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Query from: Boopathi, INDIA, 12/27/08
Topic: POOJA      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: worshipping varhi amman statue in the house


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Response from: @ KaRtiKa,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

Varahi has the face of a boar (pig), her eyes are sharp and her power is said to be in her nose ; her breath can do it all. In Srividya upasana, Varahi is considered to be the Shakti who can take the Bhaktha closer to Sri Lalitha. Whoever chants her name three times is relieved of any problems. She is considered to be the 5th among the Saptha Mathas - Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, Chamundi. Varahi possesses an abundance of Dhairyam, Veeryam, Vijayam. She is very quick to act to the cries of her bhakthas.

Varahi is the goddess of the Earth. It is proven from the lives of several Varahi devotees that those who believe and surrender to her are sure to be blessed with a house or land of their own. She is the "Bhoomi Devi".. One of the lines from Varahi Panchakam reads "Veedu Koduppaval, Vendum Varam Tharum Brihath Varahi Avale". Even though she looks fierce, she is very soft hearted and cannot see tears in the eyes of her devotees. Anyone who takes her name three times and cries sincerely to Varahi Amman will never go empty handed. Varahi is the Maha Senathipathi for Lalithambigai. She is a warrior. Those who lack confidence can recite Varahi's name everyday and will find themselves a changed person soon.

During Krithayuga, an asuran by the name of Hiranyaakshan took control of the Earth and hid it under the oceans. As a result Brahma was unable to continue his task of creation on Earth. Restless and clueless on where to find the earth and how to continue his duties, he approached Mahavishnu to seek help. Mahavishnu incarnated himself in the form of a boar (Varaham), killed Hiranyaakshan and lifted the earth out of the oceans with his tusks. It is believed that the Shakthi associated with Varahaswamy is Varahi.

Many consider her a ferocious goddess and even fear to keep a photo of hers in the house. Since she bears the face of a pig and holds a "Dandam" Cane and "Ulakkai" in her hand, people think she is a DushtaDeivam or DushtaShakti. In fact, there is no other goddess who is as kind-hearted as Varahi. In her pooja, we address her as "Karunaiye Uruvaanavale Varahi". She is also considered as Goddess Mahalakshmi since she is Vishu Shakti. In our family, we have given the name PIG a different version.. Yes.. Varahi is a PIG.. Pretty Indian Goddess or Pretty Indian Girl.

It is believed that Snakes, other poisonous creatures or any dushtasakthi cannot get into the vicinity of those who pray to Varahi or have attained Siddhi from Sri Varahi pooja. Those who are sharp tongued and hurt others with their words will be tamed by Varahi. She is also called "Vaaku Sthambini". Out of personal experiences, I feel blessed by Varahi, am forever grateful to her and will pray to always remain at her feet and get her unconditional love. We consider her, our mother.

For those interested, I am giving below simple Mantras for chanting. They are simple and hold no restrictions of time and place. There is nothing to fear. The only requirement is pure bhakti and sincerity.

Lahu Varahi Japa Mantram

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Varahyai Mama Vaakme Praveshaya Vaaku Palithaya

Mama Matha Varahi Mama Daridhriyam Nashaya Nashaya Hoom Bhat

Om Shatru Samkari Sankataharani Mama Mathre Hreem Dhoom Vam Sarvarishtam Nivaraya Nivaraya Hoom Bhat

Om Kleem Varahi Hreem Siddhi Swaroopini Shreem DhanaVashankari Dhanam Varshaya Varshaya Swaha

Om Shreem Panchami Sarvasiddhi Mata Mama Grihamme Dhanam Dhanyam Samrutthim Dehi Dehi Namaha

Om Hreem Bayankari Athibayankari Ascharya Bayankari Sarva Jana Bayankari Sarva Bhootha Pretha Pishaasha Bayankari Sarva Bayam Nivaraya Shantir Pavathume Sadha

Sarva Bhootha Pretha Pishaasha Bayankari Sarva Bayam Nivaraya Shantir Padume Sada

Most Suited Date, Time and Items for Varahi Pooja

Varahi is often called Aashada (Adi) Navarathri Poojai Nayaki.

Time :

The best time to do pooja for Varahi is Night. Midnight prayers is most suited for immediate solutions.

Days :

Navarathri, Ashtami, Panchami are Varahi's days. Tuesdays and Fridays are best suited for her pooja.

Items :

Morning Pooja - Chandanam (Sandalwood)

Evening Pooja - Kumkumam (Deep Red)

Night Pooja : Kurudhi (Red Kumkumam mixed in

water), Kumkumam

Varahi's most preferred Neivedhyam

1. Chakkarai Pongal - made with Jaggery (Vellam)

2. Payasam - made using Jaggery and Wheat/Rice)

3. Pepper-Jeera Dosai

4. Whole Ulundhu Vadai

5. Ulundhu, Kadalai Paruppu, Thuvaram Paruppu, Mochai Paruppu mixed Aamai Vadai (Vadai without the hole in the centre)

6. Buffalo milk mixed with Sugar, Saffron, Cardamom, Cloves, Edible Camphor

7. Curd from Buffalo Milk

8. Curd Rice

9. Sesame Balls (Ellu Urundai)

10. Ksheer Annam (Milk rice)

11. Mochai Sundal

12. Sweet Potato

13. Maravelli Kizhangu

14. Honey

15. Madhupaakam (Honey, Fruits, Ghee, Sugar, Dry fruits mixed)

16. Pomegranate

17. Ulutham Ladoo

Varahi's most preferred colours (saree)

1. Gold or Yellow

2. Red

Varahi's most preferred flowers

1. Pink Lotus

2. White Lotus

3. Blue Alli poo

4. Blue Sangu poo

5. Chembaruthi poo

6. Thetti poo

7. Pomegranate Flowers

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Response from: MADHUSUDHAN R,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
donot worry she is god filled with love she knows what to do because she knows everything she is executive force of mother parvathi she is captain once i remeber a person telling if i call varahai varahi varahai wont my mother come and save me she is mother of earth donot confuse yourself pray her daily ahe likes turmeric beeds and red raali flower be pure reciete her astotharam your enemies will vanish you will gain lo of land nad wealth because she is guarduian of all earthly things no evil will come toyou she is thanda nayaki she is my mother my beloved mother nobody can be equla to her kindness she is incarnation of goddess parvathi she created her jai ma take care be gifted if you i will send u the varahi maha mantra this mantra s are powerfull see the miracles be pure in mind and thoughts thats it love is god love is my mother she only punishes evil we all r her children why r u worrying pray to her

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Response from: .. ...,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
u should consult a pandit personally and i dont think asking online will give you the best answer.

Top experts' rating:   Rate = 2 (2 ratings)
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