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Query from: Harpreet, India, 03/11/08
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: gand moola nakshatra

Date of Birth: 07-01-08
Time of Birth:1547
Place of Birth:bangalore

My daughter is born under Moola Nakshatra 4th pada and Magha Nakshatra 2nd Pada, is it malefic or beneficial? If malefic, what is the remedy?

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Response from: Kuldip Sharma,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Harpreet,

On the basis of the above data, horoscope has been prepared and the girl is born in Gandhmoola Nakashtra. The birth is in Moola Nakashtra 4th pada and the Gandhmool shanty is required which has to be done within 27 days from the birth. In case, it is not possible, then the Shanti must be carried out on the 27 months from the birth time.

I would like to describe the gandhanta nakashtra as follows: Gandhant means knot falls 3 times in Lunar month i.e. when moon transits in Revati-Ashwani (Pisces-Aries), Ashlesh-Magha(Cancer-Leo) and Jyestha-Moola (Scorpio-Sagittarius) and the lordship of these junction Nakasthra is Mercury-Ketu.

The nature of the results are to be decided on the basis in which charan or Pada of Nakashtra, a child is born. All the 8 pada i.e. 4 of each participating nakashtras are not bad. Generally, it has been seen that the Child born in these Gandhant Nakshatra faces obstacles and various types of problems in their respective life. However, some classics specifically mention the malefic and benefic results caused due to Nakashtra Gandhant or Sandhi or Junction in case of Moola and Ashlesh Nakashtra are as below: (a) Moola First Charan or Pada ---Danger to Father (b) Ashlesha Fourth Charan or Pada ----Danger to Father ( c ) Moola Second Charan or pada --Danger to Mother (d) Ashlesha Third Charan or pada - Danger to Mother (e) Moola Third Charan or pada ---Danger to family (f) Ashlesha Second charan or pada -Danger to family (g) Moola fourth charan or pada - brings wealth and prosperity (h) Ashlesha First quarter or pada -bring wealth and prosperity. In order to nullify the effect of the birth in Gandhanta, firstly father of the child should not see the child till specific pooja is peformed on the 27th day after the birth of the child by the Pandits.

Thus your daughter is born in the 4th pada of Mool nakasthra which as per classics indicate that Moola fourth charan or pada - brings wealth and prosperity, so there is nothing to worry but even then Gandhmoola Shanti must be done.As per the advice of your local Pandit, the specific pooja which is required, may be carried out.

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Thank this advisor   
Response from: somayajulu sistla bhavani,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear friend

You have furnished the birth details of only one Daughter.Her N/R/L are Mula(4)/Sagittarius/Taurus. Though she is born in Mula which is a Gandmoola Nakshtra, it has no doshas since the padam is 4th.

This dosha is applicable to Mula(4),Visakha(4),Asresha(1) and Magha(1).

So even the other daughter born under the Magha(2), is not having any dosham.

Gand Mool Nakshatra

Nakshatra ruled by Mercury and Ketu – Ashlesh, Mool, Revati, Jyesth and Ashwani are called Gand Mool nakshatras. If the natal Moon in the horoscope of a child is in one of these Nakshatras, the child is said to be born in Gand Mool Nakshatras.

According to astrologer, child born in these nakshatras is inauspicious and faces various obstacles and problems in life, therefore on the 27th day, pooja should be performed. Some are also of the view that newly born child is inauspicious to the near relatives like maternal uncle, father, mother etc.

Some astrologers have difference in views according to them – Mool, Jyesth and Ashlesha are more inauspicious.’Jyotish Tatwa’ states that starting 5 hours of Ashwini, magha and Moola and ending 5 hours of Moola, Jyeshth and Ashlesha are called “Gand Mool Nakshatras”.

Some have the views that if the child is born in such Nakshatras, it signifies death of cattle, bad by heart, bad for maternal uncle, bad for elder brother, bad for spouse, death of father and death of mother etc.

with best wishes

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Response from: C. Raj, United Kingdom,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
C. Raj, United Kingdom recommends:

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Ajay Kukreja has learnt astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and is a Jyotish Acharya . Done research under the guidance of Mr. K.N. Rao (World renowned Astrologer) for 6th house (6th House signifies litigations, disputes, competition, divorce, diseases, struggle in life etc.) also done research in timing of event through transist of planets .

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Dear Harpreet,


I have prepared her horoscope and analysed it.

Nakshatra Moola Padam/Charan - 4 Lagna - Vrishaba Rashi - Dhanu

There is nothing to do with Magha Nakshatra and each person are born under only one Nakshatra and not two.

Moola Nakshatra for your daughter is not negative. Being 4th Padam/charan, it will bring a lot of happiness and harmony to her life. However, you must offer some simple remedies, which will ensure that she does not have any weak effects of the star from the Ganda Moola category.

When you go to temples, perform Archan/Archana to the God, in the name of your family gotra/gotr, her name and nakshatra name. The same Archana can be performed in temples of your family deity, alternatively.

You can also choose to perform the same archana on days when Moola is the star of the day, which happens once in every 27 days.

When she is a bit older, perform Navagraha Shanti pooja, which will help her.

You can offer prayers to Lord Shiva on Saturdays. He is the Ruler of Ketu, who is Lord of Moola nakshatra.

Do let me know if you have any questions.

