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Query from: Kalpana, India, 02/13/10
Topic: POOJA      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: subrahmanya Satanamavali and sahastranam in Telugu

I want sri subrahmanya satanamavali and sahasranamam telugu meaning . Kindly suggest me a website where I can find above

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You can find Sri Subramanya Sahasranama Stotram in Telugu in


Go to http://www.stotralahari.com/…

On the Left side click Other Dieties

A new page will open . You will find Sri Subramanya Sahasranama Stotram.

Please see this link for audio of Sri Subramanya Sahasranama Stotram


You can find Sri Subrahmanya Saharanamavali in telugu in



You can also see


Please see this link for Sree Subramhanya Astottara Shatanaamawali in Telugu


You can find Sri Subramanya Stotras in



Sree Subramhanya Astottara Shatanaamawali

Om Skandaya namah Om Guhaya namah Om Shanmu-khaya namah Om Phala-netraya namah Om Prabhave namah Om Pinga-laya namah Om Krutti-kasunave namah Om Shikhi-vahaya namah Om Dvishad-bhujaya namah Om Dvishan-netraya namah Om Shakti-dharaya namah Om Pi****asha-prabham-janaya namah Om Tarakasura samhartre namah Om Rakshobala-vimardanaya namah Om Mattaya namah Om Pramattaya namah Om Unmattaya namah Om Surasainya-surakshakaya namah Om Devasena-pataye namah Om Pragnyaya namah Om Krupalave namah Om Bhakthavastalaya namah Om Uma-sutaya namah Om Shakti-dharaya namah Om Kumaraya namah Om Kroumcha-daranaya namah Om Senanaye namah Om Agni-janmane namah Om Visha-khaya namah Om Shankaratmajaya namah Om Shiva-swamine namah Om Guna-swamine namah Om Sarwa-swamine namah Om Sana-tanaya namah Om Anamta-shaktaye namah Om Akshobhyaya namah Om Parvati priya-nanda-naya namah Om Ganga-sutaya namah Om Sharo-bhutaya namah

Om Ganga-sutaya namah Om Sharo-bhutaya namah Om Aahutaya namah Om Pavakatmajaya namah Om Jrumbhaya namah

Om Prajrumbhaya namah Om Ujrumbhaya namah Om Kamala-sana-samstu-taya namah Om Ykavarnaya namah Om Dvivarnaya namah Om Trivarnaya namah Om Sumanoha-raya namah Om Chaturwarnaya namah Om Pancha-varnaya namah Om Praja-pataye namah Om Ahaspataye namah Om Agni-garbhaya namah Om Shami-garbhaya namah Om Vishwa-retase namah Om Sura-rigne namah Om Hari-dwarnaya namah Om Shubha-karaya namah Om Vatave namah Om Vatu-vesha-bhrute namah Om Pushaya namah Om Gabhastine namah Om Gaha-naya namah

Om Chandra-varnaya namah Om Kala-dharaya namah Om Maya-dharaya namah Om Maha-maene namah Om Kaivalyaya namah Om Shankara-tmajaya namah Om Vishwayonaye namah Om Ameyatmaya namah Om Tejonidhaye namah Om Anamayaya namah Om Para-meshtine namah Om Para-bramhaya namah Om Veda-garbhaya namah Om Verat-putaya namah Om Pulinda-kanya-bhartaya namah Om Mahasara-swatavrutaya namah Om Aashrita-khiladatre namah Om Choragnaya namah

Om Roga-nashanaya namah Om Anamta-murtaye namah Om Aananda-daya namah Om Shikhandi-kruta ketanaya namah Om Dambhaya namah Om Parama-dambhaya namah Om Maha-dambhaya namah Om Vrushamkapaye namah Om Karano-patta-dehaya namah Om Karana-teeta-vigrahaya namah Om Aneswa-raya namah Om Amrutaya namah Om Pranaya namah Om Prana-yama-parayanaya namah Om Virudha-hantre namah Om Veeragnaya namah Om Rakta-syaya namah Om Shyama-kandha-raya namah Om Subramhanyaya namah Om Guhaya namah Om Pritaya namah Om Bramhanyaya namah Om Bramhana priyaya namah Om Veda-vedyaya namah Om Akshaya-phala-daya namah Om Valli-devasena-sameta namah

Eti Sree Subramhanyastottara Shatanaamawali Samapatam



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