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Query from: Prabhakar Tripathi, INDIA, 12/06/08
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: To make Guru to you to learn indian astrolgy after retirement.

Date of Birth: 25.05.50
Time of Birth:8.30 AM
Place of Birth:Kapasan (Raj.)

Dear Sir, After retirement I would to enter in the field of astrology . Presently I am working in M/s Ambujacement Limited as Manager Project, My age is 59 yr.I belong to Rajsthan, Native place is Chittorgarh. You are therefore requested to kindly guide me accordingly.

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Response from: Balasubramanian narayanaswamy,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Learning Vedic Astrology - Study Suggestions basd on my own experience:-

The first step is finding a Guru: Go to the following website and approach a guru and request him/her to accept you as a student.…

The next step is you should have a software to prepare the horoscopes for study. For this I would recommend you the following:

Get the Jagannath Hora Lite software developed by one of SJC Guru's Narasimha Rao Ji and play with your own chart and others.…

Other things needed are:

(1) The most comprehensive treatise on Vedic astrology is "Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra" (translated by R. Santhanam or G.C. Sharma). This is at best a reference book and not a book to learn from. But it is good to possess and refer to.

(2) First read "Hindu Predictive Astrology" by Dr. BV.Raman. This doesn't go into depth, but it covers a vast ground. It lays an excellent foundation for the rest of the reading.

(3) Then read Dr. BV.Raman's "How to judge a horoscope" (volumes 1 & 2). Don't bother if you can't remember it all. As you look into more and more charts, you will remember it all.

(4) After finishing (3) half way, start browsing through "Notable Horoscopes" by the same author.

(5) While reading (3) and (4), keep "Three Hundred Important Combinations" by the same author on your bookshelf. Whenever you encounter the name of a new "yoga", refer to this book and learn the details!

(6) Then read: "Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach" (Sagar Publications, New Delhi, India) by Narasimha Rao

(7) Then read : "Crux of Vedic Astrology" by Sanjay Rath

(8) One must have Respect to Guru's and love and devotion to learn this Divine Science. (This is not available in any book store and you have to develop it on you own)

After finishing books (2)-(7), you will have a solid foundation and you will be able to look at charts and draw intelligent conclusions with up to 80% accuracy. Of course, this knowledge is endless and there are many more good books - classical as well as contemporary - that will make for excellent reading.

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Response from: somayajulu sistla bhavani,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Friend

It would be better if you can find a guru locally as t will be best as you can get ur doubts cleared muka mukhi.

If that facility is not availaable there are few sites which give regular lessons.You have to register with them and follow their lessons.

some of the sites are;

with best wishes

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