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Response from: venkatesh rao,   
Registered Member on
Sex:Female Date: 07/01/2008 Time: 15:47:00(22:34:28 Ghati) Day: Monday Place: Bangalore Country: India Lat.: 13N Long.: 77:35E Zone: 82:30E Time Corr: Standard Time Lahiri Ayanamsa: 23:58:16 Sun Sign(West): Cap SunRise: 06:45:12 SunSet: 18:06:15 Eq. Of Time: -00:05:56 Asc-Lord Tau-Venus Rasi-Lord Sag-Jupiter Nak-Lord Moola-4-Ketu Yoga Dhruva Karan Shakuni Gan Rakshas Yoni Shwan Nadi Adya Varan Kshatriya Vashya Manav Varga Mooshak Yunja Antya Hansak Agni Paya(Rasi-Nak) Iron-Copper Name-Alphabet Bhee Pln R C Sign Degree House Exalted RasiL NakL SubL Pad Nav Asc Tau 21:01:15 --- --- Ven Mon Ven 4 4 Sun Sag 22:30:30 8 Friend Jup Ven Sat 3 7 Mon Sag 10:24:43 8 Neutral Jup Ket Sat 4 4 Mar R Gem 03:44:59 2 Enemy Mer Mar Ven 4 8 Mer C Cap 04:46:30 9 Neutral Sat Sun Sat 3 11 Jup Sag 10:30:38 8 OwnSign Jup Ket Sat 4 4 Ven Sco 15:20:43 7 Neutral Mar Sat Jup 4 8 Sat R Leo 14:16:19 4 Enemy Sun Ven Ven 1 5 Rah R Aqu 04:28:24 10 Friend Sat Mar Ven 4 8 Ket R Leo 04:28:24 4 Enemy Sun Ket Mon 2 2 Ura Aqu 21:36:31 10 --- Sat Jup Jup 1 1 Nep Cap 26:29:20 9 --- Sat Mar Jup 1 5 Plu Sag 05:23:50 8 --- Jup Ket Mar 2 2 Vimsottari Dasa Ketu 1Y6M12D Ketu 07/01/2008 20/07/2009 Ketu 00/00/0000 Venus 00/00/0000 Sun 00/00/0000 Moon 00/00/0000 Mars 00/00/0000 Rahu 00/00/0000 Jupiter 07/01/2008 Saturn 23/07/2008 Mercury 20/07/2009 NOTE : - Waxing -Waning R-Retro S-Stationary C- Combust D-DeepCombust Langa Chart Moon Chart Navamsa Chart Dasamsa Chart Trimsamsa Chart Copyright: Future Point (P) Ltd Head Office: X-35, Okhla Phase-II, New Delhi-110020, Ph:40541000 Branch Office: H1/A, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, Ph:40541020 Daughter A Brief Review

At the time of your birth, Taurus Ascendant (Lagna) rising with Aries Navamsa and Virgo Dreskana in Rohini first Pad denotes very bright prospects for you. If you are fortunate enough to have the other planets forming Raj Yoga, you will attain a very good position in life.

As it is, the configuration is favourable to you. You will lead a life of comfort and ease with more than adequate money and a blissful family life. Your sign, the bull, represents a virtue which you have in abundance. You are soft spoken and truthful, and will rise by your own efforts, without coventing others’ assets. Because of these qualities, you are adored by others who look for your guidance in various matters.

Basically you are a peace-loving individual who shuns getting into controversies or meddling in others affairs. But there may be occasions when you are provoked to which you may react violently. You would do well to avoid this by keeping your emotions under control.

This will pay handsome dividends because your large circle of friends will then lend you whatever aid you need wholeheartedly.

By sheer hard work and planned programmes you will earn a lot of money. But even then you are not satisfied, because so far as you are concerned, to accumulate assets the sky is the limit. It is due to this avariciousness that you will act almost like a miser by being tightfisted.

Physically, you will be of middle stature with broad shoulders and well developed muscles. Below your broad forehead can be found a pair of sparkling eyes.

Your domestics atmosphere will be the envy of others. You will have a happy home with a loving spouse and the relations between the two will be very harmonious. A well maintained house, with good furniture and other physical comforts, presents a picture of affluence and orderliness.

While you will enjoy sound health for the better part of your life, you will have to be careful as age advances as there may be chances of your suffering from sore throat, cough and cold, pain and swelling in the legs.

The ideal professions from which you can choose from are those connected with pearls, ice cream, property dealership, automobiles and petrol.

For you the lucky dates are the vibrating 2 and 8. Numbers 7 and 9 attract you, but the number which you will have to shun is 5.

Plan your programmes in such a way that you do most of your major works on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday which are your lucky days.

In choosing colours, go for white, pink and green, avoiding red altogether.

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Response from: Sharad Kumar,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Dear Harpreet,

I don't understand whether you have two daughters? If you are referring to only one, how can there be reference of Moola Nakshtra and Magha Nakshtra both?

If the birth data provided are correct, she is born under Moola Nakshatra 4th pada and NOT Magha Nakshatra 2nd Pada.

Birth under Moola 4th pada, is considered malefic and remedial pooja etc. should be done within 27days of the birth. You can do it now in consultation with your locl priest on the day of any month when transit moon is in Moola Nakshatra.

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