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Query from: malathi, USA, 10/04/10
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: I am very unhappy in my life ever since ...

I am very unhappy in my life ever since I am married. I have lot of problems in my life. My husband left me and I want him to come back. Can some one tell me what I need to do for that.I am very much disappointed and I don't want to go for Divorce. My date of birth is 13th sept 1974, time 9:40AM and place Mahabubnagar,India. My husband's DOB is not the right one. But Place is Tirupati and his raashi is Kumbah and Nakshtra is Danishta as per his Janmanaamam. Can some one tell me whether divorce is going to happen in my life? or he will come back. And If I have shaani when did it start and when it is going to End. Please help me in this as I am not able to concentrate on anything.

Thanks Malathi

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Response from: Amar Nath,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Namaste Malathi,

I must respect your noble intentions of re-uniting with your Husband which is possible as per my analysis below.Your chart shows your ability to handle any situation,you have the required self-confidence,ability to achieve your Goals. Here goes:

Nakshatram: Pushya 4th Padam Lagnam:Libra Rashi: Cancer Dasa:Ven-Merc till 11-11-2010 and Venus-Jupiter thereafter till 10-7-2013. Born in :Parigha Yoga[will face obstructions in life]

Problem: Unhappy married life leading to separation:

Major Reasons as seen from Horoscope:

1. Relationship exists between 7th Lord Mars and 12th Lord Mercury in a dual sign,Karka for Husband Jupiter and Karka for seperation Saturn,and 7th from Karka Jupiter[sun] and 12 th from Saturn[venus]related.

2.Rahu-Ketu in 2-8 axis which is axis of Family-Mangalya Sthana axis.

3.Venus the Karaka for marriage and relationship badly aspected by Ketu in Navamsa.

4.As per Jaimini Astrology, Lord of second from Upapada [moon]denoting longitivity of marriage hemmed between malifics in Rasi and placed in debilitated sign in Navamsa.

5.There is a poor comtability score between your Nakshatram Pushyam and his Nakshatram Dhanistam[4/36] and your moons are in 6-8 position indicating poor mental compatability.

All the above factors hint towards poor relationship in marriage heeding towards separation.

The points in favour of reunification:

1.Jupiters aspect on Venus in Rasi and Navamsa and Jupiter[R] well placed in Lagna in Navamsa aspecting the 7th House.Jupiter also aspects the Rasi lord of 4th house Saturn in Rasi chart.

2.As per KP Astrology also,the sub Lord of 7th cusp being Moon is not adversely connected with dual signs. Also the 11th house sub-lord Rahu has links with 2nd House as significator pointing to possibility of re-unification.

Favourable and un-favourable Dasas and Transits:

The present Venus Dasa-Rahu Antra Dasa is unfavourable because of their poor placements in Rasi and Navamsa.Venus Maha Dasa by and large is unfavorable in matters concerning relationship and marriage.However the protective bhukthi of Jupiter which commences on 11th November till July 2013 is a more favourable. The Transit of Rahu Ketu into into its natal position after 5th June 2011 needs to be be handled with care.

Yes,it is a difficult process for which your sincere effort plus sincere prayers will help you achieve your noble intentions.

Remedies suggested: Upavas Vratam is one of the best forms of remedy and if you can fast on Wednesdays from sun-rise to sun set living on fruits,milk, will give you good results when combined with uttering Vishnu Sahasranamam.You can easily download Vishnu Sahasranamam from the net. If you have a picture of Lord Vishnu or even Balaji, it would help you in your prayers.Another simple mantra which you can keep uttering 108 times daily is: "KRISHNAYA VASUDEVAYA, DEVAKI NANDANAYACHA, NANDAGOPA KUMARAYA GOVINDAYA NAMO NAMAHA"

So dont lose Heart as you will have to surmount a lot of obstacles,which you can. Start putting your efforts after mid-november.

All the best, and God be with you in your sincere effort AVAM

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Response from: Mrs. Sai Sai,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

1) You can chant the below Sloka regularly

Kameshwaraya kamaya kama palaya kamine

Namaha kama viharaya kama roopa dharaya cha.

