,by touching and feeling only. 4) Jenga 5) Dumbsharades 6) Musical chairs

For the dishes, you can make 1) aloo cutlets/tikkis, from boiled potato 2) Jelly 3) pakoras 4) Garlic bread 5) Veg Cake 6) Macaroni in Tomato 7) Noodles

Have a great party!

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Response from: Dine Shine,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
Source: www.ifood.tv/network/indian_kitty_p… and my own knowledge
As regards to kitty party games.

Dodge Ball- This is a very interesting and well known game. One team will make a circle and the other team members will stand in the circle. The Outer team has 5 minutes to touch the ball to the other team members below their knees. Use the basket ball. Similarly play a round with inner team out and outer team in the circle. The team who touch the ball to the members' feet in maximum number will win this game.

. Catch the ball- In this game each team will play individually. One member will hold many balls in hand and stand backward the other members of the team will stand behind her. The member with balls with throw the balls one by one and the other members will catch it. The team catching the maximum balls will win this game.

Stick the picture-This is a paper game. Give each team a paper, glue and pictures of the players and the sports. Give the one minute time and ask the members to paste the right player with right sport. Such as Sachin Tendulkar with cricket, Maradona with football etc. Keep as many picture as you can.The team pasting maximum number of right pairs will win the game.

. Pass the ball- Here whole the team will stand will stand in a circle facing outwards and will be blindfolded except the last member in the circle. In the middle of the circle keep a bucket. Now you will give one member a ball and she will then pass it to the member next to her with her hands backwards. Then you will give her another ball she will pass and so on. The last member will throw the ball in the bucket. Time is 5 minutes.

Identify the player-This again is a paper game. You have to make some twisted pictures using the computer graphics of the players. The teams have to identify the players turn by turn, The team identifying the maximum players will win. Or you can use the cartoons of the palyers too.

Basket ball with vacuum cleaner- Take a vacuum cleaner with you and many balls. Keep the balls in a bucket and keep another bucket a few steps away. Each team will send a player and she will pick one ball with the vacuum cleaner and put in the bucket kept away. The time is one minute. Two Minute game- Fill a glass of mock tail with spoon two minute games, glass with water, spoon, purple

We need two players to play this game. You can take one player from each team. Now keep a chair having a bowl full of water or any mock tail and two spoons on it. Keep two more chairs at a few steps away each having an empty glass. The players have to fill the empty glasses with the spoon taking the water from the bowl. The time is two minutes and the one who fill maximum water in given time will win. Cotton ball games for you kitty party Blow down the cotton ball indoor party games group party games birthday party games office party games corporate party games outdoor party games drinking party games drinking games

Material-- cotton balls, dining chair, bowl How to play--This is also a one minute game. Give many cotton balls to the player and keep a bowl below the chair. Now the member has to keep one ball on the chair and blow it in a manner so that it falls directly in the bowl. The member doing right bullseye in one minute will win the game. One minute fun game coin between knees

Place an empty wide-mouth jar in the middle of the room. Members start about ten feet from the jar with a coin placed between her/his knees and have to walk to the jar and drop the coin into it. Each guest is given just one try. The guest who gets maximum coin into the jar in one minute wins. one minute game To fill a bucket of water with sponge indoor party games adults indoor games birthday party games team games indoor party games kids ideas for indoor party games indoor party games blog indoor party games video

Take a bucket of water and few sponges.

Have 4/5 players sit around the bucket filled with colored water.

Give each player a empty bucket.

Member have to use the sponge to transfer water from a bucket to the other bucket kept at a distance.

The player will get the time of one minute to perform this task. Measure the amount of water collected after one minute.

member who collects maximum water is the winner . One minute game for kitty party Lock and Key

Keep about 12/15 locks in the locked position on a table. Have a bunch of keys with few additional keys just to make it difficult.

At the start the player has to pick bunch of keys and try and open as many locks possible in One Minute.

The player who is able to open maximum locks in one minute is the winner

As regards to Indian cuisines, please visit http://www.ifood.tv/network/indian_…

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Response from: JAWAHAR KUMAR.M.G,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
hi minal...for one minute game you can choose blowing big ballon/writing more number of vegitable or fruits /flower stiching / putting yarn in needile

easy to make indian vegetarian cuisines

Aloo Ka Bhartha Aloo Curry Bikaneri Chana Dal Parantha Brinjal With Spicy Gravy Cashew Rice Cauliflower Recipes Coconut Chutney Cucumber Sandwich Cream Dahi Vada Dal Dal Ka Parantha Dum Aloo Kashmiri Dum Aloo Kosumbari Salad Mango Shake Masala Dosa Mexican Grilled Sandwich (Cuban) Missi Roti Pakodi Ki Karhi Rajasthani Bati Rajasthani Churma Sabz-E-Sangaar Shahi Gatte Ki Sabzi Vada Curry Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup

for further cooking tips.www.indianfoodcooking.com/vegetaria…-...

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Thank this advisor   
Response from: jeshma Mohandas,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
houise,music chair,hide n seek circle a product 1 min chat on a topic any thing all like to do in 1 min anthashari,etc 100 1 minute kitty party games Philippines; Information about 100 1 minute kitty party games at Sulit.com.ph Online Classified Ads. www.sulit.com.ph/index.../100+1+min… one minute kitty party quiz games. ( 1-10 ) ... kitty party one minute games, ladies kitty party one minute games, latest news on one minute kitty party ... www.24dunia.com/english.../one-minu… recepies Indian non veg recipes made easy - non veg recipes. www.easy-indian-food.com/non-veg-re… Quick easy recipe facilitates a collection of all varieties of non vegetarian recipes like chicken, mutton, egg recipes, soups & sea food dishes. ... quick-easy-recipe.blogspot.com Our Vegetable Recipes section contains a variety of healthy vegetable recipes. Vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and protect us from many ... www.indobase.com/recipes/category/v… The Cookerie is a treasure trove of recipes from all over the country. Our expert Mrs Nita Mehta has contributed generously of her time and expertise to ... www.indianmoms.com/aide/cook/index.…

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Thank this advisor   
Response from: Nalini Sadasivan,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Easy 1 minute challenge games- u can hv some quiss programme based on day to day happenings /cinema/literature etc. Indian vegeterian cuisines -u can make some bondas/bajjis/samosas along with rava kesari etc plus coffee/tea/cool drinks.

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Thank this advisor   
Response from: Meenal Kadian,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
1 minute challenges: Making sandwich Needle thread competition Saree wraping eating pani puris ets.

Easy to make Indian Cuinises: 1. Idlis 2. Pakoras 3. Chole Bature 4. Poori sabji 5. Lemon Rice 6. Dahi Bade 7. Bhel Poori

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Response from: Anonymous any,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
You can make chana chat , it is very easy and fast and filling. You can also make mysoor bajji and alu bonda or mixed vegetable bonda. For playing I always prefer tambola , musical chair and antakshari as group is reasonably big. If you want more exercise oriented games than you can also try Kho-Kho

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Response from: Animesh ,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: self
Some good games are as follows: pictionary, scrabble, dumb scharade..

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