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Query from: Vamsidhar Tokala, Seattle, WA, 05/12/08
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: Rajju Dosha and its effects

Some of the astrologers at our place told us that our horoscope doesn't match because of Rajju Dosha. Could you please let me know if that is true? What are the consequences? How do we nullify this dosha?

Groom : Place of birth : Tirupati(AP) Time : 11:30 PM Date : 7 august 1980

Bride: Place of Birth: Jammalamadugu (cadapa dt AP) Time of birth: 10:45 Am Date: January 6th 1985

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Response from: somayajulu sistla bhavani,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Friend

Ur N/R/L are Ardra(3)/Gemini/Aries

Her N/R/L are Ardra(2)/Gemini//Aries

I have prepared both the charts and gone thru them

since ur point of doubt is Rajju I amm confining my reply to this aspect only.

Since both belong to Ardra u belong to same Kanta rajju. So rajju match is not agreement.

Rajju. - This indicates the strength or duration or married life and therefore it merits special attention. The 27 constellations have been grouped into five types of Rajju. Padarajju - Aswini, Aslesha, Makha, Jyestha, Mula, Revati. Katirajju - Bharani, Pushyami, Purva, Anuradha, Poorvashadha, Uttarabhadra. Nabhi or Udararajju - Krittika, Punarvasu, Uttara, Visakha, Uttarashadha, Poovabhadra. Kantarajju - Rohini, Aridra, Hasta, Swati, Sravana, and Satabhisha. Sirorajju - Dhanistha, Chitta and Mrigasira. The Janma Nakshatras of the couple should not fall in the same Rajju. If they fall in Sira (head) husband's death is likely; if in Kantha (neck) the wife may die; if in Udara (stomach) the children may die; if in Kati (waist) poverty may ensue; and if in Pada (foot) the couple may be always wandering. Hence, it is desirable that the boy and the girl have constellations belonging to different rajjus or groups for safety in household life. In other places Rajju is referred to as 'Rope Agreement'. the 27 stars are to be arranged in three avenues, going three steps forward and three steps backward continuously as shown in the chart given below: Star Number Star Number Star Number 1 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 9 12 11 10 13 14 15 18 17 16 19 20 21 24 23 22 25 26 27 Application of this chart to the stars of the bride and groom is considered very important. If the two stars be found in the same avenue, it would be the blemish called Sama-Rajju. So te alliance should not be recommended. If they are found in the central avenue, it would be called Madhyama-Rajju, and extremely harmful."(M. Ramakrishna Bhat. essentials of Horary Astrology, pages 148.) NAKSHATRAS - GENDER-RESULT - NATURE - RULED BY - DIRECTION 1 ASWINI M GOOD GENTLE ASWINIDEVATAS FORWARD 2 BHARANI F HARM CRUEL YAMARAJ DOWNWARD 3 KRITTIKA M HARM MIXED AGNI DOWNWARD 4 ROHINI M GOOD STEADY BRAHMA UPWARD 5 MRGASIRA H GOOD EXCELLENT MOON FORWARD 6 ARDRA F OK HARSH RUDRA UPWARD 7 PUNARVASU M OK MOVABLE ADITI FORWARD 8 PUSYAMI M GOOD GENTLE GURU UPWARD 9 ASLESHA F MISERY HARSH SARPA (RAHU) DOWNWARD 10 MAGHA F GOOD CRUEL PITRS DOWNWARD 11 PURVA.PH. F OK CRUEL BHAGA (SIVA) DOWNWARD 12 UTT.PHAL. F GOOD STEADY ARYAMAN UPWARD 13 HASTA M GOOD GENTLE SAVITR (SUN) FORWARD 14 CHITRA F GOOD EXCELLENT TVASTR FORWARD 15 SWATI F GOOD MOVABLE VAYU DOWNWARD 16 VISHAKHA F OK MIXED INDRA AND AGNI DOWNWARD 17 ANURADHA M GOOD EXCELLENT MITRA (SUN) FORWARD 18 JYESTHA F OK MIXED SHAKRA (INDRA) FORWARD 19 MULA H GOOD CRUEL NIRRTI DOWNWARD 20 P.ASADHA F OK CRUEL APAH (WATER) DOWNWARD 21 UTT.ASADHA F GOOD STEADY VISVADEVAS UPWARD 22 SRAVAN F GOOD MOVABLE VISNU UPWARD 23 DHANISTHA F GOOD MOVABLE VASANA (INDRA) UPWARD 24 SATABHISAK H OK MOVABLE VARUNA UPWARD 25 P.BHADRA M OK CRUEL AJA (BRAHMA) UPWARD 26 UTT.BHADRA M GOOD STEADY AHIRBUDHNYA UPWARD 27 REVATI M GOOD EXCELLENT PUSAN FORWARD 28 ABHIJIT F OK BRAHMA UPWARD

Nadi Kuta. - This is considered to be the most important and at the same time the most significant Kuta. In Sanskrit, Nadi means several things but in reference to astrology, it signifies pulse or nervous energy indicating the physiological and, to a certain extent, hereditary factors. The Hindu medical works, such as Ayurveda, Shushruta samhita, Nimi Tantra etc., enumerate three Nadis or humours, viz., Vatha (wind), Pitha (bile) and Sleshma - Kapha (phlegm). A boy with a predominantly windy or phlegmatic or bilious constitution should not marry a girl of the same type. The girl should belong to a different temperament. The three Nadis are ruled by the different constellations as follows:- VATA PITHA SLESHMA (kapha) Aswini Bharani Krittika Punarvasu Pushyami Aslesha Uttara Purva Makha Hasta Chitta Swati Jyestha Anuradha Visakha Mula Poorvashadha Uttarashadha Satabhisha Dhanistha Sravana Purvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revati Aridra Mrigasira Rohini If the constellation of the boy and the girl fall in different rows, then agreement between the couple will be good. They both should not fall in the middle least there will be many fights, as they are too fiery by nature. Stars of the couple may fall in the first and last line under certain circumstances. If Nadi Kuta is not present on the basis of the Nakshatras, then the same may be reckoned taking into account the Nakshatra Padas. Thus, the different quarters will be governed by the three humours (Nadis) thus: Aswini 1 Aswini 2 Aswini 3 Bharani 2 Bharani 1 Aswini 4 Bharani 3 Bharani 4 Krittika 1 Krittika 4 Krittika 3 Krittika 2 Rohini 1 Rohini 2 Rohini 3 Beginning from Aswini 1, the counting should be done forwards and backwards in threes, as given above. The unit ascribed for this Kuta is 8. (eight) (…)

Since ur stars are Ardra (2) and Ardra(3), u will match nadi kuta and also Rajju.

with best wishes

Top experts' rating:   Rate = 3.5 (5 ratings)
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