The benefit of chanting this Sloka :

This sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and trust between couples

(This Sloka is given in VAK Magazine…)

2) You can perform Uma Maheshwara Pooja :

Uma Maheshwara Pooja is for long and happy married life. Uma (Goddesss Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva) and Lord Shiva puja is perfomed as they are considered to be the perfect match i.e. Shiv and Shakti. This puja is considered to be best for marital happiness.

If there is any discord in the relationship, all are resolved.

Once a year one shall conduct this puja for a happy married life. Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from evil forces such as lust, greed, and anger. He grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in his devotees.

You can find Uma Maheshwara Pooja in…

You can get Uma Maheshwara Pooja performed by…………

You can also chant Uma Maheshwara Stotram

You can find Uma Maheshwara Stotram in………

Nama Sivabhyam, Nava Youvanabhyam, Paraspara slishta Vapurtharabhyam,

Nagendra Kanya vrusha Kethabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam

Nama Shivaabhyam sarasothsavabhyam, Namaskruthabheeshta vara prathabhyam,

Narayanenarchitha padukabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam

Nama Shivaabhyam vrusha vahanabhyam, Virinchi vishnveendra su poojithaabhyam,

Vibhoothi pattera vilepanaabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Nama Shivaabhyam Jagadeeswarabhyam, Jagat pathibhyabhyam, Jaya vigrahabhyam,

Jambhari mukhyair abhi vandidabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam paramoushadabhyam, Panchakshari panjara ranjithabhyam,

Prapancha srushti sthithi samhruthibhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam Athi sundarabhyam, Athyanthamasaktha hrudambujabhyam,

Asesha lokaika hithamkarabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam kalinasanaabhyam, Kankaala kalyana vapurdharaabhyam,

Kailasa saila sthitha devathabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam asubapahaabhyam, Asesha lokaika vise****haabhyam,

Akuntithabhyam, sruthi samsthuthabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam rachithabhayabhyam, Ravindu vaiswanara lochanabhyam,

Rakasangabha mukhambujabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam jana mohanabhyam, Jara mruthi thrasa vivarjithabhyam,

Janardhanabjod bhava poojithabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam Vishamekshanabhyam, Bilwachhadhamallikadhama brudbhyam,

Shobhavathi santhavatheeswarabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Namashivaabhyam pasupalakabhyam, Jagathrayee rakshana badha hrudhbhyam,

Samastha devasura poojithabhyam, Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Sthothram trisandhyam Shiva Paravatheebhyam, Bakthya patethdwadasaka naro ya,

Sa sarva sowbhagya phalani bunkthe, Sathayuranthe Shivalokamethi.

3) On Fridays you can fast for Goddess Santhoshima.

You have to take head bath. Light ghee lamp. Then offer Jaggery and kadalai (roasted chana) to Goddess Santhoshima and light agarbathy and pray from your heart.

This Fasting should be done for 8/16/32/48 weeks.

The most important part of Fasting for Goddess Santhoshima on Fridays :

The person who is doing this fast should not eat any bitter, sour stuffs such as tomato,tamarind,grapes,orange,lemon,curd and so on.

so its better to have only dinner. You can have chapathi with sugar.

at the 8th week of the pooja you need to worship Goddess in Kalasam.

use many flowers to decorate. offer jaggery and kadalai to 3/5/7/9/11 to young boys. wash their feet n keep kumkum n do pooja.(if you dont find any young boys, you can drop in charity and offer sweets, jaggery and kadalai )

You should read santhoshimaa puja book

You have to follow all the above procedure without any mistake.


You can also see……………

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Response from: palaparty sarma,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Madam Malathi Garu,

Your lagna is Tula ( libra) your Rashi is Cancer( Karkata) and Star (nakshatra) is Pushya 4th Padam. you are running Venus Dasha and Rahu Bhukti ( antar dasha) . Your Jupiter Bhukti will start from November 2010.

According to me up to now your period is not very good , hence you faced all these problems. your family life is slightly troubled as per the Horoscope.

However I feel that you will have better times ahead in Jupiter( guru) and Saturn( shani) Bhukti next 4/5 years to come. I don’t see any divorce in your life , you may get together .

Wish you good luck

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